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A Request for Stories

In my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, my MC, Lassie Alder, is working with her friend Silvia to help (mainly) black orphans in the city to get to the home/school in the country. They find sponsors to support the children and send them by train to this home specifically established for them. The time period is right before the Civil War, and the place around Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts. Though these kids are free, they have no rights, schools and orphanages are not open for them, but also, there are no adoption laws. (Helpful.)

The children are very important to Lassie, even the girls, who won’t receive education (though maybe some on the side) but at least a home. Also, there’s a a lot of room to write about the children in my story, and since they are important to Lassie, it seems they should be important to the story. However, I only know about the first child, and even his story isn’t very detailed.

So here’s the project: come up with a legitimate and touching story for these children that I can use in the story. Each one needs a history. Who were their parents? Who raised them? Were they slaves? If so, when did they escape? How was this child orphaned? For how long? How did they get to where Lassie, Silvia, and others can find them? Of course, they also need negro-1850 first names, appearance, age, personality, etc. I thought I’d ask y’all if you had any ideas, if you want to give me suggestions or come up with a child for me. Just a few will do, and up to 10 can probably go in the story.

Note: if you give me stories, ideas, suggestions–I will most likely tweak, twist, and use in my story. If you don’t want to give me permission–don’t give it to me at all.

Yours Truly

Electric Bubbles

P.S. I know, I know, all I can talk about is Camp NaNoWriMo, but truly, I will share the rest of that series by Payton sometime.

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