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A Bit of Blogging

If you haven’t noticed, I changed the background of my blog again. And again, whattcha think? I won’t make a poll this time, just comment and tell me. I haven’t changed my wordpress theme since I began a year ago, but tell me if I should consider it. There’s a new Chalkboard theme that I like, I might have to show it to you.

Besides that———-I’M KILLING MYSELF!

You remember in my Brilliancy post, I’m not planning my novel this week, not until my scheduled appointment with a pen pal on Sunday when I’ll split a vein and let the synopsis bleed out. (My mom and sister donated blood today….) I was pretty good with that….but Alexa was pestering me Tuesday, and I leaked a little. That was okay. But today, I’m almost breaking.

See, here’s my plan during NaNoWriMo:

Write early in the morning until breakfast, participating in word wars and the fun stuff
Do school, chores, etc.
In the afternoon I’ll dig back into what I wrote in the morning (provided the word count has been reached) and revise, edit, and try to make presentable.
And print the day’s writing out. After one more read-through, I’ll leave it on the coffee table for my family to read and make notes on.

The part that kills me is the whole, new, still in the packaging, stack of copy paper my mother graciously picked up for me today. Really guys–it’s hard! The paper is so pure and white, the picture on it so lovely–my arms seriously twitch when I think about filling up the pages. AH!





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8 thoughts on “A Bit of Blogging

  1. I love the new background, I personally like it better than your other one. As for writing…I don’t want to talk about it. I have a cold and that muddles up my already muddled brain even more! So we’ll see what even happens… I KNOW you’ll do great, you are a writer, I never have claimed to be. I really don’t even consider it a hobby of mine, it’s just something I do. It seems that it is not that way in your case though, and that’s a REALLY good thing! How much you are thinking about your novel means that it will be amazing I’m sure. I can’t remember where I was going, or what I was trying to say…I do ramble on so when I have a cold!
    I would prefer if you didn’t kill yourself, I have never gotten to meet you, and it would be a shame if you died before I ever do get to meet you. 🙂

    • Payton! You are alarming me with all this talk. You think I had plans my first year? It took awhile for me to realized I ought to outline, I just had a vague idea and wrote. (I don’t show that draft to anyone.)
      Truthfully, Payton, get two or three characters with names and places and just write. Write. It might be the three week before you finally realize where your story is going, but your reader one day may be as pleasantly surprised as you. I talk about readers, but for now, just write for yourself. Nothing is as fun.
      And thanks! I like the background too.

  2. The new background isn’t bad (though it is a huge change), but… Call me crazy, but it doesn’t quite fit with the whole “Aquamarine” thing.

    I still don’t get why you’re stifling your creativity, though. I’ve been thinking about/working on my novel on and off since November, and I’m not tired of it. In fact, I’m glad I’ve spent so much time thinking about it and outlining it, because it’s so much more ready than it would be had I only outlined it for, say, a week or two.

    Oh man, I can totally relate to the part about the stack of papers. I cannot stand to see a perfectly white sheet of paper, or even a whiteboard or yard full of snow (that’s a C&H reference, BTW) without leaving my mark of creativity (or lack thereof) upon it.

    • Crazy!
      Yeah, I kind of regret naming the blog after a color as it’s restricted my ever changing preferences, but I’ve wanted a parchment look for quite awhile. I added the flowers at the bottom just for the blue tint..

      Stifling creativity? Well, I just know my tendency to loose that first surge of excitement. The final synopsis, I know, will give me that great big push at the beginning, and with only a week, it shouldn’t have time to wear off before I start writing full spead. That’s why. Btw, Chris Baty suggests one week of planning and research–and he started NaNoWriMo! I’ve spent a lot of time already, though. Months, maybe even years. I’ve had the idea for a long time. If I come up with a great idea for my story, I’ll write it down and save it, I’m just not writing the synopsis….that’s all. *sigh*
      Truth be told, if you talk a little longer I’m about to cave and just write the thing. Only two more days! I didn’t realize it was almost over. *happy sigh*

      • Whatever floats your NaNo boat. Personally, I just don’t seem to get tired of thinking about or outlining my novel. In fact, that’s my favorite part… it’s getting started on writing the actual thing that I have trouble with.

        Okay! I’ll shut up now, we wouldn’t want you to cave. I don’t like caves. They’re scary.

        • Planning is one of my favorite parts too, though I enjoy the rest of it as well. (I’ll have to use that expression sometime, btw) I just didn’t want to run the risk–see I’ve already fleshed out so much of my story–there isn’t much else to do. As long as I could keep going, that’d be fine, I just don’t think I can plan much farther than my synopsis. I’ve done a lot. haha. A lot!
          I like caves. Took a tour in one once and it was amazing. I just don’t like the action of caving!

  3. Haha! The other one kinda drove my mind crazy. Please… DONT die before grace camp…..the you can die, but revive again before next year!

    • Aww, I liked the other one, but I’m glad your mind isn’t getting crazier–I don’t know how much crazy Grace we can all handle!

      If I make it until April 1st, I’ll make it until April 30th, so you’re safe. I just have to make it to April 1st……..10 days………get out the timer……..

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