The Past Week

I have been under a load of to dos and don’t likes and regrets and should have beens. I’ve been trying to write, really, but I haven’t much, since my dad’s laptop broke. I lowered my wordcount back to 50,000 words. *shrug* This month is not the month for 100,000.

I’ve learned a lot about God’s grace. Mainly in my weakness. When at night (like now) I am plagued with my sin and selfishness, he reminds me, you have another day. I’ll help you through.

It’s not really something I can explain, but it is a feeling of rest and knowing that God’s love will not be removed. If it COULD be removed, then I would immediately despair, but God is faithful. His grace is sufficient. I hear that so often at my church, folks testifying that God is faithful and His grace is sufficient, but oh, there is nothing like feeling it close to home. Try to remember the last time you were assured that God is faithful. Dwell in that.


I’ll try to recap what I have been doing, without spilling all my woes upon you. I have been training for the Psalm 67 Missions Network. It is going great! Last night–well tonight, since I’m up at midnight–our meeting covered so many things it was overwhelming but very good. We were given a set group of contacts, each a different state, and with the letters we have, we will be sending pre-call, introduction letters about Psalm 67. Also I have taken over the task of Communications Coordinator, and so far, I’m loving it.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Blogger–are now all being manned, mainly by me. Since I just took over I have not done much by way of posting so far, but I have my calendar set up to know when I’ll be posting what, and that is nice to have.

Besides writing and Psalm 67 training, I turned 17, and if this doesn’t sound too weird, there’s been stress along with that, plus my buddies around me are turning a year older all at the same time, it seems. I’ve had to re-look at my life and honestly admit that God must work in my life for me.

I met some old friends again, not by accident. When I was–oh, 9-14 or so, this family was my second family. In the past few years, their girl and I separated paths. I was saved, she wasn’t, and our interests diverged. They moved away and then moved back, and I finally found time to go visit again. I walked in the door, and my second mom of long ago saw me and immediately began crying on me. I found out about all that had happened since I had been away, very, very, very hard things. They could use all your prayers. I will be visiting them today, if they are home, and hopefully seeing their girl for the first time.

So now that I’ve taken the time to write this post, I should probably get some sleep if I can. Maybe it was that snowcone that is keeping me awake. =P It was a Rock n Roll snowcone….Ah, but I should go back to bed.


G’Night peeps


Electric Bubbles

8 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. Thanks for writing this, Ellie. It’s so encouraging… just what I needed. I’m going through a time when I’m realizing that God’s grace is sufficient for me in my weaknesses. Anyway, thanks and God bless you!

  2. OH Ellie! I love you so much honey! I’m so glad you have found where to rest in God’s grace. I can sympathize with the worries and stress of growing older! *sigh* With Dars now gone, I’m the oldest at home,…and that takes on a whole new meaning for me….Life’s not easy girl…but when your focus is on our Lord and Saviour…You have nothing to worry or fear!
    Love you tons and bunches!
    Always & forever!

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