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Gracie, my blessing

I find one thing on heart this Thanksgiving more than anything else. I’m thankful for my sister, Gracie.

_MG_1051 (copy)  Finding my baby sister standing before a sink with her mouth and hands full of blood was jolting. Even though she probably damaged nerves and she wasn’t in much pain, it looked awful. I just hate the sight of blood on someone I love, and the gaping flesh and broken tooth made it much worse. I knew it would be fine. I knew recovery was only a matter of time and money. I knew that all of her fears about having “something wrong” would soon be over, but my stomach still turned and after she had gone, while I was wiping blood off of the wall with a disinfectant wipe, I cried for no real reason. Gracie didn’t even cry through everything, just me.

We waited up late that night for my baby sister to come home, but she never did. Instead, my big girl walked in the door. Today we baby-talked while having leg wars and discussions about hamster wheels, but she isn’t a baby sister anymore, she’s my best friend.

_MG_8743 (copy)

I don’t know what our family would do without you, Gracie. Thank you God for my sister.

With all my love,

Electric Bubbles


2 thoughts on “Gracie, my blessing

  1. This is so sweet! I’m very glad she’s alright. That must have been so hard!
    I know exactly what you went through, except my dear little sister Gracie was burned. (2nd degree on the chest) That was a while back, but I remember her screaming as she was taken to the E.R. And the thoughts that went through my mind when the doctors said she would be deformed. Praise the Lord he healed her and there is not even a scar!
    Thank you for writing this post…it reminds me to be So grateful for my darling little sister…What a dear thing to be called to this role!
    Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!

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