The Versatile Blogger Award! Wow, I’m flattered. Someone thinks my blog is–well versatile. Laughingbelles gave me award when she’s never even met me. And my name was at the top of her list!

Rule #1–Thank the award giver and link back to them. Thank you Laughingbelles! She’s got a really sweet blog at Stuff about writing, God, and lovely things, trust me. Thanks Belle, this award would go right back at you.

Rule #2–Share seven things about yourself. And I’m awful at this stuff, as if you wanted to know about me anywho.

1) I like coffee and fruit, preferably portable fruit like grapes and apples. I could survive on coffee and apples.

2) I constantly quote Kid History just because.

3) I am right handed and left faced. Because if you didn’t know, you can’t be right handed and right faced, or left handed and left faced. That means I use my left eye and can raise that eyebrow.

4) My favorite number is four, because four is just awesome like that. You know four is the only number with the same amount of characters in the name as in the meaning of the name? Every fourth year we miss a day, every fourth year we elect a new president, every fourth of July America turns a year older, as well as myself. 6 is only cool because it’s 4+half of 4. 16 is only cool because it’s 4×4. Four is easy to work with and fun. 4x4x4x4 is 256. 😉

5) I have different color sneakers. That’s because they came from a shoe outlet and I couldn’t resist 10 dollar nikes. So one is pink and gray with a white shoelace, and the other is red and black with a black shoelace.

6) My church, Rockport, is the best church, but they’re planting another best church along with some other best churches in St. Louis. It’s called the Gate and it launches this Sunday. ^_^ We’re praying and excited and you can learn more here.

7) I thought of something to put on here earlier and now I can’t remember what it was. You’re left to imagine! 😀

Rule #3–Pass the award on to fifteen others. Yay, I get to award all the blogs I follow.

And you know what, that’s all my blogs! Thanks again for the award Laughingbelles.


-Electric Bubbles