Don Knotts, Nervous Weatherman

This may seem disconnected with anything else on the blog, but Don Knotts, particularly in the show Andy Griffith, is a huge part of our family. We found this video a few nights ago and I wanted to share it with everyone.


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It’s About the Cross

“Any Christmas song that is not listened to, sung, and enjoyed throughout the year is not legitimately Christmas enough for me!
If a song is legitimately “Christmas”, about Christ, about God’s mystery above mysteries, then it is a song to be sung and enjoyed at all times. 
If a song is only sung at Christmas it is not a legitimately Christmas song in my book.
There, I’m done with my humbug. … and you know what I enjoy? When a song comes on the radio at Christmas time that you’ve heard and enjoyed throughout the year and you realize just how much it is talking about the truth of Christmas, and you realize… It’s a Christmas song!”—-Billy Jackson

Merry Christmas!

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