Do you know how much 1 trillion dollars is? The height of a stack of 1,000,000,000,000 one dollar bills measures 67,866 miles. This would reach more than one fourth the way from the earth to the moon. The length of 1 trillion one dollar bills laid end-to-end measures 96,906,656 miles. This would exceed the distance from the earth to the sun. It would reach to the moon and back 20 times.

1 trillion is more than you can imagine. 1 trillion is more than you can view. 1 trillion is an amazing number.

Keep this in mind while you view our National debt here. Go take a look at it. Seriously. And that’s just the on-budget debt.

Can you imagine a pile of money that big? In order to get rid of this debt, we would need years to just stop spending money and then years reversing our spending, and then years of keeping that up.

I heard a parable once of a young boy who finds a shiny quarter on the side of the road. He is delighted—he takes it to the White House. He holds up his quarter and says, “I want to use this quarter to help pay our national debt.”

Do you see? It’s a joke. The boy doesn’t even have a chance of getting in the White House.

You can’t pay the debt. And unless you get some amazing big bucks, you can’t even put a dent in it. You can’t pay it. You never will.

Imagine that the National debt was your own personal debt. You can’t take it away, not a bit, and you can’t even stop it from growing. Everything you have will be taken away, even your life. If someone paid that debt for you, the whole thing, and paid enough to cover everything you will ever need—rate 1-10, how devoted would you be to that person?

The debt Jesus paid for us is more than a thousand National debts. He gave His very life to purchase us.

I want to remind everyone that what Jesus did for you is more than anything anyone can, or will ever do for you. We need to stop trying to give Him works, and just give Him our life.

And I’d like to point out one more thing on the side, you can’t get into the White House. If you do get into the White House, you can’t simply see the President. If you do somehow meet with the President, I can promise you that time and requests are limited. But God invites us into His very throne room. He delights to hear our petitions. He commands us to meet with Him. So even though we can never pay our debt, we can still enjoy a wonderful personal relationship with Him.

In Christ,


Ephesians 2

And you were dead, unable to move, unable to hear, unable to respond, rotting and helpless, dead in evil and sin, the sin in which you willingly walked, chasing the course of this fading world, chasing the prince of the power of the air, the devil that is still working in the sons of disobedience.

Among them we all once lived, in the idolatrous passions of our flesh, carrying out and subject to the desires of the body and mind. And we were, when we were born, from the very beginning, by our nature, children of wrath like all the rest of mankind.

BUT the maker, keeper, King of the universe, who sees the sparrows who named every single star in every single galaxy, because he had such rich and overflowing mercy, because of his unfathomable love, he loved us! Not when we had shapened up our lives, but when we were still dead, saturated in sin, helpless to make ourselves better. He took the filthy, rotting creatures we were and make us living, moving, breathing, alive in Christ who is his perfect son.

It is by grace! And only by his amazing grace that we have been rescued. he raised us up with him and seated us in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. So that from now on, from age to age, and to all eternity, he might show us the immeasurable riches of his grace and kindness toward us, in Christ Jesus.

And know for certain, it is only by grace that you are saved and cleansed and justified, grace through faith in Jesus Christ. And this, it was not, could not, could not ever be because of something you did, an effort you made, or a thought that would make God favor you. Rather, it is completely given freely. If it came from a work or good dead, then we would have cause to boast! But it is a free gift that we received, so we cannot boast in ourselves, for the glory is only God’s.

We, who were dead and made alive, are the workmanship of God, created as new creatures in Christ Jesus for good works that God prepared for us, and as a result of our rescue, we can walk in those good works. Only then will our efforts be used, our work be profitable, and our lives bear fruit.


-Electric Bubbles