My baby sister turned 10 Saturday. See the beautiful chick with long, golden hair? That’s her.

She’s incredible. She is always first to serve, last to grow angry. First to listen and last to speak. She seems to have taught me much more than I have taught her, because reading was never as important as character. I wish I could put in a blog post what she means to me, but I can’t. I can only say that without her life would mean much much less. She’s my sunshine.


I love you Gracie!


Yours Truly

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I Boast No More

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.

Isn’t it true that the people who most struggle with pride also struggle most with depression? Every time I am prideful and do not repent I fall into depression, because sooner or later I realize I’m not actually all that. I am not as godly, as loving, as wonderful as I really thought I was, and even when I see improvement in my life–it is only by God’s grace. Without tremendous help, I would only be getting worse and worse. In fact, it is only by God’s help that I breathe, much less love.

Let us learn to recognize pride when it comes and learn the patterns of our hearts. Then we can take every thought captive and turn to the Lord with thanksgiving.

Lord, it is only because of you!

Yours truly,

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Don Knotts, Nervous Weatherman

This may seem disconnected with anything else on the blog, but Don Knotts, particularly in the show Andy Griffith, is a huge part of our family. We found this video a few nights ago and I wanted to share it with everyone.


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Four of my Favorite Noveling Songs

Just for you all, here’s some music I LOVE when writing. Note, all four videos will lead you to more great music, which is why I’m able to limit this post to only four.


At 25,000 and counting!

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