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It is a hard and strange feeling to try and convince yourself that the person you saw just a few days ago is actually dead.

Jason Moslander and his wife with two small children have been raising support to train and go to the mission field as long term missionaries. Just a few weeks ago they told us excitedly about their plans and the logistics. Elliot was climbing all over his daddy, pulling Jason’s face and shirt as violently as a baby can and Jason tried to keep Elliots fast tongue from moving. Grace laughed at them both. Stephanie added information while holding Grace on her lap. When they showed us a video of their work and samples of the language, I felt myself excited in a way I can’t really explain. Being trained for the Psalm 67 Missions Network, I grew more excited to think about helping this family raise their support and then to keep in contact with them. I saw the Lord working in them and was enthralled. But in a sentence or two I am told this man is dead. Dead very suddenly. So that wasn’t His plans, to send this family as missionaries? The world feels like it is reeling as I try to comprehend all of this–what Stephanie is now going through, what Grace and Elliot will never have, and what plans I thought were from God have fallen apart.

This can hardly be a comforting post so far, especially as I think about the shortness of life, how fleeting and uncertain. I would have thought that if God would keep any man alive on this earth, surely it would have been Jason who had such a heart to preach His word in one of the most dangerous places. Honestly, I don’t even know what killed Jason yet. It just goes to show the uncertainty and unexpectancy of life. But we do have a comfort, even when words cannot express our sorrow. Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ.

If we did not have Christ, where would we go? If we did not have the promises of God, what would we cling to? But we can pray for our sister and be encouraged in the word. God’s plans are established before the foundation of the world. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and His ways higher than our ways. He who began a good work in us will bring it on to completion. His grace is sufficient and His mercies are new every morning.

Great is Thy faithfulness

With tears,

Electric Bubbles

5 thoughts on “Unexpectancy

  1. Oh, Ellie! My young friend. You think you see tattered pieces, loosed ropes and threads hanging all about, but God’s plans are NEVER unbound!

    Trace this down through the years! Keep watch upon it, and you will see His plans for what they really are!

    I know it’s hard. I didn’t know Jason very well, and I certainly don’t remember Stephanie. But I know our Father! God’s plans are NEVER unbound! You watch and see! Now, you have an adventure to walkan adventure in God’s grace! See how He will move!

    Do you remember the missionaries that were killed by arrow and spear in South America? Do you remember how the doors to the hearts of that tribe were pried loose for God, the whole tribe being rescued into salvation?

    See how He will move!

    Grieve for your loss (though you WILL see him again!), and uphold and support the family, but know this: God is not finished! See how He will move!

  2. Well said, Ellie. A painful reminder of our friend who we won’t see again until eternity, but wonderful encouraging promises from the Lord.

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