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Mexico Approacheth

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10 days! TEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is starting to become real to me, I’m actually going to Mexico again! It’s almost time to start packing!

I’m so terribly excited about this trip. About the people, about the mission, about everything! I’m excited to be writing it, excited to have good pictures to show, and I’m most excited to have God work through me and the team to bless the people in Mexico. May we richly encourage and serve them in God’s perfect love!

I have been thinking about my role to document this trip. Besides reading books on writing and looking to apply them to my own writing, I have been praying that God would give me skill far surpassing my own, and a love that I haven’t had before. And while seeking to be a blessing to others, I already know that this trip will be a great blessing to me, as was on the last trip.

I’d ask that you continue to pray for me while I prepare and especially while I am down there. I know several of my blog readers are praying, and it encourages me beyond words. Thank you so much.

God has truly brought this trip together in a wonderful way. Funds have come in and expenses paid for.

We are still working to raise funds for theological libraries for the Christian Rehabilitation Centers that we will be visiting. For more information about that, click this link.

During the trip you can stay updated by visiting our Facebook page and blog.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayer. I am wonderfully blessed to be in the family of Christ, and I don’t take it for granted.


In Christ and His love,

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