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I haven’t been blogging….

Dear Blog readers,

I am most sincerely sorry to have left you for so long. This has been the longest absence since the blog began—which is a few months shy of two years ago. 🙂 I was going to review a portrait drawing course which I am extremely disappointed to say, I have not yet found the time to complete.

In July I transitioned into Chapter 17 of my life, which is a whole new experience so far. In this chapter I have realized and appreciated the drama-less-ness of my life at home. I realized that simple things we enjoy in our home, others would not enjoy simply because they are used to living it up. We enjoy things like, eating around the table together, Bible reading in the morning, family time in the evening, petting the cats, etc. Today Jimmy was running around with a pirate sword and recruited me as his crew member, or “matey”. I played the double agent, twice coaxing him to the window outside only to drench him with water, and leading him in the other boys’ traps—ah my stars! We had so much fun! Jimmy was loving every moment of it, even getting locked into the broom closet until I “rescued” him!

Things haven’t been simple lately though, and that’s not always a bad thing. Yesterday was one of the best days of my life! Myself with Mom, Ruthie, Gennie, Gracie, Savannah and Mrs. Weber met my future sister-in-law with Kim at the Arch and surprised her, put a “Bride to be” crown on her head and kidnapped her off to the City Museum. City MuseumThere I climbed through holes I never thought I would fit through, to heights I never thought I would go, and dropped down slides into the floors, and AH! It was such fun! We jumped in ball pits, climbed wire cages and towers to airplanes and slides, walked across a log over water, slid down a 10 story slide and after that—went over to Oishi for a Japanese dinner! It began with a fa-WOOM of fire and continued happily from there. Photo: City museumAfter that we sat around a table with milkshakes and got to just talk about the day, about the wedding day, about everything.

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. Tonight is the Equipping for Billy and Sarah. Next week—the Church’s family camp! And the week after that…well, let’s just hope I survive that day. It will be a time I never forget.

For these reasons and more, I am afraid I may not get back to blogging for awhile. When I do, I may take it slower and take a new focus for my blog, and perhaps starting another small blog. I would not mind feedback on which blog posts you have enjoyed most and would like to see more. (Strange enough, the blog posts I enjoy most rarely get hits. :))

For now, I may not be around again until November or so. I hope to be in NaNoWriMo then, but there is a possibility I might not. We will have to wait and see.

Thank you for being so patient. ^_^



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