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Billy Bob’s Bottle and Caps

The game starts like so

a set up

To start the game, the active player pounds, smacks, or taps one bottle cap. (The caps must be touching for this to work)

b start

If all three of the bottle caps are behind the line after you hit it, you may restart, but if one is touching, you must go on as follows.

c move

To move, strike one of the bottle caps. 2 rules, it must be a strike (not a scoop or push, flicking works too) and it must go between the other two bottle caps.

d moves

Keep striking the bottle caps, working your way down to the bottles at the end of the table.  Remember, the bottle caps must go through each other! If they don’t, your turn is over.

e point

Points! When you get to the end of the table, hit the bottle cap through the triangle of bottles (through the other bottle caps of course) and you get a point! Your goal is to get all of them through the bottles.

f lose

Example of a false move, if the bottle cap doesn’t go far enough, you lose your turn and the next person begins from the starting line. Keep track of the points you get each round. When it is not your turn, you must dry the dishes–that just how it goes!

g second set up

This is the thing about the setup I didn’t mention. Inside the triangle of bottles, there is a second triangle. If! you get all three bottle caps through the first triangle, you may aim to get them through the second, each cap earning 4 points. If! you get them all through the second triangle, you go on to a second round, this time with the bottle caps upside down, the first triangle equaling 8 points a cap, the second–man I don’t know if anyone has gotten there, but I suppose 12 points. Or maybe 20.

Additional notes: You may not hit the same bottle cap twice. Even if the bottle cap hits a bottle and goes right back to the same spot, you must hit another one. You may go backwards to get out of a tricky situation. If you get a cap through the second triangle before all three are through the first, the point for the second triangle doesn’t count. Once you get all three through the first triangle, the point counts. If the bottle cap falls off the table, you are not out! The cap is placed on the table where it fell off, but you may not hit it again. You may hit the other two, but not the cap that was knocked off the table. If it is already through the triangle, that’s not a problem. 😉

And of course, the game is named after my brother, the maker and referee. Thank ya Billy!


-Electric Bubbles

P.S. I think some variations will be tried soon, time limits for moves, different bottle arrangements, obstacles, etc.

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