Thrush vs. Smaug

So I got into an argument with my friend about which is the better character in the Hobbit: The Thrush or Smaug the dragon. Each has a huge part in the story, but some would say one part was more important. What I want to know is which is your favorite. Vote! And then explain your answer in the comments. Later I might tell you which side I was on.

In pictures, here’s the vote:

Smaug, the Dragon












the Thrush




My baby sister turned 10 Saturday. See the beautiful chick with long, golden hair? That’s her.

She’s incredible. She is always first to serve, last to grow angry. First to listen and last to speak. She seems to have taught me much more than I have taught her, because reading was never as important as character. I wish I could put in a blog post what she means to me, but I can’t. I can only say that without her life would mean much much less. She’s my sunshine.


I love you Gracie!


Yours Truly

Electric Bubbles

Serving as a Sender, new blog



I have not shared my new blog yet because I was not sure I was going to carry it through. I’ve decided I am. It is called Serving as a Sender.

The first post explains what the blog is about.

I’m not saying all the followers of this blog are going to want to follow that blog, but I’d like you to take a look and check in at least once in awhile to give me feedback, if nothing else. My hope for the blog is that people might realize how easy and how difficult it is to be a Missionary Supporter. It is doable. It is needed. And I want to share the process with y’all.


Electric Bubbles

Urgent Prayer Request!

Prayer request. There is a severe weather storm watch on a storm that could include enough snow, wind, sleet and freezing rain to make travel dangerous OR impossible. The storm looks like it could be a possibility right during the time we are wanting to leave (AND it covers both of our route options!).

Just know that Aaron and I (Billy) are going to keep a close eye on this and we hope to make a decision by tonight on what will have to be done. Be aware that just like we would not take a team into a hazardous situation in Mexico, we will not take a team into a hazardous blizzard either. So this storm could necessitate either a early or delayed departure time for us.

So Pray! The Lord has been faithful thus far! Is there any reason to doubt him? Pray that the Lord would take care of us in this. We of course would like to leave as we have planned but pray that the Lord would make it plain to us when he would have us to go.

Thank you!



The blizzard warning for Oklahoma is gone! Praise the Lord! We are leaving at midnight. Thank you for your prayers.

Bob Jennings Journal

Health:  I have continued abdominal swelling, much weakness, always chilly, but slight recovery of metabolic energy – not using the walker now, not using much oxygen.  The hospice has been a fine service.

Article:  Dear friends, I submitted the following article to the local newspaper.  Someone reported they said it was the 2nd most-read.  That could be taken either way, that is, a lot of folks would like to see me gone, or else are concerned about my leaving!  I pray it is concern for their souls.

Pastor bids a final farewell
Terri and I moved to Sedalia with one
child in 1983 to pastor a new church
which has met at Highway M Chapel
since 1987. Alas, pancreatic cancer
showed up two years ago. Apart from
divine intervention, I’m near the end of
the road. Permit a farewell to my dear

In the almost 30 years we…

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