I’m just gonna swash all the lastest updates in one paragraph. I miss my starry night background, so sorry everyone who complained, but it’s up again and more beautiful than ever! Zoom up if you need to. The Hobbit was released, I missed it. The world was supposed to end, but I missed that too. We had our Taste and Send bakeoff yesterday, 1600+ treats made. Christmas is approaching and I’m looking forward to visiting with family in just a few days. I think I sort of re-injured my ankle last night while sitting on the floor absorbed in a book. I just twisted it, it make a loud complaint, and started hurting some. I’m reading Flight from Stonewycke by Michael Phillips and Judith Pella. I really like these books and I can’t get away from them. I started drawing the other day, but it wasn’t good enough to do anything with. For awhile I was drawing a bunch of characters from Nanowrimo people. That grew old, sadly. It was fun while it lasted. We hosted a dance! It was very fun. We had to drop a few dances to keep it short enough though, and they dropped one of my favorites. At the end I played a waltz on my tin whistle and sang a verse of the song with my brother. The song was an old Scottish song, Wild Mountain Thyme. Very pretty. Friday was the deadline for all the funds for the Mission Trip. I haven’t heard the result. We are still collecting funds for construction that the church building needs.

So that’s about it.


Electric Bubbles

18 thoughts on “Wassup!

  1. Actually, the end of the world prediction is for the 21st, not the 12th. And add me to the list of people complaining about the background… scratch that, it’s starting to growing on me.

    • Oh really? But I thought the Hobbit was supposed to come out after the end of the world–’cause those ancient people were actually counting to the release of the Hobbit. Haha. Like 12-12-12 Anyway, I LIKE the background. It’s beautiful. I don’t care if you complain. I might try experimenting though. But later.

      • The prediction is for the 21st, look it up. You’d think it would have been 12-12-12, but it wasn’t. And I cannot WAIT to see the Hobbit… gonna have a marathon of the other movies first, maybe. Yeah, and I kinda like the background by now.

        • Okay, I’ll just take your word for it. Well, I haven’t missed the end of the world after all! haha.
          I know! I’m excited too. Not quite excited enough to pay 13 dollars to see it though. Ruthie (my sister) and I are planning on going during rush hour when all the original rush has died down. Or just wait until someone in the church owns.
          I love the background! Do you love it yet?

          • Click my name for my opinion on the end of the world.

            Same here, I’m broke from this Florida trip… good thing I don’t need to buy presents this year. I don’t know when I’ll see it, but trust me… I’ll see it!

            I’ll start loving the background when I see some dogfighting spacecraft on it. But other than the seizure it’s giving me, I like it. JK about the seizure.

            • Saw it already. I did reply, but somehow my computer messed up. The keyboard is driving me nuts! ARG!
              Yeah, I’m only getting gifts for a few people. I’ve spent alot of money lately, and it’s pretty sad. And we’re going to see the Hobbit tomorrow, and I’m happy about it, but it costs money…

              • Okey-dokey. Thanks for voting, BTW.

                My mom keeps saying “I don’t think we’re going to ‘do’ presents this year.” I keep saying that I’m fine with that, seeing as I already got my present in October (my laptop) and I’m broke. I have money in the bank, sure, but I ain’t touching it. All of my corporeal funds though… money for the ball, for combat city, for my new gun… it all went away. Not surprising, seeing as I had not much more than a twenty to begin with…

                Cool! I might be seeing The Hobbit tomorrow as well!

                • Oh I didn’t know that I did. You’re welcome.
                  We draw names each year and get just one gift for someone in our large family.
                  Ooh, I would like a laptop. I’ve been saving up for a violin though. It’s kind of sad, I had 375 and after paying a lot for Mexico and such, I’ve much less, right after I’ve discovered a good violin shop with violins for 300. I’m rather disappointed that I no longer have the money, but I’ll just have to trust and see if it is the Lord’s will that I have a violin.

                • Wait, you didn’t vote on the poll? I assumed that was you.
                  That sounds awesome.
                  That’s too bad. I need to start earning money from somewhere… I would take that opening at the library, but it screws with Speech and Debate.

                • Oh wait, yes i did. Haha. I forgot about that.

                  Ooh, I would love to work at a library. We’ve stopped for the Holidays, but Gennie and I usually volunteer there every week. It’s lovely! I love our librarians. Such a nice atmosphere.

                • That’s kinda what I thought. 😉

                  Eheh. Lucky you, then. Our Library… well, I could say a lot of things about it. They’re weird, I’ll just leave it at that.

                • Haha, yeah, I rarely know what I’m talking about. haha.
                  Our library! Gasp, our library just gave Gennie and I a huge sample box of chocolates. Huge! It was sooooo nice of them. I love our librarians! Ah!

                • So I’ve noticed. JK!
                  Our library… sucks. I have my 14-digit library card number memorized, but I still can’t do anything, not even get on a computer there, unless I have the actual card on me. I do have a friend that works there, but all the other librarians are… not the best.

                • That would be so awful! I can’t imagine a library different than my own. I never bring my card because I have my card and pin number memorized. Before we got self checkouts, I would walk up to the counter, give them my books, and they didn’t even ask for the card anymore, or my name, we would just start a conversation about the book or whatever. There’s one librarian who is just motherly by heart. She will walk up to us and ask, “How has your life been going?” She’s lovely. And Beth, the children’s librarian, she’s like a sister, we tease each other so much! She wouldn’t do nanowrimo though, kept laughing and saying, “Nope.” There’s one librarian, one of the men, who used to go to our church. Whenever you ask, “How are you?” He always replies, “I can’t complain, not at all.” Just awesome people. You know, I could talk about them for a long time. I know every one of them. The lady in charge of the volunteers, she lost her husband at the beginning of the year. I should remember to pray for her during Christmas. She’s super nice and simply loves to tell us about what a help we are. haha!

                • You are so lucky! I wish our library was like that.

                  I feel so bad leaving such a small reply to such a big comment, but I don’t have anything else to say!

                • Oh that’s okay, I can just keep babbling on–but never mind, I won’t. I’ve left you a few short ones too. Won’t get around to it for another while.
                  I love this nanowrimo song on my blog. It gets stuck in my head so often. I’m listening to it. Just passed that line, “Maybe I’ll publish. That was a joke, haha, fat chance!” “Now watch me avoiding this draft I just wrote….” haha.

  2. lol ellie! I think our library is a bit of both…..most are REALLY nice but then the closing people are a bit weird….they close 15 before it actually closes…..we came in 15 before they closed and they were like We’re closed sorry…. and we were like we know where the book is! Sorry we’re closed! But the book to return in that slot!
    ok. whatever…the other people are nicer!
    We’re so spoiled…our grandparents bought us really nice violins in Taiwan…..I’m going to find out and if their cheaper maybe we can bring one back for you!
    luv ya!

    • That’s sad. Our librarians would probably let me check out even if it was really closed. I just have an awesome library.
      And yes, you are spoiled! And very blessed. I am glad that you have one.

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