Help from my Writing Buddies (and everyone else)

I have come up with several story ideas. They are a bit depressing, probably mushy, and will take a lot of research. But I really want some ideas and input. They all have problems.

Here’s the first:

The Main Character is a 23 year old young man wants revenge on his father. Between ages 1-13 his father only showed up randomly when drunk and abused him and his mother. He blames his father for his miserable childhood and all problems since, and for all his mother’s health problems. When he was 13, his father went to prison for 10 years. While in prison his father wrote MC, but MC always burned the letter without opening the envelope. Now his father is being released and he is getting ready to hunt him down and kill him for all he did to him and his mom.

Possible Opposition –
His mother is still alive begging him not to?
His father is fierce and dangerous?
His father is defenseless and harps on MC’s conscience?
His father is now a Christian and begging for forgiveness?
MC becomes a Christian?

Obviously, the problem with this story idea is that I don’t know which way to turn the story. Any help? You can throw out as many ideas as you have. I’d love them.


Here’s the second:

Leny is a 14 year old Mexican girl. Her family, which includes grandfather, aunts, uncles, 2 siblings, and 10 half siblings or cousins, live in three small shacks on the edge of the city. Her older brothers have each grown up to work for the cartel. Her brother Carlos who is 15 will be working for them in just a matter of time. They don’t have much of a choice.
She takes care of the small children and goes to school when she has time. But she has only a few changes of clothes, usually not enough food, her grandfather, father, and uncles get drunk regularly.
How does she get out of this situation?

The problem with this story idea is that while the situation is heart wrenching and gripping, I don’t know how to get her out of it. And even more difficult, how does one get the whole family out of such a situation, especially when this has been going on for generations? The most depressing part of this story is that I’ve met Leny personally, she’s a real girl, and her situation is only one of many like it.


Here’s the third and longest idea:

This idea is actually many combined. It could even be joined with the second story idea.
The MC is a single Mexican mom near the Texas/Mexican border. Her teenaged son has duo-citizenship. For this reason he feels out of place in both countries. There are several cartels in Mexico, some kill and kidnap, some stick to distributing drugs. The son went to the “good” cartel to work for them and get their protection for him and his mom. His mom is kidnapped one evening by the “bad” cartel and questioned about her son’s activities. She knows nothing so is let go. She fights with her son about it, and they determine to leave suddenly and swim the river.
They do. Right now (believe it or not) if you are caught as an illegal alien, you are given a check up, all your shots, food stamps, maybe more—which is more than you get if you come across legally. Then you are released and told to show up for a court date. No one ever does. The system is wack! Obviously, I’ll need to do more research. But anyway, the mom and her son can also get help from a charity organization to make her legal.

2nd part of story: The mom gets training as a nurse and gets a job at a Planned Parenthood clinic. She loves her job and is finally providing for her family.
But her son struggles hard with depression. He can’t fit into the school system very well, and doesn’t have a community or any friends. His mom tries to help him with grades, but it only serves to make him believe her love is highly conditional. His grades improve, but his depression is deep.
Someone finds out his mom is an abortion clinic nurse and tells him about all the horrors of abortion. They spare him no anger or accusation. Again, his depression grows stronger.
Finally he finds out that in order for his mom to counsel women to get an abortion she tells them that she wishes she had had the resources to get an abortion when she wasn’t ready. (Horrifically, such things have been said.)
So he kills himself. 😥 See why these are so depressing?
He would probably leave a note explaining to his mom why he killed himself, and also explaining to her the horrors of abortion that have been told him.
She quits her job and becomes a pro-life activist in honor of her son. Through that, she meets a church and finds a real community for the first time in her life. And this is so sad, because her son never lived to find a community, nor acceptance in Christ.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on that story? The thing might be mushy and depressing, but with good research and a lot of work, it can reveal a lot of the problems in Mexico and in abortion that aren’t common knowledge.


So what I want to know is

  1. Which story would you most likely read and refer?
  2. And what ideas do you have for that story?


Thank you SO much! If I don’t get help for one of these I might go insane!


A Request for Stories

In my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, my MC, Lassie Alder, is working with her friend Silvia to help (mainly) black orphans in the city to get to the home/school in the country. They find sponsors to support the children and send them by train to this home specifically established for them. The time period is right before the Civil War, and the place around Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts. Though these kids are free, they have no rights, schools and orphanages are not open for them, but also, there are no adoption laws. (Helpful.)

The children are very important to Lassie, even the girls, who won’t receive education (though maybe some on the side) but at least a home. Also, there’s a a lot of room to write about the children in my story, and since they are important to Lassie, it seems they should be important to the story. However, I only know about the first child, and even his story isn’t very detailed.

So here’s the project: come up with a legitimate and touching story for these children that I can use in the story. Each one needs a history. Who were their parents? Who raised them? Were they slaves? If so, when did they escape? How was this child orphaned? For how long? How did they get to where Lassie, Silvia, and others can find them? Of course, they also need negro-1850 first names, appearance, age, personality, etc. I thought I’d ask y’all if you had any ideas, if you want to give me suggestions or come up with a child for me. Just a few will do, and up to 10 can probably go in the story.

Note: if you give me stories, ideas, suggestions–I will most likely tweak, twist, and use in my story. If you don’t want to give me permission–don’t give it to me at all.

Yours Truly

Electric Bubbles

P.S. I know, I know, all I can talk about is Camp NaNoWriMo, but truly, I will share the rest of that series by Payton sometime.

Camp NaNoWriMo? Yes, please

camp clip art

It happens next year in April and in June. Lovely! Yeah, I’m already getting ready. I’ve got some story ideas, I kind of always do, but I have none that I have fallen in love with, and this next Nanowrimo, I want to write a novel that I can read to other people, to the family, and stuffs. I’m done with fantasy for now too, I want to write a Scottish Novel! I’m simply in love with Scotland, so I wanted a character in love with Scotland. Like all the big castles and beautiful landscapes…. I’ve kind of got a subplot, about a girl who goes there kind of to run away and kill herself and meets a family over there. Well, it’s not enough to sustain a story, so I’m just asking if y’all have any story ideas to get me triggered. Any story idea at all! It can be Fantasy or Sci/fi. Or you can just give me an interesting character or concept. Anywho, thought I’d ask. 😉


Electric Bubbles

P.S. My back is also in pain. You can pray about that. 😉

November 1st

Yay, I just love NaNoWriMo. It’s lovely to don my typing gloves and get my fingers moving again, this time without looking at the screen. Fun, fun, fun.

My title for my book this year is called, “Can You See Me?” A question asked by a little girl, Airyn Tilly, silently to her father. Can he see her? Apparently not. Anywho, I’ve got 3404 for now and may try to chug out a few more words today. But it’s not an easy story to write. Mainly because things that should be important aren’t, and I’m having a hard time remembering to include everything important, because to me, it isn’t that important, but it is to the story…. And then the introduction was very off and really lame, so it will totally get rewriten–later. 😉 Before that happens, I’m suffering with it. And I’ve already fallen in love with my character. She reminds me strangely (and accidentally) of a friend….heh heh, and my friends can all wonder who it is.

So, I’m not sure which of my friends will be going for it this month and which aren’t. Well if you aren’t, it’s never too late to join. Very true! It’s only the first day. 😉 And if you are, I’m really happy! Let me know. And if you are or aren’t, I’ll be blogging this month, but not giving pep talks or whatever, you can get enough of those at

And amid the cheering of the crowd, we have begun the race, taking off toward those dreamlike words, The End.


-Electric Bubbles

P.S. If you were wondering, I made the cover myself.

Jon book story idea – Take off!

The beautiful beginning

So I’ve begun writing the story with no title. How exciting! And I’ll be posting on here the first rough drafts so you can see where it’s going before anyone else gets to. Aren’t you lucky people! Everything including names is subject to change and all of your advice and critique is wanted and appreciated. So here is how I started. I may take out the whole “talk to the reader” feeling there, because it’s hard to be consistent. So enjoy and leave a comment!


Electric Bubbles

(The link to the story has been removed)

Jon Book story idea

My brother Jonny gave me a story idea that he wants me to try. It really sounds pretty cool, so here it is.

There were three groups of people when the world was made, the Krintal, The Varindra, and the Jayanta. Slowly the Krintal, led by Svatoslav was corrupted and after breeding acid dragons and beasts of horror, they marched down to the Varindra who lived on the edge of the woods and were in great brotherly fellowship with the Jayanta. When the Krintal came, the Varindra gave in and betrayed their brothers of peace, giving away secrets of their city and the weaknesses they had. After the Krintal had defeated the Jayanta and none were left, they turned on the Varindra and scattered them. The Varindra fled into the woods and lived in continual guilt because of their betrayal. Slowly they grouped together in the woods and breed the wingless Zambergots, working themselves to be strong and able, but slowly children ceased being born. No more lives, no deaths either, no lives joined in marriage and so they continued in silence with gloomy days and a curse with no remedy.

Then the Krintal began to move again. The woods being slowing cut down and searched and the Varindra left with no where to go. In nearly hopeless effort Drystan Kedar, (Meaning full of sorrow, and blackness) and a group of men go searching for the long lost Jayanta whom none had seen for hundreds of years. Their hope is that somehow they can settle the blame and put away their guilt before the Krintal kill them all.

So yeah, the story is about the Varindra, and specifically Drystan trying to break the curse. Fun huh? I’ve wrote one page of it so far. I don’t know if this is how I want to start or if I could be more traditional. Tell me what you think!


Electric Bubbles