Darwin’s Dilemma

I held my cat for a long time tonight. I had felt a surge of panic as I thought of the day’s conversations and everything I had done wrong, and before I knew it, the cat I was in the middle of putting outside was clasped tight under my chin. I’m amazed at the gentleness in her. Most of the time she doesn’t like being held like that, probably because her old joints need specific support to be comfortable, but I must have gotten it right, because she didn’t struggle once but purred and rested against me. I hugged all the anxiety away. I know I’ve said it before, but my cat seems to know when I am sick or hurting, and I’m always amazed. Animals are amazing.

Our family also watched a documentary tonight called “Metamorphosis.” After a (rather long) exploration of the journey from caterpillar to butterfly, and then a look at the Monarch Butterfly migration, the biologists finally made the point they were coming to, two points actually.

The first has to do with metamorphosis itself. In metamorphosis, a caterpillar, inside the chrysalis, does something similar to decomposing. Its cells break down, they die, they turn into a pile of mush. Some of those cells disappear, and others are used to the reorganization of a completely different body. Wings, legs, proboscis, compound eyes, antennae, digestive tract, heart, and reproductive organs–they are all completely new and altogether different from the caterpillar. This metamorphosis poses a problem to the common-held theory of evolution which states that creatures evolved by natural selection and slowly grew in complexity over time. Because metamorphosis doesn’t work like that. First off, a creature wouldn’t (figuratively) kill itself unless there was a planned outcome. It cannot just randomly develop this habit of committing suicide inside a chrysalis and killing off most body cells without a system already put in place to rebuild itself. Secondly, it cannot slowly develop this process. So many things, tiny and huge, have to happen all at once for this to work. If the wings and eyes worked, but not the organs, the butterfly would die. If the legs and proboscis worked, but not the connecting muscles, the butterfly would die. If everything, by some happy, random chance, was put together perfectly except for one thing, the butterfly could not survive. For all of these amazing developments to happen at once is quite improbable, maybe impossible. The more logical conclusion is that it was designed.

The second point the biologists came to was that because of the art and beauty in the world that we observe, we can perceive that there must be intelligence behind it. There are approximately 20,000 species of butterflies in the world, and every single species has a different wing shape and pattern. In some cases, patterns help the butterflies to survive, but in many they are simply there. Natural selection has no reason for beauty, and no explanation for how it came about.

Look at a sunset. Look at the stars. Look at a cat. Look at a tiny butterfly. It is art. It is simply the logical response to assume that something intelligent is behind it all, and it is simply the right response to give our praise to that something.


In awe,

Portrait Drawing Course

Hello Followers! My apologies for getting so behind in blogging. I’ve been meaning for weeks to write this blog post, but it kept getting shoved around on my schedule. So now–I won’t do it justice, I’ll just get it out there!!!

Lately, whenever I can find time, I’ve been drawing portraits, if you didn’t know. I’ve been drawing people I know, and I love it, but my problem, which has always been my problem, is that I cannot draw a portrait without a picture. And having a reference is (haha!) not my thing! It gets boring.

How to Draw Realistic Faces

So I’m taking a Portrait Drawing Course! I’m super excited to be doing it. All online, with videos, with pencil and simple supplies. Ethan starts with the very beginning and works up to a full, detailed, shaded, and realistic portrait, and besides the initial video course, he is full of tips on his site.


And because it is a real person telling you how to draw, for this gal, it is much nicer, easier, smoother than reading it on paper.


Since you never really know how good an art course will really be, the course is risk free. It is also a work-at-your-own pace course, which is critical! to me right now. =) You can find the course on the site linked above, as well as his figure drawing course, which is actually what first drew me to the site.

I’ve super enjoyed it so far! Just ask me if you have any doubts.
Tell me if you have questions about it or email them, support@mydrawingtutorials.com.

I’ll be posting my drawings that I get and my progress on the course as I go. I’ll be going as fast as my hectic schedule will allow.


Electric Bubbles

(behind on my wordcount, don’t even ask)

Past Drawings

For the friends on my blog, a few recent drawings.

The original photo was taken by my dad at willjackson.com

She was drawn from a magazine. Nothing special.

And how come the pictures of my friends are the ones that don’t work right? They never do end up looking like the person I meant them to look like. But this picture of Leah is definitely an improvement from the last. Love you, Leah!


Yours Truly

Electric Bubbles

November 13th

It’s unlucky today, you know, Tuesday the 13th, but I still got 3087 in one hour. I met a new friend who actually wasn’t a new friend, but we found out we have a mutual friend, and suddenly, I know her name, so we’re better friends. Today started off well.

I’m supposed to find out this morning if I’m going to Mexico on a mission trip from the end of December to the beginning of January. Billy was supposed to tell me and I forgot to ask. Now he’s down stairs blowing on my tin whistle that he calls his own. It’s really mine, people. And now that I brought the subject up, I’ll show you the song I’m learning now, or the two songs. They’re super cool!

So yeap. I’m actually not as good as them. Aannd, I can’t think of anything else. Oh! I’ve been drawing peoples characters like crazy! http://unique-firecracker-4.deviantart.com/gallery/  You can request a character drawn at http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/forums/nano-artisans/threads/92312 But it won’t be drawn right away.

That’s all! Happy Writing!


-Electric Bubbles

The latest talk, don’t eat the armadillo!

May I quote an article from the local newspaper?

“Dead armadillos on the side of the road are a little more concerning than the average animal carcass, county health officials say. Handle dead armadillos with care, they say. But most importantly, don’t eat one.”
Bwahahaha! People must be dumb. We’ve been laughing at that one quite a bit.

And then there’s a 5k run in October.  Dad, Billy, Eddie, Jonny, and Ruthie are planning on running. (I had decided to run, but then I decided not to run.) Also, the new way to run, if you haven’t heard, is barefoot. It prevents heal striking and strengthens different muscles and so on. I went barefoot running with them last week. It was kinda nice.

Also I finished a drawing of a little friend, (well, sometimes she’s my friend) Deborah. ^_^ It turned into one of my greatest portraits so far.

Aside from that, Scottish music has kicked back up, at least for me it has. Gennie and I requested to learn Scottish history, which led to Scottish music, which has led to breaking out the tin whistle once more. Scotland has my favorite accent ever.

Besides that, I was appointed blogger at jacksonkidsphotography.blogpost.com

Among other things, I finished illustrating the drawing lesson that Grandpa gave to Gennie and I.

As well, I have been using writing exercises from a writing book that I enjoy. If you would kindly note all the transitional words in this post, you will understand what it has been doing to me.


-Electric Bubbles

First Morning in the Country

I’m at my grandparents’ house, in the country, and it’s 6:00am. No one is up, but I expect Grandma will get up soon, and Gennie will sometime after that, and Grandpa, he’ll wake up, hopefully, when it’s time for breakfast. 🙂

Yesterday we arrived around 5:00. After dinner Grandpa gave Gennie and I a drawing lesson, drawing features on a face and shading them. I’ll have to draw an illustration some time of how that’s done. But here’s the picture we copied and my hastily done copy.

Excuse Grandpa’s marks on the magazine

After that we went out to play hide and seek with a calf and its mother.

The lonely cow


This cow had her calf but we don’t know where it is. So we hopped on the chuck wagon and followed her around, but we must have been too suspicious, ’cause she let us on a wild goose chase up the big hill, down into the brush, and all over before going back to where she started. So hopefully she brings the calf to the herd today and we can find it. ^_^ And name it.

My handsome Grandfather

A Casual Sunset


And that’s pretty much it!



-Electric Bubbles

Because I haven’t been writing, that’s why….I’ve been drawing


Flowers are such perfect props. If you click that middle one, ^_^ there’s a lot of refining I don’t usually bother to add.

And then I really want to get over my fear of drawing other people, because I really want to draw people! So I’ve been trying, trust me.

So the one below is my pen pal Leah with her own blog over at optimisticworldview.blogspot.com

Trust me! She is adorable! I just couldn’t get it to show much in the picture. Plus I didn’t feel like refining it. And the picture doesn’t really look like her except that she’s carrying coffee. 😉



-Electric Bubbles