Beginning Writer and some team work

First, by way of introduction….


This is Jimmy!!!!









Alright, so now that you know Jimmy, I can tell you he’s a new writer! He is writing me a lovely story about a “dee” (bee). Today he was super excited to do it–give me a story to edit and revise for him.

He is smart you know! Today he told us, “Lighting bugs must eat the sun.” When I told him it was too cute he said, “I mean, they sit out in the sun so they can glow at night. That’s like their food.” That’s why he should be a writer. I told him so and that is where this started, but obviously he’s had this idea of the bee in his head for quite awhile, since he learned about them in school.

So here’s his story.


Translation: “Once there was a bee, but he didn’t have wings or a pattern. He was a little worm shape. One day he woke up. He was shaped like a bee, but he did not have a pattern like a bee, so he ate furious but they….”(I’ve only received one page. He’s still working on the second.
After he proudly gave me his work–I revised it. Here’s the second draft:
“Once upon a time there was a bee, well, he was not really a bee, not to himself. To himself he saw only a little worm shape, and honestly, he really was just a little worm. No wings, no stripes.
He waited quite awhile, depressed because he never thought he would be a bee. Not now, not ever. But the day came when he found that his head was shaped very finely, and his body as well. But he was not a bee, and he knew it, because he had no stripes, no pattern.
He went on with his life, admiring his head and eyes, but not doing much else–except eat honey of course; the real bees above poured it down on his head constantly….”
Watch out Washington! Look out Times Square! Here we come to rock the nation!
Happy Writing!
Electric Bubbles

Billy Bob’s Bottle and Caps

The game starts like so

a set up

To start the game, the active player pounds, smacks, or taps one bottle cap. (The caps must be touching for this to work)

b start

If all three of the bottle caps are behind the line after you hit it, you may restart, but if one is touching, you must go on as follows.

c move

To move, strike one of the bottle caps. 2 rules, it must be a strike (not a scoop or push, flicking works too) and it must go between the other two bottle caps.

d moves

Keep striking the bottle caps, working your way down to the bottles at the end of the table.  Remember, the bottle caps must go through each other! If they don’t, your turn is over.

e point

Points! When you get to the end of the table, hit the bottle cap through the triangle of bottles (through the other bottle caps of course) and you get a point! Your goal is to get all of them through the bottles.

f lose

Example of a false move, if the bottle cap doesn’t go far enough, you lose your turn and the next person begins from the starting line. Keep track of the points you get each round. When it is not your turn, you must dry the dishes–that just how it goes!

g second set up

This is the thing about the setup I didn’t mention. Inside the triangle of bottles, there is a second triangle. If! you get all three bottle caps through the first triangle, you may aim to get them through the second, each cap earning 4 points. If! you get them all through the second triangle, you go on to a second round, this time with the bottle caps upside down, the first triangle equaling 8 points a cap, the second–man I don’t know if anyone has gotten there, but I suppose 12 points. Or maybe 20.

Additional notes: You may not hit the same bottle cap twice. Even if the bottle cap hits a bottle and goes right back to the same spot, you must hit another one. You may go backwards to get out of a tricky situation. If you get a cap through the second triangle before all three are through the first, the point for the second triangle doesn’t count. Once you get all three through the first triangle, the point counts. If the bottle cap falls off the table, you are not out! The cap is placed on the table where it fell off, but you may not hit it again. You may hit the other two, but not the cap that was knocked off the table. If it is already through the triangle, that’s not a problem. 😉

And of course, the game is named after my brother, the maker and referee. Thank ya Billy!


-Electric Bubbles

P.S. I think some variations will be tried soon, time limits for moves, different bottle arrangements, obstacles, etc.

Jon book-fail(ing)

Blegh. It’s finally come when I just don’t want to write that story for anything. So give me some ideas to spark me again. I’m stuck. I was planning on Drystan searching for the Jayanta for quite awhile, to make it more fulfilling at the end, but now, it seems like that’s the only thing left for him to do. You know, that worst part is that I’ve got so little done. And it’s so undeveloped.

And! I have something else to say! Sarah Rhoe broke my code!!! So now that she has, I’ll tell you what it was. (Before I tell you, you have one more chance to go back and try to figure it out on your own.) I took every letter and moved it left on the keyboard. Ah! Now you get it. So my prize goes to Sarah, that is, tonight she gets a humongous hug. ^v^ Because tonight is the beginning of the Grace Camp Meeting! I’m so happy! I’ll be taking pictures and notes and telling y’all about it. Until then!



-Electric Bubbles

Jon book – Part Nine

And just to spite you, I’m posting in code again, the same code, my awesome code, the one I came up with in five seconds, the one that no one could break, the one that no one tried to break–yes that one! Ha!

U arukk x’br vwkuwcw bi ibw veijw ur. Tiy oweaib, qgiwcwe tiy ‘ew, tiy ‘ew ew’kkt xiik. “bs wcwetibw wkaw ua ‘ hwej. Biq qw jbiq ainwrgubf rg’r rgwt sibr. Ukk rwkk tiy niew rii: rg’r kurrkw fbinw g’a ‘ vuf o’er ub rgua ariet. Gw nufgr wcwb acw rgw QIEKS!

(1. All capitalized letters are capitalized. 2. All words have the correct number of characters. 3. Parenthesis, commas, and sentence endings are correct. 4. You know what I always write at the bottom of a post. 5. It was not hard to come up with, just hard to interpret.)

Now, you can look at the clues and wonder, but just know I’m always going to post Jonny’s story in code until SOMEONE breaks it. 😛 (This part of the story is really bad, by the way.)

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-Electric Bubbles

Jon Book – Part eight—-In Code!!!

This post is in code because, um, because we’re bored?

Ud tiy ‘ew ew’subf rgia tiy ‘ew cwet an’er. 😉 “a an’er ‘a nw!!! (Rg’ra an’er.)

“bs ud tiy ‘ew am’er tiy nyar g’cw ‘b ioubuib ‘viyr rgua areit. Qg’r ua ur?

U q’a ai wxurws qgwb U ar’erws rgua qgikw ariet, vyr U agiyks g’cw jbiqb U qiyks vkiq ur. Arukk ud rgwew ua ibw rgubf rg’r B’BiQeuNi r’yfgr nw ura ri bwcwe fucw yo vwx’yaw id oiie xibrwbr.

Qwkk gwewa rgw bwzr o’er id rgw ariet. (Ud tiy si vew’j nt xisw, a’t ai ub rgw xinnwrba, vyr si bir a’t qg’r rgw xisw ua. “bs die wcwetibw qgi x’br ew’s ur, tiy ‘ew bir ‘kkiqws ri rwkk.)

“a ‘ aowxu’k birw die rgiaw qgi vew’j ur, U x’br vwkuwcw tiy qiyks aowbs rgua kibf ibnt vkif. Rg’bja die vwubf ‘qwainw kujw rg’r.

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-Wkwxreux Vyvvkwa

(If that was way too hard, here’s a few tips. 1. All capitalized letters are capitalized. 2. All words have the correct number of characters. 3. Parenthesis, commas, and sentence endings are correct. 4. You know what I always write at the bottom of a post. 5. It was not hard to come up with, just hard to interpret.)

Jon book – part seven

I don’t have anything to say that I haven’t already said except, haha, this is a very rough draft. I think I’ll be changing a lot of things, but so far things are going fairly well, at least where you are, I have to struggle ahead and try to turn this silly idea into something.

Click Here!

I turned the file into an odt because some people were having trouble with it. If anyone is still having trouble reading it, tell me and I’ll email it to them.


-Electric Bubbles