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Journal on the past few days

Leading up to the wedding I was in a state of numbness. I got excited, but not emotional. Which was good! Otherwise I couldn’t have survived! But I stopped to just think—wait, my brother is getting married—and at those times I was absolutely astounded. It is so bizarre, but so natural that Billy and Sarah should be joined. I still can’t believe it!

Glimpses into my journal: (Don’t ask who I’m talking to, that’s just how I journal.)

October 12th 2013 At the reception hall in the van

Tomorrow? You’ve got to be kidding. Tomorrow Billy is getting married? My brother Billy? That’s a good one! My brother kissing? Incredible.

But I tell you what, if it was anyone but Sarah I wouldn’t believe you. If it was anyone but him I could never believe Sarah was getting married.

My brother hugging someone? Yes, my brother.

My brother kissing someone?

Yes, tomorrow he will give his first kiss to his first and only girl.

My brother a husband?

You better believe it!

If that doesn’t beat all….

October 13th 2013 on the sofa

Whoa! You have got to be kidding. For serious? My brother is getting married!

Maybe my body understands that if I could comprehend it all I would bust, so it won’t let me comprehend it, hopefully until I am alone.

This is incredible.

(At their graduation)

October 14th 2013 on the floor by the bed

It is done. It has really happened. I have a new sister. She was absolutely, without a doubt, the most beautiful bride I have ever seen or ever will see. She was absolutely radiant. Billy was by far, without a doubt, the handsomest groom I have ever seen or ever will see (save mine, if/when he comes!). He looked so much better in a brown vest and pirate boots than he ever would have in a suit or tux. Even his curly hair looked right for the day. I got a little shiver as Billy leaved over to kiss Sarah and when he picked her up to carry her up the aisle, it was all I could do not to cry!

Sarah, Billy, God bless you! October 13th 2013 rivals for the best day of my life!

Congratulations Billy and Sarah Jackson!

For serious!

Electric Bubbles

7 thoughts on “Journal on the past few days

  1. That is one strong brother you’ve got there. Did you see how high he picked me up after I challenged him? =’D

  2. “Twoo love” That is soo sweet!
    Awe, how beautiful! YOU have to put more pictures of the wedding on here!!!!^_^

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