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Silver Birch Ranch

It took forever and two days to get to Silver Birch Ranch. I slept for hours, read “The Great Divorce”, tried to beat the Perplexus, and we counted 3,000 Semi trucks on the highway. Then we arrived!

The first thing I did at SBR was take a deep breath. The second was the grab the camera. The third was to set it down. As determined as I had been to record this trip, I realized immediately that I never could. I did take pictures and Gennie did too, but they only show you what a very small portion looked like, not what it really was. It can’t really show the smiles you got at every turn, and that familiar feeling of knowing everyone, and all the billions of jokes I laughed at.

There were 6 particular highlights of the trip for me. At the end of them are a few random pictures of it all.

  1. Canoeing every morning. Out to the island by 6:30 and around a fire. Magical times! Fog off the lake, the trees starting to glow, the water reflecting the sunrise. Priceless.
  2. Volleyball every evening. Speed volleyball! With everyone late into the night. Around that time—EVERYTHING is funny! (And there were no pictures, I was too busy!)
  3. Family Specials Night. We had poetry, “The Three Little Pigs” in Old English, and even a 2 year old singer! Also, I played and sang the song, “In the Night” by Andrew Peterson and I didn’t completely embarrass myself, but I was still quite nervous.
  4. Finishing a ping pong game that a started 2 years ago. Hilarious, and now I can tell my children I played a ping pong game that lasted two years.
  5. Larry Guthrie’s stories. He is the best story teller I’ve ever heard. He really drives home Biblical points in ways you never forget. I was overwhelmed by the sovereignty of God in his life.
  6. And my favorite part was, without hesitation, the people I was reunited with and the people I met. I got to talk to a missionary pilot who will be going to Indonesia and his wife, to the awesome parents of an adorable little boy with down syndrome, to good friends I feared I would not see at all, and I got to know well people I had never seen before!

that’s my crazy brother on the zipline! Just to make mention here, I went upsidedown on the zipline too, but the picture was not too flattering. I’m telling you people, upsidedown is the best way to do it!

All Homeschoolers! Come next year! You will not regret it!



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