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Mexico Update

I wanted to update people on my blog about the trip to Mexico. Friday the 14th was the deadline! Praise the Lord, all the funds are collected, not only for our team and two additional members that we had been praying for, but $400 more for construction of the church building.

I was greatly blessed by our team meeting on the 8th. We talked about the places we hoped to be going, talked about our mission, read our team covenant together (really good), and prayed as a team, and we really felt like a team. We are praying for each other, seeking the Lord together, and knowing that people are praying for me, it’s more than I can say. Thank you to everyone praying. Because I believe that prayer actually does work, and it strengthens me a lot.

One prayer request we had on this trip was to involve the whole church, not just the branch of the church called Psalm 67 Missions Network. The Lord has answered prayer! The Manna Project was started by a couple in the church, collecting spare change, change that would have gone to soda, chips, trinkets, but instead God has impressed on us to give toward Bibles. In quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies, through the Manna Project, we have received $275 dollars for Spanish Bibles! It was a prayer need that the Pastor had given us and we had prayed about. Not only that, but many of the people in our home churches have pledged to be on our prayer team, praying regularly, being faithful to read updates, and some supporting through giving financially. It has been a blessing!

In 8 days we will be heading down to Mexico, the minute it is no longer “Christmas day.” Pray that though we must leave Christmas celebrations soon, we will have a chance to share the gospel with unsaved family members, and show then what we truly are living for. Pray for safety. Even though the place we are going is safe, the world is still dangerous, and we will be near the border. Pray for wisdom for our team leaders, Aaron and Billy. Pray for the Pastor and the church in Matamoros who are directing us in our plans, pray for great wisdom and understanding for them.

For me specifically, I honestly don’t know what to pray for, because I have not gone on a mission trip before. I am simply praying for the Lord to prepare me in any areas I need help in, I am sure there are a lot.

Thank you so much!


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