Taste and Send Bake-off

Today was our Taste and Send bake-off day. Taste and Send is a fund raiser at Rockport Baptist Church, raising money for missions. I thought I’d take pictures and post them up here.

Our volunteers were the following–

Savannah, Head Chef

Me sister Gennie, Head Chef

Sarah, Cookie Master

Ruthie, Packaging Mistress

Tristen, cookie assistant, Mixing Maiden

Lexi, All Around Awesome

Mysti and Merri, sisters and servants

Danielle, late but welcome

Mayci, she helped with everything!

Susan, Mama Jackson

Stephanie, Head Mama

John, the manly cook

And Jimmy, the cookie thief who actually knows better

And I must mention, my brother Eddie was there. Arg! He would’t smile, wouldn’t look at the camera and when I got two good pictures of him, he won’t let me post them! Grrrrr. Everybody kill him for me.

How did she get there?

It’s so fun working with these people!

They make me smile

The atmosphere is fun and friendly, and with head chefs who are so willing to do dishes….

I love this photo! So cute. Is the cinnamon expired, Savannah?

“That one?”

Try some cookie dough?

Indeed! It don’t get much better than that, sharing cookie dough with your friends, for Jesus!

Who? Me? Eating the dough? I love her expressions sometimes

Sarah had a bag….that bag had a keychain….that keychain had my love….

Oreoballs, my mouth waters….

The cookies bake, the girls talk


Dipping iPie oreoballs

Say cheese!

We all get to eat one of the cookies.


“Off with you!” taking inventory. My sister really likes to direct people

“What? Come on!”



“It was like that big”

After Taste and send, already up at church, I just stayed up with Danielle until band practice at 4:00pm. It’s always so fun to play with people who know what they’re doing, but I’m kind of feeling badly right now. I’m still don’t know for sure if I am going to play tomorrow…..

I helped Danielle but together a prayer card for indonesia. You can see her blog! daniellemanaois.blogspot.com¬†She’s such a sweet sister. I read Romans 8-9, I still haven’t gotten off of it, and we talked about it. It was a very sweet time.

And after that I came home and wrote a blog post! ^_^ I listened to awesome music too, so it’s a good day.


-Electric Bubbles