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I’ve been awful at not planning. Any of my writing/email buddies can tell you. Heh heh. Especially while kneading bread. There’s no better time for planning stories than while kneading bread. I’d advise everyone to find a systematic action to do while planning.  It could be washing dishes, folding laundry, knitting, filing nails, Spider Solitaire, weeding a garden, etc. I use them all, I just find kneading bread most effective.

So, since I’ve given up every resolution of not planning my novel, including all those character sheets, but not including the long synopsis–I’ve decided to keep hard core planning in my mind until a week before the week before April. So come March 17th–all thoughts restricted–and come March 24th–the flood breaks and I finally write that synopsis!

I got only a week to write my synopsis. Ah! And I want to include–include— everything! That means tone, characters, setting, one quote, ah so much.

So that’s my brilliant plan, you can keep me to it.

More to do with Camp NaNoWriMo, since I can’t help myself. I made a calendar with some writing quotes. With this calendar you can mark you progress, keep record of your word count. And it’s just cool to have a calendar. I was gonna put the wordcount you need to have each day, but now for Camp they have a nifty feature to change your word goal. 

I love comments! Please tell me what you think.

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