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Writing Vow

I picked up Writing Fiction for Dummies from the library. I used to have a phobia for Dummies books, because my dad tried to read them to us a long while ago. Let me tell you now! Reading Dummies books out loud doesn’t work! But if you can have lists and charts and exercises, it is actually very enjoyable and fun. I love lists. So I’m working through the WHOLE thing, not skipping around, and I’m going to attempt to write a hardcore novel.

The book started with writing the following vow:

I’m going to write a novel and get it published. I’m going to do it because writing a novel is worthwhile and because I have the talent to do it. I’m going to do it because I have something important to say to the world. I refuse to let anything get in my way.

After I finished typing it out in my notes, I was like, “No, that’s not right. I’m writing my own statement of writing.” Here’s mine.

I am going to write a novel and get it published. I am going to write because I want to influence the world in ways that glorify God. I believe God has given me the talent to do this and will keep writing unless he tells me not to. I vow to honor God in everything I write, putting his themes and truths into fiction stories. I vow to pray before every writing session, search my writing for untruths, and use God’s word as standard. I will lean on him throughout the process, asking him for guidance and insight.
Signed L.E.Jackson
Dated Monday January 14th 2013

I hope to get it written and on my bedroom wall soon.

And off of the spiritual side of writing, I got a NaNoWriMo t-shirt for Christmas! I just had to show it to you.

_MG_2905Whee! I’m happy about it. haha.

Okay, Chair!



-Electric Bubbles


12 thoughts on “Writing Vow

  1. I was going to ask you what kind of photo editing software you use, but not everyone is in on our jokes so it might have looked mean. But hey, no acne!

  2. Well thanks, I hope my writings are a light reflecting God brilliant light.
    Hey! That sounds familiar. I wouldn’t give up. I love writing! You want to try to share a cabin?
    I was thinking about spreading the nano disease to more friends too!

    • Definitely! I believe I’ve already added you to my list. I’ll double-check.
      haha, you can never spread it enough. I’m still spreading it-got another person going for it next time, she already signed up. 😉

  3. Oh great! I agree, but it’s hard sometimes. People are just too healthy these days!jk Who is the other person? My friend Hannah might, but I don’t know if she will. She might not be crazy enough.
    Are you going dancing tonight?! We might but some people would rather go to the home school ice skate tomorrow. So we shall see…it would be awesome to see you again!!!!

    • =P Nice of you to remind me! hee hee, there’s one of those quotes, “You think you’re crazy–I’M doing Nanowrimo!”
      Yeah, I wish I could’ve gone ice skating so bad! But as you saw, the Mays were there without Leah anywho. I miss ice skating!
      We are going dancing every Friday night, except for Presidents day when they are having he President’s Ball at the Monday Club (yes, on Friday still). At the Monday Club, it’s 10 dollars a person, 20 dollars a family. Yep! BTW, you should visit RP again soon.

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