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A Blog of My Own

Notice a difference to my blog? I’ve changed the title, design, and About Me page. In all honesty, “Aquamarine Dreams” was a whimsical, randomly chosen name that happened to fit a theme. I don’t know if it ever really matched the content. So what do you think now?

While I’m talking about my blog, I might as well mention that I’ve started another, The Music Corner, at elliectricjukebox.wordpress.com. It’s simply a place for my favorite music.

My blog, Serving as a Sender, has obviously fallen under. I don’t plan to continue it; I’ll probably delete it here soon.

To update you on my current life:

My grandma has talked with me about helping me take some creative writing courses at the Community College. So next fall, I would really like to either take one or more writing courses, or take prerequisites for an Associates in Creative Writing. How cool is that?

Dreaming about real writing courses motivates me as I finish school and start to plan my graduation. I really need to start seriously planning it out soon, because no one else is going to for me. 🙂

Besides that, I’ve been running to keep up with my cloudy and thick thoughts, usually trying to pull them back to the real world.

Overall, I am doing well. God is good. His grace is sufficient.



4 thoughts on “A Blog of My Own

  1. My only gripe with the new design is that default avatars are those boring quilt patterns instead of funny faces. How could you betray us like this. 😉 But I like the new look. You did a much better job redesigning your blog than Payton did for hers (sorry Payton!).

    I also like how your content has been getting more serious and less whimsical. Not that whimsicality is bad, it’s just now your whole blog seems more mature, I guess you could say. Which is good.

  2. Haha, I must say, I couldn’t suppress a little sigh as I got rid of those. But you have a gravatar, so why would you care! Haha.
    My interest in writing has matured, I suppose you could say. I’m more motivated to write seriously. Not to say I’m giving up all the whimsical writing.

  3. Awwww Ellie!! ^_^
    This post almost made me sad, but it was one of those happy sad type of feelings! It’s so crazy to hear (read) you sounding all grown up! Ah! But it is just life, we must grow up! And i’m happy that you are motivated and excited about it!!!! 🙂 ❤ I love you so much! HUGZ!!!!

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