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Why the Rain?


Maybe it takes cats to teach us that going to our master is the best refuge from the storm. Other hiding places will betray and kill us.

When Kitty Jackson was quite younger than she is now, she took refuge in sewers and storm drains when scared by a dog or a child. Even when rain came, she ran to the sewer to escape, until one spring storm nearly drown her. We saw the yard flooding and the rain coming down in torrents and poked our head outside to call her. Her pitiful screams were coming from the storm drain where buckets of water were being poured on her.

It was through much persuasion that she finally jumped through the water, into the arms of her people, who dried, cleaned, and held her. After that, she never went to the storm drain during rain.

Moecat Jackson also had a frightful storm experience, though we only saw the aftermath. The morning after a night of strong wind and rain, he climbed pitifully up to our deck, covered with mud, water, leaves, and pine needles. His meow told his misery as plain as if he could talk. Who knows what a miserable night he spent, but when I sat down, he didn’t hesitate to climb onto my lap and tuck his head into my house robe. He fell asleep soon and was thereafter dubbed “My baby.”

Today it rained as well, but he didn’t wait to get soaked and miserable. He meowed on the deck until I came out and held him. He pushed himself against me and the closer he got, the tighter I could hold him, and the more I could kiss his furry head. We both greatly enjoyed it, and I got it into my head that rain must be a good thing, since it sent him straight into my arms where he, and I, were most happy.

God sends rain, not to make us miserable, but so we can call to Him, climb onto His lap, and let Him keep us dry and warm.

In fact, “Abba” is the cry of a child in need, “Abba, Daddy, hold me!” And that is the word we are given to cry to God in our distress.

Daddy, Father, Savior, Creator of the cosmos. He does not only invite us to intimacy with Him, but He sends rain so that we must continually run into His arms.

That is why we give thanks in all things, for all things.

And our master won’t go back inside when His feet get cold.


Yours truly,

Electric Bubbles

6 thoughts on “Why the Rain?

  1. Wow!

    Absolutely top drawer!

    I hope you don’t mind; I’ve shared it on another site, crediting “a young friend”.

      • Well, I might need to apologize, actually.

        When I posted it, I deliberately left your name and location out of it (I thought you deserved at least a little privacy), but one of the denizens apparently googled the content, and posted a link (not to the blog post, but to your about page).

        If things get creepy, I apologize in advance. That was never my intent.

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