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Writer’s Block, the cause and the cure

I’ve been through a writer’s block lately. It’s depressing! Not where your fingers freeze and you aren’t sure how to word a sentence, that’s not writer’s block,  it’s when after weeks you can’t find another story plot, you feel like you’ve lost the noveling touch (if you ever had it)….yes, depressing. That’s why “how to” writing books are helpful. Writing Fiction for Dummies enlightened me to the fact that writers block is when you are in creative mode and editing mode at the same time. Don’t do it!

That makes sense, because during the writer’s block, I was telling myself, “This time, I want to write a good novel! Get it right!” Yep, that’s why I ditched every novel idea, found plot holes in all the plots I came across, and waited anxiously for that zap of brilliance. As Chris Baty would be happy to tell you, they don’t happen. In a final fit of frustration I decided to settle for a less than perfect plot, JUST SO I COULD WRITE SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Haha, amazing how quickly I found an old story idea in a notebook, a great one! And remembered my list of WCH’s which surprised me with their diversity, and reviewed my old, saved brainstorming sessions, and acknowledged ideas that had been suppressed earlier, it was great! I’ve got ideas coming again and I’m ready to write them. Also, I found the beginning of a super exciting story that I began earlier, now with ENDLESS possibilities!!!! I can hardly wait to see what happens. Really, anything could happen to it, and it’s really exciting and neat.

I felt like giving you some enlightenment, you can’t have a good novel without a first draft, so get the first draft, then get the good novel.

I’ve recently checked out from the library, Novel Metamorphosis by Darcy Pattison. I haven’t gotten through the whole thing, but it has NaNoWriMo right there on the back cover, and the way she talks about “revisioning” your novel–I have good feelings about the book. I’ll write a review when I’m done!


-Electric Bubbles

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