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I must apologize for not blogging. I am very busy, believe me!

My brother is engaged! He is planning on getting married October 13th, 2013.

Thus, I am busy!

Second, I go to Wisconsin tomorrow! I am terribly excited and I will try to take all the pictures I can! It’s the awesomest place I’ve ever been! We are still trying to get packed, get food ready for the 10-11 hour drive, and pack the van.

Thus, I am busy!

But I haven’t completely forgotten my blogger friends. I do have pictures I have drawn, but the picture I am working on I cannot show you. Not yet! 😉 Instead, I have something for y’all to read. I found and read over one of my old drafts, from June 2013, Camp Nanowrimo. I think it is my favorite draft that I have. I made a cover for it awhile ago….


To be sure, I have plans to change some things in it, but I want to let y’all read it and critique it. Please be ruthless with the story, and please be kind to me!

If a doc. doesn’t work for you somehow, let me know and I’ll try to email it to you, but it will be after I return from Wisconsin.

NOTE: If an italicized sentence or portion is not expressly a thought of a character, then it is subject to removal and is italicized just for me. I’ve also written notes for myself, just ignore them, if you want.

1 The introduction to the family of Adofo, and how misfortune befell them in the cozy town where they lived and what became of their misfortune.
2 Leaving the town and journeying on
3 Dividing 
4 The fates and fortunes of Hanson and Westby
5 The fates and fortunes of Mireille and Hurlee
6 The Placing of Hanson and Westby
7 Living in the place
8 What became of Westby’s place
9 What became of Hanson’s place
10 Hanson’s captivity 
11 Westby slipping
12 The Capture of Mireille
13 Westby’s search

Part Two

14 Hanson’s escape
15 Hurlee slipping
16 Mireille and Westby’s Captivity
17 As a Captive
18 Captive and more
19 Breaking point
20 Rescue
21 No Rescue
22 Preparing for Change
23 Escape
24 Betrayal
25 Westby’s rescue
26 The end
for those who wondered


Chill Peeps!

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Camp NaNoWriMo, July 2013

Another Camp NaNoWriMo in July! ^o^

This July I am not going for 50,000, not 80,000, but 100,004 words! *faints* I’m not asking you to do that though. Because you can change your word-count to whatever suits your month, even 10,000 words count.

For some people who follow my blog, you’re used to skipping any post with a mention of “NaNoWriMo” “novels” or “insane”, but take another look and and give it a second thought. This is for normal and notnormal alike. ^_^ Even if you’ve never liked writing before, you can always try.

For other people, maybe you skip every post but the ones that mention “NaNoWriMo”, and in that case, gear up for another month of noveling!

For visitors who don’t yet know what Camp NaNoWriMo is, I’m only too happy to explain.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short) is an exciting challenge to write 50,000 words in the month of November. Camp NaNoWriMo is the same challenge, but adapted to fit the Summer months. In July, you can change your wordgoal, choose cabin mates to be partnered with, but basically do the same thing–have fun writing!

This month, honestly, I’m not going to try to get something wonderful this month. In fact, not even something I would dare to show people, I did that last month. This month, *sigh* I’m just writing for the fun of writing. I’m not planning, not paying attention to the plot, I’m just not. That may disappoint some people, but it’s just been too long since I wrote that kind of story. (November 2011 to be exact.)

Tell me what you are doing! Do you know yet? If not–IT STARTS IN THIRTEEN DAYS!

Good luck, peeps! ^o^

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Camp NaNoWriMo, A Grand Finish

Whoop! I finished yesterday with 81,153 words! I finished my wordgoal right as I finished drinking a large cup of strong iced coffee. I generally try to keep still right after I drink coffee, but I couldn’t yesterday. I went nuts. I was talking and shaking and typing and laughing so fast I could barely understand what I wanted to say. After that, I crashed, and was blissfully tired the rest of the evening. It truly was an epic experience. Perhaps the most epic experience of NaNoWriMo, just because I fought so hard to get 80,000 and 10,000 in the last two days when I should have been writing 5,332 in the last two days. And I cheered on friends to the finish, rejoicing with everyone until I was in a state of literal frenzy.


Today–I printed out my whole novel, if you can call it a novel. I finished my original climax so I just carried on the story until I had all my words. It still has no finish. But I printed it all out and held it with my own hands.


nanowrimo novelI was very happy to hold it, and for future NaNoWriMo’s, I won’t be able to do any differently.

I thought about shredding my novel and sleeping on it, Chris Baty’s way to celebrate, but if I did, I might burst into tears and not sleep for days.

I finally named it too, though the name will most likely change sometime.


Also, I am trying to lengthen the story and turn it into three separate stories, so I need more than one title.


Not only was it terribly exciting to hold my novel and see a whole month’s work, it is enjoyable to read through and write notes on. I’ve already been going through with a favorite pen and writing my opinions of each scene. I’m not discouraged yet! (Though I’m sure it will come. Always does, peeps, just be ready for it.)

Endless thanks to all my writing buddies who kept me going, inspired me, and fought countless wordwars. Without those wordwars there’s no way I could have made it.

So now with another rough draft under my belt, and perhaps my favorite yet–

Chair for now!


P.S. I was going to shower before I took these pictures, but that did not seem to me to be in the NaNoWriMo spirit. Don’t worry, I wore deodorant. 😛


Four of my Favorite Noveling Songs

Just for you all, here’s some music I LOVE when writing. Note, all four videos will lead you to more great music, which is why I’m able to limit this post to only four.


At 25,000 and counting!

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My Dear Blog Readers….


I have not blogged in several days. Days that feel very long to me, but probably aren’t that long. You guys have all guessed the reasons, it’s because Camp NaNoWriMo just started! And because it did, man, I feel strange.  So-o, I can try to write a blog post….

NaNoWriMo hasn’t been like it usually is. That means, I’m fighting to get words down on the computer, not the usual just typing for awhile and I got enough. I suspect I’m becoming more like the other Nano’s I’ve heard about, the people who have to fight to write. But! I am getting words down. I have 12,365 at the time of this post. Also I am aiming to get 80,000 words instead of 50,000, so that’s another reason it might be harder.

I just got some Starbucks coffee that I can’t get over. I feel like I’ve already drank too much, I’ve got all these jitters–except that I haven’t drank any. The coffee is a Dark Komodo Dragon blend from Indonesia….And the coffee jar’s name is Alfred Shaffer….  He is sitting right next to me, and since he is just a mason jar, I can see all the coffee beans smiling up at me. Lovely….I had a humorous experience when I first filled up the Alfred Shaffer. I was so happy I started running around my room, using the jar as a shaker, and singing to the Happy Smiler’s song, “Coffee, coffee, coffee, we all want some coffee, we all want some coffee every day, day, DAY, daayy!” Then my little sister, Gracie, finally flagged me down and showed me that she was on the phone. Thankfully, she hadn’t reached the other person yet so only my family heard me, and that, they ought to be used to by now.

So far in my NaNoWriMo novel, I can already see the path that God is leading my character on, though she doesn’t see it yet. Everything that happens leads to another in God’s perfect plan. 

So, what’s happened? A miscarriage. That prompted Lassie to step forward and help a little black orphan who was caught stealing. Her husband in a sudden rage through the little guy, Jim, out of the house–and Lassie took him to Silvia. Because Lassie was thinking about Jim, she started reading James….That’s where we are.

Everything is so rough right now. So very, very rough, I’d be ashamed to let anyone read it.

There is a scene though, the very first one that I wrote and revised before the month began. It was really part of planning the novel. So, I’ll give you that–and quit this blog post.

Scene 1

There ya go!

Off to brew some coffee!

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I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.

~Steven Wright

Planning for Planning

Yeah, I need help when I’m planning for planning. I wrote down what all I need to outline, starting tomorrow at 5:30am.

  • 3 Act plot, brief summary of 3 catastrophes and important plots of the catastrophes
  • Fleshing out of 3 Act summary:
    • Act 1, subplots, what needs to be established (how the characters are committed)
    • Act 2, what needs to happen to progress the story
    • Act 3, what needs to be concluded
  • Subplots and where they go
  • Scene sketch–scenes are still flexible and susceptible to change during the month
    • How long each scene should be
    • Mood(s) of scene
    • Importance
    • Purpose (every scene should have a purpose, but you can mainly deal with that after you’re done trying to get words 😉 )
  • Go back over character sheets
    • Take not of important character traits that must be there for the story to work. Note these in a synopsis somewhere.
  • Finally establish plot arc and tension throughout story

Okay, just to let you all know, not everyone plans like I do. Some would explode if they tried. I might explode, I don’t know, but I enjoy doing this. If you don’t! You don’t have to! Don’t let that stop you from doing NaNoWriMo. And after you get a few NaNoMonths under your belt, you will know more about what you ought to outline before hand. 😉


With great caffeinated well-wishes,

Electric Bubbles