Describe Heaven

This post calls on my readers’ participation. I want to know what you think heaven will be like. I was given a writing prompt to “describe heaven” and after I was done, I was really curious as to what other people’s versions of “complete happiness in Christ” would be. Don’t use my description as a model. Just give me what you would first say when told, “Describe Heaven.”

Well heaven is certainly different than some silly things I hear. I will not be peering down on earth, watching the proceedings, and sending snow and blessings. I don’t even think I’ll notice the earth at all. No, I will be dancing! I will be dancing and singing and laughing and crying. Dancing with balloons for feet and wings for arms. Dancing with every ache and care gone. I’ll dance for the greatest reason there ever was the dance. I suppose it doesn’t get much better than dancing for Jesus. I can’t imagine anything better.

Happy New Year!

Electric Bubbles