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Sunflower Blogger Award

From Leah Bo-beah!

You know how the drill goes.

I give 11 facts about myself.

1.  When I was around 6 years old, my siblings gave me the nickname Sunflower.

2.  Right now I’m wearing a polka dot dress.

3.  I hope to get a job at the library someday.

4.  I can still do a “front handspring” sort of.

5.  I always cut my own hair.

6.  I’m not sure what else to say

7.  So I’ll just find something random, k?

8.  My favorite sections at the library are: writing, animals, drawing, and comics.

9.  I share two little black flip-phones with my siblings.

10.  And in public I like to show them off

11.  Jordan from Blimey Cow uses a flip-phone too. ;D

Okay, those were pretty bad. But moving on. Leah gave me some questions….

1.  Where is your most favorite place to be in the whole wide world? I have a few of those. One is my church building, but what makes it special are all the people there. I can’t say it is without beauty when everyone is gone, because it’s one place I can play piano to a large room, and it sounds like holiness itself. Another favorite place is down in the country at my grandparents’ place. It’s just full of memories, and it feels like a second home. And then I really enjoy Silver Birch Ranch, where our family has attended homeschool retreats. The scenery, the smells, the people, I don’t know. It’s just magical somehow.

2.  Early riser or night owl? Usually a night owl, but it depends on the season and the day and my plans for the day. In the summer it is easier to rise early and spend the morning outside with the cat, but also during November I’m up early. 🙂

3.  If you were to talk about a subject for an hour straight what would you pick? Eh, it depends on the person I’m having the conversation with. But if I have to talk about it for an hour, it’d better be something good. Perhaps what God has been doing in our lives and the lives of the people around us. It would be that or books, stories, and writing. 🙂

4.  What has God been teaching you this week? Well, that’s what the blog posts on my blog are about, everything God has been showing me. So you can go read them.

5.  If you were to create the “perfect atmosphere”, what would it be? There are probably several. But let me see: people I love. Things I love. Scenery I love. And all around love. How’s that?

6.  Last book you read. Ummm, the last book I completed was Pentecost-Today?

7.  And what personality do you jive best with? I don’t really know! But a few characteristics that I really like and respond to are: humility and graciousness to take what people say seriously, humor, responsiveness, and eye contact. I couldn’t really choose a personality that I go with. I have yet to find a personality I can’t get along with. 🙂


I will tag Haley and Payton now, just because I think they deserve a Sunflower Award. But I have no questions to ask, so just give us 11 random facts, or answer Leah’s questions. 🙂




5 thoughts on “Sunflower Blogger Award

  1. Hahahaha! Those facts are great! You sound like such a fun person, I wish I could meet you…. Maybe next year!
    Thank you for the award! 😀 😀

    • Really? Thanks. It was the best I could do. And yesterday Alexa proved that I could do a front handspring kind of. Haha. She videoed me.
      We do have to meet each other sometime.

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