Conversations About Life Podcast: featuring Me and Jonny

My father has started a podcast called “Conversations About Life.” As his first guest, I feel very honored!

I think the podcast is off to a great start and I had an enjoyable time talking about my courtship along with Jonny.

Click the signature to go to the podcast, or the link is below.

Serving as a Sender, new blog



I have not shared my new blog yet because I was not sure I was going to carry it through. I’ve decided I am. It is called Serving as a Sender.

The first post explains what the blog is about.

I’m not saying all the followers of this blog are going to want to follow that blog, but I’d like you to take a look and check in at least once in awhile to give me feedback, if nothing else. My hope for the blog is that people might realize how easy and how difficult it is to be a Missionary Supporter. It is doable. It is needed. And I want to share the process with y’all.


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