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It’s enough to know the next step

“Publish Blog Post” says Google Calendar. How can I publish what I haven’t written? I’m pretty sure I deleted the last reminder though and I don’t want to skip over this one, so as I brush poptart crumbs from my keyboard, here’s your latest installment of “How long will it take for Ellie to realize the obvious?”

I take very careful mental notes of everything new, whether new people, new ideas, or new experiences. Depending on how much coffee I had that day, I can usually recall with decent clarity the day I first met someone, thought of something, or tried something. I like to live in that moment and think, “One day this will be a memory.” I’ll store up that feeling and later recall just how it felt, just what I thought, and what came out of it.

It’s a good hobby! I think it comes so naturally to me because I always expect something wonderful to come out of everything. Being on the young side, I realize that small things that happen now could lead to huge changes for the rest of my life. People I meet, places I go, they could one day mean the world to me.

But I’ve found myself lately trying to figure out exactly who that is and where that is. I want to know! I want to know exactly where God is leading me, and I want to pay special attention so one day I can think, “I remember how it all started, and how it felt.” Several times, many times, I’ve thought, “This. This is where God is leading me,” but just as often those doors have been closed, those ideas have failed, or sometimes I just decided it wasn’t for me after all.

So you can imagine the tears, the disappointment, the discouragement, when I am called just to wait and pray. I’ve been tempted to think and feel that there must not be a plan for my life at all. I think I’ve forgotten that waiting and praying isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it can be very, very good.

It also came as an epiphany (although it should have been obvious) that I don’t need see the entire plan before I take the first step. I have so many wonderful adults in my life! As I think of all the conversations I’ve had and all the advice and prayer I’ve received just in the past few weeks, I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude! Maybe I should write a blog post about seeking advice from godly adults. But for now let me paraphrase one of the many helpful people I talked to, “If you believe you want to go to college, than I’d say go ahead and start. You might get a couple semesters in and realize it’s not what you should be doing, or you might get a degree under your belt and decide to go farther. Be in such a relationship with God and be so receptive to the Holy Spirit that you know, not the whole plan, but the next step to take.”

We were talking about college, but the principle applies to the rest of my life too. I can just forget about trying to lay out the whole map of my life. If I can just be so in tune with God that I know the next step, even if the next step is waiting, His plans will come to pass. And I know His plans are wonderful!

With love,

3 thoughts on “It’s enough to know the next step

  1. Remember that Paul wrote about this, too: All things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose.

    Think about it. If you really knew God’s plans for you, wouldn’t you want to blitzkrieg to that conclusion? I would. If you do that, though, you’ll be putting things out of order and out of place. God takes His time, and keeps things close to the vest for a very good reason: to get things right.

    Have you ever seen the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”? There was a point in that movie where he had to put all of his human reasoning aside and take a leap (a long step, really) of faith. I have a friend, here, who will tell you that if God is calling you to trust Him, then He is also telling you, “I got you!”

    I’ve known people who would pray before starting their car, and then pray thanksgiving for having arrived safely.

    Ellie, you are in Jesus’ hands. He is in the Father’s hands.




    I got you in prayer, my friend, but He’s got you in His hands!

    So, pray and trust. Don’t fear! For in Agape there is no fear.

  2. Thanks again, Ellie, for such a wonderful blog post! I just got done re-reading it and seems the Lord has already brought to your mind some of the things I wanted to share with you. Wow, He is so good! I also know this is something you have pondered and maybe struggled with for some time. Every young believer will desire to know God’s plan for them, this is a natural thing, and a good thing, because you care about your walk with Christ. You want to know, and I quote you, “exactly where God is leading me.” We want to see the whole journey from beginning to end. Unfortunately, that’s not how He does things. When I look back over the 50+ years I have been walking with Him, it has never worked that way. We get this vision in our heads, or hearts, as to how things should work out, or at least how we want them to work out, and amazingly enough, God turns things in a different direction. Wow, I didn’t ever expect to leave NY, but God directed that. I never expected my beloved wife to get cancer…………….that wasn’t in MY plans………. But that is what God allowed. I certainly haven’t arrived, and am still learning, but the joy is in trusting Him, as you said, each step of the way. “There must not be a plan.” There IS a plan, and you can rest with confidence in two things: He will (not maybe) fulfill His purpose for you (Psm 138:8) and He will show you that purpose, step by step as you trust Him. Part of, and a huge part of that plan is yes, for you to pray and wait! I love so much, how you care about other people, and I also can identify with the frustration you go through when your friends seem to ignore your advice or counsel. That is an encouragement to me, the fact you DO care. You must keep caring, stay in the Word, pray, love and serve your family, church family, your friends, and trust God for the results. You aren’t responsible for the results, He is. Obey Him in living and sharing the Gospel, and leave the results to Him. Yes, His plans are wonderful! I look forward, with great excitement, to seeing what He does in and through you!

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