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Changes and changes

Would you believe that Tuesday I was walking to the library in 70 degree weather and sweating, but Wednesday we got heavy flurries and I was freezing my toes off inside. That’s just Missouri, but the truth is life! You don’t really know where God is leading. It seems every time I tell myself I’m on top of things, God spins the world again. Yet how comforting to know he is in control! In fact, he planned every single detail from the beginning of the world. He knows exactly where I am going.

I recently met a really awesome young lady who is suffering from debilitating pain. She started treatment four weeks ago, but she has been told she will battle her problems for the rest of her life, and may not be able to run again. Talking with her was extremely encouraging as we shared life stories and what she’s been dealing with. She told me that she knew before her health problems, she had planned to get married, to have children, to teach children–but now, What are you doing, God? She doesn’t know! She doesn’t know why God is putting her through this or what she will be doing the rest of her life–but she does know he planned it all out. She does know is working things for her good. And she does know he loves her.

It could be called, “The art of losing control.” Not meaning we get rid of self control, don’t act prudently, and give ourselves over to fate–but we give ourselves over to God! We surrender our lives to him! He knows where we are going! I myself struggle with wondering where I am going, because I haven’t felt any real strong callings in live, music and writing being the closest thing, and some times I just grow frustrated, like God doesn’t know what I will be doing the rest of my life. So, what will I be doing? I don’t know! But I know that he knows and has it planned out. I know he works all things for my good. And I know he loves me.

What a comfort! That’s what I’ve been thinking about.


-Electric Bubbles

29 thoughts on “Changes and changes

  1. Wow! How horrible. I had no idea Haley had debilitating pain. I will pray for her. God will work things out!
    Yeah, the weather this weak has been weird. Monday it was so nice we had a picnic lunch outside. Tuesday we had tornado warnings, apparently bc of the cold front, because then we got snow too!

                • Wwellllll Ellie haha there is this awesome contraption called a phone
                  With internt access lol! And i cannot email..but as u can see i am very able to leave comments! ^_^

                • Oh! ^_^ I’ve missed you so much! Have you gotten my letter? Ooh, I’ve been dying to talk with you. You coudl get a gmail so you can email! But comments are better than nothing. *hug* I’m so excited to hear from you.
                  I was so hoping you could come to the dances! Last night, haha, we had a big Ninja contest during the break, only it was boys against girls. There was a big line of girls in a row, so we all would move like a wave. It looked so cool! We would surround boys and kill em! And girls won! Both times!
                  Meghan wasn’t there =( she ran off to the dance Jeremy was calling, but I’ll see her hopefully in two weeks, and again the week after that.
                  We’ll be hosting dances though, I don’t think we’ll stop that, so in the future, you guys have to come to at least one! Hopefully.
                  This is a long comment. I just wanna talk to you!
                  Love you! From the very bottom of my heart.

                • Oh Ellie! I have and am missing u and everyone 🙂 But i am so happy to be able to be here and help yesterday marked my 5 weeks of being here! But it really doesn’t feel like it has been that long! If it is at all in my power i am determined to see u with my very own eyes this year! I don’t know how but God willing i will find a way! Haha i would seriously think about a gmail account if this was my phone but it’s not! Lol sounds like the dances were loads of fun you’ll have to tell me all about it sometime! Haha i am glad we r able to talk even if it is only thru commenting but yes tis better than nothing haha! Well dear i haven’t gotten ur letter yet but i am looking forward to it most anxiously ^_^
                  But ah!!! I must go! Ttyl!
                  Lots’n’lots of love!

                • Ooh, when you get my letter, send a hasty and lengthy reply! If you can’t do both, do hasty!
                  The dances have been great. We’re hosting another this Friday and hoping it all goes well. I don’t know but that I might play one of the dances on my tin whistle. ^_^ I want to play the Joe Cooley’s Reel. It’s an awesome song! And I think my dad will be playing guitar with me. Not sure if we’re doing it this Friday or the next dance we host.
                  I just got back from babysitting 9 kids for two hours. Ah! I’m so tired and my back is out of wack, but those kids–I’ll have to tell you about them in my next letter. They’re sweet. Luckas, the deaf boy, and his family aren’t coming anymore, sadly.
                  These comments are turning into letters!
                  I’m getting ready for Camp! I told you all about my story idea in the letter, in fact, I sent you the first scene. Tell me all you think about it!

                  ❤ always

                • Ok Ellie i got ur letter and wrote u a lengthy reply haha! And it’s goin out to u today! Oh and mom and dad said i could get a laptop and Gmail ^_^ soooo yay i will have that soon! And u’ll have to get me everyone’s emails so i can chat! Whupeeeererer! Haha! Luv u TTYL!
                  Leah!!!!! ^_^

  2. Ellie i miss u like super crazy! *ugggh* i wish i could’ve made
    It to one of those dances! But God had/has other plans
    For me for the time being!! Soo i will not complain!
    So I’m dying to know if u have met Meggy yet! I miss
    Her awfully bad tooooo!
    Well g2g love u dearie!
    Leah Mays

    • I saw Meggy! I call her “dear” too! Oh, Leah, I miss you sooooo much! *hug* I’m writing you a letter just wait! Haley got me your address. I’ll get it written soon! haha
      Until then, LOVE YOU!

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