An Exciting Adventure In Sight

My upcoming clap-my-hands event is—get ready—MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mexico-flag-2I’ve applied and was accepted for another trip to Tamalipas Mexico, to the same church I went before—and can you believe it, I’m even more excited this time! (Which says a lot!)

During my first dive into Mexico, I was able to see the depths of potential, but I didn’t reach them. Specifically in two areas:

First, I didn’t volunteer myself like I might have, had I been in my comfort zone. I wasn’t looking for opportunities to step into the awkward to do some good. And I saw opportunities slip by me and I didn’t seize them. I know a second mission trip isn’t going to break me of my comfort-zone-barrier, but I’m going to put forward a better effort.

Second, I came home with the enormous task of “I must write absolutely everything front to back, and right now!” I failed, obviously. Few articles were written about the amazing experience I had and the inspiring people I met. I credit that mainly to the weight I gave myself. The enormity scared me out of it and it never got done for fear of having it done wrong. Later I did write some of it out in my journal so that I would always have it, but it never got out to the church that prayed and supported me through the mission trip. Again, it won’t be perfect this time, but I’m making it a particular goal to write these things out, and to begin while I’m there. During the last mission trip that Psalm 67 Missions Network made I heard many, “It was incredible.”s and “I’ve never seen anything like it.”s, but I didn’t hear a lot about what “it” was. I want to write that for you. I only have my skills, but I’ll stretch me as tight as I know how to document this trip.

Once more, I plead for your prayers. Exiting my comfort zone is not my strength, neither is discipline or patience. But my strength is loving people, and I want to put that into full use on this mission trip, even when loving looks and feels silly.

The trip is between May 22nd and June 1st, and until then I will be raising support, both prayer support, and financial support. I will also be working in improve my Spanish, as hopeless as that seems.

Like I said, I’m incredibly excited. We expect the Lord to do amazing things through this trip.

If you feel led to support me financially, you actually can online now, by going to my profile: But I want your prayers even more than that. Prayers that God will give me a godly attitude and skillful hands.


In Christ,

Serving as a Sender, new blog



I have not shared my new blog yet because I was not sure I was going to carry it through. I’ve decided I am. It is called Serving as a Sender.

The first post explains what the blog is about.

I’m not saying all the followers of this blog are going to want to follow that blog, but I’d like you to take a look and check in at least once in awhile to give me feedback, if nothing else. My hope for the blog is that people might realize how easy and how difficult it is to be a Missionary Supporter. It is doable. It is needed. And I want to share the process with y’all.


Electric Bubbles

Support Letter–headed for Mexico!

Dear Friend,

The Lord has opened a way for me to go to Matamoros in Tamaulipas, Mexico on a mission trip through the Psalm 67 Missions Network. Having the blessing of my parents and church leaders, I feel that this is a way for God to direct my life and an opportunity to serve and bless others.
The team will be going down Dec. 26th and coming back Jan. 3rd, and while down there, we plan to be doing the following:

Vacation Bible School with the children
Construction in the church and buildings
Street Evangelism, handing out literature as well has inviting others to hear the Gospel during VBS and preaching times on Sunday
Encouraging the Pastor, his family, and the leaders
Visiting people and places the teams have worked with previously
Discipleship, encouraging others, praying, teaching, and challenging on another

I want to ask for financial support, but more importantly your prayers. I have not been on a mission trip before, so pray as I experience new routines, activities and problems. Pray that I never tire of serving and am always seeking God’s will in whatever I do. Also pray for the other people on our team including: John, Russ, Daniel, Anita, Sarah, Craig, Billy, Gennie, and Aaron. If you could pledge to pray for me before, during, and after the trip, please let me know and I will update you as best I can, as well as take comfort in knowing you are praying.
The funds for the trip must be paid 50% by November 26th and 100% by December 14th.
To give toward the trip, please mail cash or a check to Psalm 67 Missions Network. If you would like tax credit, the funds must be non-refundable and my name cannot be anywhere on the check. Mail to

Psalm 67 Missions Network
3761 Telegraph Rd
Arnold Mo, 63010

Please ask questions! Email or call me. To contact Psalm 67, email or call Psalm 67 (636)224-8811. For information about the finances call 314 602-3827 For questions about the trip email

Thank you very much! Your prayers mean everything to me.
Your sister in Christ

Ellie Jackson

P.S. Also, pray that my passport come in on time!