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Unity, a blessing in Mexico

I mentioned that it was difficult, not being able to understand them, but that didn’t stop us from being friends. Pastor Candido, Hermana Sarah, Hermana Elizabeth, and all the others, they blessed us so much! And they couldn’t speak a lick of English. Before the week was over we had picked up on each other’s languages just a bit, they could ask if I needed a fork, we could tell them the food was amazing, and we could laugh with each other plenty.

Two times in particular did I feel closest and like family, that is right before meals and in the evening.

Before meals, Pastor Candido would bring out his guitar and lead us in Spanish songs. We got better until we could sing them in rounds. Our main song was about Jesus coming back, and when we sang I was just thrilled, thinking about worshiping Jesus with these people.

1. //Es mi Salvador eternal
Cristo viene otra vez//

(Is my salvation eternal, Christ is coming again)

Viene, viene, viene otra vez

(Coming, coming, coming again)

2. //Con el son de la trumpeta
Cristo viene otra vez//

(With the sound of the trumpet, Christ is coming again)

Viene, viene, viene otra vez

3. //Y seremos como el es
Cristo viene otra vez//

(And we will be like he is, Christ is coming again)

Viene, viene, viene otra vez

I’ll try to find a video of us singing for you. Right before we left, early in the morning, the rain and wind freezing cold, we sang again together and now every time I think of the song or hear it I think of that time. I almost cried then. I loved these people! They were family! We all loved Jesus! Nothing is more binding than the love of Christ.

And the other time we felt like family was not worshiping, but acting like siblings in every way. We would gather in the kitchen, staying up late, and teach each other games. Ooga Booga! Ultimate Trashcan! Who Feeds More! The Cup Game! And I don’t know what they called all their games, but it was fun. We laughed so much! I have recordings of us laughing. It’s hilarious.


Sarah, Abdiel, and Gennie–laugh!


Who feeds more, unfortunately I got in the picture. This game was hilarious. That’s Craig and Sarah trying to feed each other peanuts. Poor Sarah.


This was an animal game. We are acting like Sarah acting like an elephant.


Hermano Hugo visited from Mission Texas and played Ooga Booga.

Aaron led him through it.

TheRest-114 TheRest-113

That’s not the church, that’s us sisters. Sarah and I. We’re wearing the hair bows that Hermana Ely gave to us.
TheRest-96That’s us and the church.

That is us and the church again on Sunday morning. I’m there on the left. TheRest-85

Russ is just super friendly. They had fun with him. TheRest-82

Ismael and Rick played violin and guitar while I played keyboard just outside the frame of this picture. One funny story about that….Hermano Candido had been messing with the keyboard before I got on and forgot to put it back to its original state. So, I started playing–and this funky rock beat started playing VERY loudly. haha! I like jumped and pressed the stop button. Ismael was laughing hard, Aaron too, and everyone else for that matter, myself included. I was afraid to start playing again. I didn’t know how to change setting on it. I couldn’t turn the keyboard off and on, because if it is amplified it makes a big BOOM when you turn it off. I tentatively touched a key–and the beat started again. Hermano Candido took the cue to come fix the keyboard, haha. Ah, it was funny. Very startling….


Gennie braided Hermana Elizabeth’s hair. Hermana Elizabeth was over a lot and was very fun. We learned to sing Yo Te Busco together and enjoyed it.


That’s me, breakfast on Sunday morning. TheRest-39

That is another picture from a game night. The whole team and Hermano Candido. He’s part of our team. From left to right, Billy, Rick (blocked by Billy’s head) Sarah, Aaron, Anita, Russ, Craig, Gennie, Myself, Abby, and Hermano Candido.TheRest-34

Ultimate trashcan! I was already out.

Some hardcore ultimate trashcan. TheRest-58

Hermano Candido taught me to play a little flute. He was a very good teacher, even though we couldn’t understand each other. I learned a little song using the half scale he taught me, and I was very dizzying just to do so. I learned the Spanish word for soft, suave.

Billy put together a clip of us and the church. Note: when we are singing, we are all very tired. 😉 Not the best time to video us. And then we are singing for the church on New Years Eve. And then we are singing in VBS. That was fun.
And when we’re coming in from outside and I’m acting weird! I didn’t know he’d put it on youtube!…..and when I point to my eye, that’s because I learned the word for eye, ojo. Ohohoho. 😛


This was before we got into Mexico, I just wanted to post this picture. We visited some families that the team knows and has worked with. That’s me with Tessarita. She is ADORABLE! Can you tell?
Okay, that’s all
-Electric Bubbles

7 thoughts on “Unity, a blessing in Mexico

  1. What an awesome time you must’ve had! I wish I could take part in something like that. Maybe I will once I finish school.

    I thought it was kind of funny how you made almost all of the pictures enlargeable except the ones with you in them.

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