Mexico Approacheth

roof crwe 2

10 days! TEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is starting to become real to me, I’m actually going to Mexico again! It’s almost time to start packing!

I’m so terribly excited about this trip. About the people, about the mission, about everything! I’m excited to be writing it, excited to have good pictures to show, and I’m most excited to have God work through me and the team to bless the people in Mexico. May we richly encourage and serve them in God’s perfect love!

I have been thinking about my role to document this trip. Besides reading books on writing and looking to apply them to my own writing, I have been praying that God would give me skill far surpassing my own, and a love that I haven’t had before. And while seeking to be a blessing to others, I already know that this trip will be a great blessing to me, as was on the last trip.

I’d ask that you continue to pray for me while I prepare and especially while I am down there. I know several of my blog readers are praying, and it encourages me beyond words. Thank you so much.

God has truly brought this trip together in a wonderful way. Funds have come in and expenses paid for.

We are still working to raise funds for theological libraries for the Christian Rehabilitation Centers that we will be visiting. For more information about that, click this link.

During the trip you can stay updated by visiting our Facebook page and blog.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayer. I am wonderfully blessed to be in the family of Christ, and I don’t take it for granted.


In Christ and His love,

An Exciting Adventure In Sight

My upcoming clap-my-hands event is—get ready—MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mexico-flag-2I’ve applied and was accepted for another trip to Tamalipas Mexico, to the same church I went before—and can you believe it, I’m even more excited this time! (Which says a lot!)

During my first dive into Mexico, I was able to see the depths of potential, but I didn’t reach them. Specifically in two areas:

First, I didn’t volunteer myself like I might have, had I been in my comfort zone. I wasn’t looking for opportunities to step into the awkward to do some good. And I saw opportunities slip by me and I didn’t seize them. I know a second mission trip isn’t going to break me of my comfort-zone-barrier, but I’m going to put forward a better effort.

Second, I came home with the enormous task of “I must write absolutely everything front to back, and right now!” I failed, obviously. Few articles were written about the amazing experience I had and the inspiring people I met. I credit that mainly to the weight I gave myself. The enormity scared me out of it and it never got done for fear of having it done wrong. Later I did write some of it out in my journal so that I would always have it, but it never got out to the church that prayed and supported me through the mission trip. Again, it won’t be perfect this time, but I’m making it a particular goal to write these things out, and to begin while I’m there. During the last mission trip that Psalm 67 Missions Network made I heard many, “It was incredible.”s and “I’ve never seen anything like it.”s, but I didn’t hear a lot about what “it” was. I want to write that for you. I only have my skills, but I’ll stretch me as tight as I know how to document this trip.

Once more, I plead for your prayers. Exiting my comfort zone is not my strength, neither is discipline or patience. But my strength is loving people, and I want to put that into full use on this mission trip, even when loving looks and feels silly.

The trip is between May 22nd and June 1st, and until then I will be raising support, both prayer support, and financial support. I will also be working in improve my Spanish, as hopeless as that seems.

Like I said, I’m incredibly excited. We expect the Lord to do amazing things through this trip.

If you feel led to support me financially, you actually can online now, by going to my profile: But I want your prayers even more than that. Prayers that God will give me a godly attitude and skillful hands.


In Christ,

Mexico, Part 1


I think this is my third attempt to write a post about Mexico. Let us focus on just one part of the trip–construction. That came first in our routine of the day. (All photos by Billy Jackson)

contruction again


This is Russ using Uniblock on the outside of the building. I think it was his first time?

He got it down and showed Gennie, and I know it was her first time. uniblocks

TheRest-131One of the funnest parts was going on the roof. Here we are gathering for our group photo, not working, obviously.


Samson came up on the roof!!!!  TheRest-127

We were both very thrilled about that. He was happy to be up there and I was happy to have him. He’s a sweet dog.
TheRest-130There, that’s our roof crew. Let’s see, in the back, left to right, Gennie, Craig, Hermano (that’s all I called him, I don’t think I ever learned his name. >=/ Frustrating now) Roberto, Ismael, ME! In front, Aaron, Abdiel, Samson!, Sarah, Anita, and Abby. Billy is taking the picture, but he was up there too.

I was proud of myself for going on the roof, because I’m afraid of heights. The lure of laughter eventually worked on me to get me up and keep me up. We had quite a bit of fun scrubbing the roof.


This was probably the funnest part of construction. See that roof? It was so ready to come down. So he knocked it down.

A brother at the church wanted the wood so we had to collect it an all, but it was fun enough, as long as we got to knock it down first.

russ directing

Russ directed…aaron victory

Aaron did his victory march….


Aaron did much more than supervise
I’m sure!
We pulled out nails! Lots of nails! Even better, we flipped boards over and played “Wack-a-nail” Very fun.oof work
This is Ismael, Sarah, and I. A bad picture of me, but that’s what we did.
Abdiel showed us this totally cute creature, which Sarah and I immediately took as a gecko and tried to pick up. Haha. The reaction was hilarious. Abdiel pulled the stick back and started talking very fast. Then others told us it was a poisonous salamander and would sting you with its tail. By the time we got that message across, Billy had already had fun handling it with no consequences, but the rest of us decided, reluctantly, not to risk it. They said it isn’t very poisonous, it will only give you a fever for a day, or “make you hot.” Anyway, Gennie is holding it safely on a stick. (And then they wanted to smash it! Like a spider! The Gringos rescued it and it went across the wall to safety.)
TheRest-122While we’re looking around the place, I can show you where we were staying. Every night Russ had to pull the 15 passenger van into this tiny little space, with seriously about 7″ on each side while he eased himself in. In the top left hand corner is the bathrooms and shower stall (shower head doesn’t work, gotta use a bucket. So fun!) On the right is the temple where we meet for church. On the bottom left corner you can see a piece of the little balcony we had. For another view….
TheRest-43The boys on the left, girls on the right–because ladies are always right. Of course.
TheRest-102I thought this was so cool. There were various carts driving about, and this one was our trash cart. What an alternative to trucks! America should adapt these!
trash truck
Another trash cart

TheRest-140And the food! The food was great. The Hermanas took care of us to well. TheRest-14
And I took this picture! On the first morning, everything downstairs was locked, I was bored and Billy was gone for a moment.
And that’s all you’re getting for now! Later I might post more pictures, or try talking about what happened.

-Electric Bubbles