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Urgent Prayer Request!

Prayer request. There is a severe weather storm watch on a storm that could include enough snow, wind, sleet and freezing rain to make travel dangerous OR impossible. The storm looks like it could be a possibility right during the time we are wanting to leave (AND it covers both of our route options!).

Just know that Aaron and I (Billy) are going to keep a close eye on this and we hope to make a decision by tonight on what will have to be done. Be aware that just like we would not take a team into a hazardous situation in Mexico, we will not take a team into a hazardous blizzard either. So this storm could necessitate either a early or delayed departure time for us.

So Pray! The Lord has been faithful thus far! Is there any reason to doubt him? Pray that the Lord would take care of us in this. We of course would like to leave as we have planned but pray that the Lord would make it plain to us when he would have us to go.

Thank you!



The blizzard warning for Oklahoma is gone! Praise the Lord! We are leaving at midnight. Thank you for your prayers.

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