Everly Wren

Everly Wren Boehlke was born Sept. 17th at 2:13pm. What a joy! What a responsibility!


Birthing a baby is, without a doubt, the most amazing experience Jonny and I have had as a couple. Jonny was an amazing support person throughout the whole labor and delivery, and while I was pushing, his excitement was spilling over and giving me strength. With every push he was so excited to see her progress, and I wanted so badly to get this baby out, not just for me, but so Jonny could finally meet his daughter. What a feeling, to hold my baby for the first time! Part of my thoughts began soaring through all of the years ahead of us, marking this special moment as the beginning of it all. Part of my thoughts were fixated on this very present, tiny person who was crying in my arms.


One week later, I’m still in awe. Such a tiny person, with a personality yet to be known and a future yet to be made. One one hand, she is a pool of possibility, and on the other hand, even if she was a baby forever, I would love her fervently forever.


Not only is my love blazing hot for this baby girl, I have never loved my husband more than I do when he is holding our daughter. I’m amazed at God’s creation that He would allow us to come together to make such a beautiful being. What a divine, loving, all-knowing God! Is there a more beautifully designed system than the family, as God intended it?

everly 2

Recalling the downward spiral of my life in my early teenage years, I can only weep with gratitude that God plucked me from my sin and compelled me to follow His design for relationships, marriage, and children. I don’t mean to say we are a model family. I mean to say that without His grace and intervention in my life, I would not even have this family.

I’ve never been more excited for the next season of my life. God’s grace has blessed me this far and I know it will continue to sustain me.


With gratitude,


My Two Cents

I am not very patriotic, to be honest. I don’t feel comfortable pledging my alliance to a country I don’t believe in. So I don’t. I pray for our President and the leaders of our country, but I don’t make any show of agreeing with them.

So when the Supreme Court ruled for same-sex marriage, I was surprised at the load of sorrow I felt. I predict that the country cannot last long after such a blow. Families are the building blocks of society, the vitamins of fruitful souls. Families are what produce and raise healthy lives. Without them, society cannot last.
Christian families need to be stronger than ever to survive in a hostile land. It will become more and more obvious as we go along, who the true church is. It will be harder and harder to be a Christian, and we can no longer take it lightly. We will be called old-fashioned, haters, and discriminators, but there is no better time to shine God’s love than when the rest of the world is dark.
I don’t pretend to admire America or its values, but it is my country. The history, the people, the land, I love it more than I realized.
Morals and virtue are almost gone, but I vow to stand for America, despite what it does to itself.

Gracie, my blessing

I find one thing on heart this Thanksgiving more than anything else. I’m thankful for my sister, Gracie.

_MG_1051 (copy)  Finding my baby sister standing before a sink with her mouth and hands full of blood was jolting. Even though she probably damaged nerves and she wasn’t in much pain, it looked awful. I just hate the sight of blood on someone I love, and the gaping flesh and broken tooth made it much worse. I knew it would be fine. I knew recovery was only a matter of time and money. I knew that all of her fears about having “something wrong” would soon be over, but my stomach still turned and after she had gone, while I was wiping blood off of the wall with a disinfectant wipe, I cried for no real reason. Gracie didn’t even cry through everything, just me.

We waited up late that night for my baby sister to come home, but she never did. Instead, my big girl walked in the door. Today we baby-talked while having leg wars and discussions about hamster wheels, but she isn’t a baby sister anymore, she’s my best friend.

_MG_8743 (copy)

I don’t know what our family would do without you, Gracie. Thank you God for my sister.

With all my love,

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Beginning Writer and some team work

First, by way of introduction….


This is Jimmy!!!!









Alright, so now that you know Jimmy, I can tell you he’s a new writer! He is writing me a lovely story about a “dee” (bee). Today he was super excited to do it–give me a story to edit and revise for him.

He is smart you know! Today he told us, “Lighting bugs must eat the sun.” When I told him it was too cute he said, “I mean, they sit out in the sun so they can glow at night. That’s like their food.” That’s why he should be a writer. I told him so and that is where this started, but obviously he’s had this idea of the bee in his head for quite awhile, since he learned about them in school.

So here’s his story.


Translation: “Once there was a bee, but he didn’t have wings or a pattern. He was a little worm shape. One day he woke up. He was shaped like a bee, but he did not have a pattern like a bee, so he ate furious but they….”(I’ve only received one page. He’s still working on the second.
After he proudly gave me his work–I revised it. Here’s the second draft:
“Once upon a time there was a bee, well, he was not really a bee, not to himself. To himself he saw only a little worm shape, and honestly, he really was just a little worm. No wings, no stripes.
He waited quite awhile, depressed because he never thought he would be a bee. Not now, not ever. But the day came when he found that his head was shaped very finely, and his body as well. But he was not a bee, and he knew it, because he had no stripes, no pattern.
He went on with his life, admiring his head and eyes, but not doing much else–except eat honey of course; the real bees above poured it down on his head constantly….”
Watch out Washington! Look out Times Square! Here we come to rock the nation!
Happy Writing!
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Umpiring Poem

I, along with four other siblings (making us the Jackson 5 of the group) have taken upon ourselves to umpire. Never did we know it would be so frustrating to complete this test–I mean we did, but not this much! Here’s a scenario we were given:

The bottom of the first inning, a batter hits a home-run. Coach Drew of the other team, however, wants to protest the game, saying the batter batted out of order. Coach Williams says it is written on his own card–but not according to Coach Drew! He hands over fifty dollars to protest and you start writing up the game sheet.

The question: Is this a protestable call?

The answer: YES! Because it is protesting against a rule and not a judgment call. It is protestable and you cannot deny that coach a protest, even though talking him out of it would be ideal.

We got a lot of discussion in our class about this–because the coach would loose his $50. In the ASL, the batting order is not established until the first batter bats again. And so, the people grading the test said it wasn’t protestable–but actually it is! Only the Jacksons got it right! And we finally made that clear in class–the call is protestable! And we gave ourselves a round of applause when it was finally finished, yes.

So! Here’s the fun part about this test, he were told to give our answer and back it up with an explanation. I did so in a way–I bet they’ve never had before! I wrote my explanation as a poem. ^_^ Yes, yes, I am very pleased with myself. Just so you know before you read it, Barry and Drew are two of our teachers, and Billy is my brother.

A song came to mind, to explain this tale
I just hope that because of this, the test is not failed

Mr. Drew makes an assertion, what first inning, and a fight?!
Such snobbery, arrogance–don’t you know that I’m always right *

What a harebrained, faulty thing to stake your money upon
It’s just a batter out of order, Mr. Drew, COME ON!

But I’ll just pat my head and rub my chest
To inform the field dude that I am doing my best

A protestable call? It is so, it is so
It does not require judgment, but the coach must be slow (in his head, you know)**

In this league that we umpire, the decrees do say
The lineup can be altered in a certain way***

Some coach he must be! Not to grasp this straightforward rule
Mr. Williams (wait, is that Billy?) would not be such a fool

When the batters have not batted the whole lineup through
It is subject to change, and can fluctuate or move
(So long as the batter has not batted before, but I wouldn’t let that happen, would I Mr. Drew?)

So, a protestable call it is, guess I’ll jot it all down ****
But from here and on after, you’ve earned a sizeable frown

A sigh do I heave, a roll of my eyes
People argue with me, is it really a surprise

Mr. Drew, if you are sure that this is what you want to choose

(Please remember Mr. Barry, Mr. Drew, and the rest,
The skill of this poem is my own very best.
You wanted something professional, but you got this instead
Just recall that there is something very bungled in my head.)

* Asl 10-B–Umpire is in charge
** Asl 10-B–Cannot protest a judgment call
*** You guys said so in class 😉
****Asl 10-H–must fill out the game sheet
***** Asl 3-A-2–they must pay $50 

Okay, and guys! I am not a poet! This poem truly is my very best, and as you can see, it’s not very good–just enough to make me laugh and give me the guts to put it on my test. And yes, it did pass, I got %95 on the test–even though they failed my answer! (They counted my explanation. And I should have gotten 2 more points for getting the question right.)

26,826 and counting

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[Edit: I still can’t believe I actually put this on my test! Okay, I can, but I’m so weird. LOL]

Easter, what the boys did

They videoed themselves with the phone and Billy edited it. Gotta tell you! They are talented! All three can ride unicycles! How many people can say that three of their brothers ride unicycles? Ride unicycles, spin diabolos, do handstands, ninja rolls, play any sport, contra dance, carry kids….pretty soon they’ll be doing it all at once!

This, my friends, is what happens when you’re homeschooled and when videogames and TV have been outlawed from the house–insane fun!

From the family of the Increda-Jacksons

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