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Describe Heaven

This post calls on my readers’ participation. I want to know what you think heaven will be like. I was given a writing prompt to “describe heaven” and after I was done, I was really curious as to what other people’s versions of “complete happiness in Christ” would be. Don’t use my description as a model. Just give me what you would first say when told, “Describe Heaven.”

Well heaven is certainly different than some silly things I hear. I will not be peering down on earth, watching the proceedings, and sending snow and blessings. I don’t even think I’ll notice the earth at all. No, I will be dancing! I will be dancing and singing and laughing and crying. Dancing with balloons for feet and wings for arms. Dancing with every ache and care gone. I’ll dance for the greatest reason there ever was the dance. I suppose it doesn’t get much better than dancing for Jesus. I can’t imagine anything better.

Happy New Year!

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11 thoughts on “Describe Heaven

  1. I remember John Piper said something about heaven that really struck me.
    He listed some of the reasons we look forward to going to heaven: No more pain, no more sadness, we’ll be reunited with loved ones, we’ll be living in a perfect and peaceful paradise, etc, etc… He pointed out that all of those are just bonus features of being in heaven. The main attraction, the real reason we should want to be there and why we’ll end up there, is God, and being united with Him.

    So if I were asked to describe heaven, the first thing I think of are streets of gold, rainbows, and the other parts of heaven’s physical appearance mentioned in the Bible. But more importantly, I think of God, and being united with Him. That’s what heaven will be, and I look forward to it with all my heart.

    On a less serious note, sometimes I imagine feasting in heaven, but then I remember that no death=no meat, and a feast with no meat… Yeah, that can’t be heaven.

  2. Great idea!! I love your description…I am sure there will be much dancing! Isn’t it wonderful that it will be “beyond what we can ask or think”?!!
    So this is what I think:
    Passing into heaven will be much like passing through a deep water…but then right after that I will feel a nail pierced hand, and see a glowing, smiling face. Jesus will whisper in my ear sweet words that only I am meant to hear. Then he will hold me to his chest and let me cry away all remembrances of pain and sorrow, then He will wipe away my tears and take me by the hand and lead me to the throne of His father. Then he will proclaim me his own in front of all the gathered saints, and there he will put a crown on my brow. He will smile at me as he ascends into his throne, and I will join with the throng in singing his praises. I won’t care to explore heaven’s vastness, but will be quite content to spend the endless ages gazing at my dear Savior, and singing to His name.
    There the light will be so brilliant ,seven times the light of day, and that light will blend everything so much together that the only clear thing, and the only thing I will want to see, is Jesus. Jesus enthroned, yet close and willing to be near me. Jesus, encircled by rainbows and angels, yet willing to have me take his hand and kiss it. Jesus, my Jesus. This is how I picture beautiful heaven!

  3. To lose oneself completely and totally and eternally in amazement and wonder at the infinity of righteousness and power and beauty and awesomeness and majesty and self-sacrificingness and glory and wisdom and knowledge and mercy and grace and Love and joy of God in His presence.

  4. Describe Heaven… The first thing I would say is that Heaven is Indescribably perfect. But since I ought to actually try and describe it, here goes:

    Pearly gates and streets of gold
    Wonderous holiness untold
    Filled with perfect angel song
    What reward for grace-found throng!
    The home where raptured saints are led
    With mansions for the souls earth-fled
    The dwelling place of Christ the King
    To Him ye people shout and sing!
    Where forgiven sinners finally sight
    Their savior’s face, the face of Christ
    No more sorrow, pain, or tears
    Worth all of life’s toiling years
    A resting place of joy and peace
    Eternally from sin released!

    Well, there is my pathetic attempt at describing glory. I love your description Ellie!!!!

  5. I did write it, although to me, it can never begin to show the slightest picture of what Heaven will be like. Heaven will be so indescribably glorious and perfect, that I could never accurately describe anything there. I suppose that all we can do is read the descriptions in the Bible and eagerly look forward to it.
    Ellie, I really appreciate what you said in your description, about how Heaven won’t be about the things people today make it out to be. People tend to talk about it as if we will continue to focus on all of the hobbies we enjoyed on earth, like playing baseball, golf, etc. but I believe that every soul will be singing and dancing in praise to Jesus! Who would want to be playing golf when they are in the presence of the Creator of the universe?!?!?
    Payton, your description was incredible, I was blown away by it. (in other words, there were tears in my eyes)
    Who knows Johnny, anything is possible with God, perhaps He has a no-death-needed meat!
    All of those descriptions were really wonderful, Ellie this was a great post!!!!

    One thing I have always wondered about is whether or not we will recognize our loved ones. If we do, we will also probably recognize that some of our loved ones aren’t there. To know that people we loved are in hell would bring lots of sorrow, but there is no sorrow in Heaven. Ellie, what are your thoughts on that? I have had that question ever since I was about six, right after I forgot about the “Who made God?” question. 🙂

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