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Back from Mexico

Wow, what trip! It felt so… strange to leave because, literally, it felt like I had been there forever. It felt so normal, taking showers with a bucket, playing on the keyboard without a pedal, being taught flute until I was dizzy, singing for our food. It is such a full life to the extent that I had no desire for the. computer or phone.

We had only two technical translators, but two others who were fairly good, one with them, one with us. The one with them was the pastor’s son, Ismael, and I learned a bunch from him. This guy, 14, want wants to come to America or France and become a chemist. That’s why he knew a lot of English. His brother, Abdiel was also fun and later every time I said “Que?” he said, “What?” Anywho, I had a good time, I learned even more, and I was greatly blessed. I will try to make a post soon about the trip, and my brother took many pictures, but right now I am on my friend’s phone, so “asta luego”

signed Electric Bubbles


I’m sick, like really not feeling well, so you can pray that I get better. As soon as my brother edits the Mexico pictures and I start feeling well enough, I can try to write a longer post.

6 thoughts on “Back from Mexico

    • Si! I learned a bit of Spanish, but not very much. No muchas Espanol.
      I knew enough to tell the kids, “No comprendo Espanol! Inglas, por favor!” They just laughed at me. Those kids were adorable. They all signed my shirt too. ^_^ And one guy, Arnold, asked us to sign his hoodie so I signed the very top, “Ellie es Awesome!” haha. Ah, we had a good time not being able to talk together. They always laughed at my hand motions….anyway, I didn’t mean to make this comment so long.

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