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Camp NaNoWriMo? Yes, please

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It happens next year in April and in June. Lovely! Yeah, I’m already getting ready. I’ve got some story ideas, I kind of always do, but I have none that I have fallen in love with, and this next Nanowrimo, I want to write a novel that I can read to other people, to the family, and stuffs. I’m done with fantasy for now too, I want to write a Scottish Novel! I’m simply in love with Scotland, so I wanted a character in love with Scotland. Like all the big castles and beautiful landscapes…. I’ve kind of got a subplot, about a girl who goes there kind of to run away and kill herself and meets a family over there. Well, it’s not enough to sustain a story, so I’m just asking if y’all have any story ideas to get me triggered. Any story idea at all! It can be Fantasy or Sci/fi. Or you can just give me an interesting character or concept. Anywho, thought I’d ask. 😉


Electric Bubbles

P.S. My back is also in pain. You can pray about that. 😉

16 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo? Yes, please

  1. Just want to say, if you have any questions about Scotland you can ask me and I’ll try my best to answer them seeng as I live in Scotland 🙂 Also, I can give you some creatures related to Scotland if you want to keep some elements of fantasy in your work. I have a list around here somewhere from the planning I was doing for a novel based in Scotland.

  2. You know the book War of the Worlds? In the book, the main character (a guy in Britain) gives his account of the Martian invasion. He mostly dwells on the martian invasion of Britain, even though the attack happens worldwide. You could do a book about how the martian invasion went in Scotland, from the point of view of a Scot. I’ve had this idea for a while to write a book about a boy who survives an alien invasion with the help of his loyal dog/horse, maybe you could do that. I’ll probably never do it, because I don’t like the idea of intelligent aliens being in my books.

    • Hmm, I’ve never wrote about aliens period. I’ve never read War of the Worlds and my siblings haven’t told me much about it. And I totally didn’t imagine aliens in Scotland! haha. I’ve kind of pieced together a little plot–about a girl who goes to live with her very kind and old grandfather whom she never knew about. And finds out that he killed her own father….Expound on that for me. And then there’s a guy as well who has his own troubles and police and criminal buddies following him while he is trying to change his life. I think it’s more in my line of work than–aliens. O.o

      • Well, I was just trying to give you ideas, since you did say fantasy or sci-fi. But I guess you already have your heart set on another girl-and-her-grandfather thingy… and we all know how well that went last time (JK, that was Haley’s fault).

        • Hee hee, thanks.
          I forgot about that! Well last time the grandfather wasn’t really a big part, it was more about her father. This time she doesn’t have a father! How come in all my stories the MC doesn’t have one or both parents? But yeah, I suppose at the end the grandfather could die–except that wouldn’t be cool, she has to get to know her grandfather again, after she figures out that he killed her father. I did kind of started exploring it already, writing about when she first came to the house. K, my mental picture of the house is like, crazy awesome! I just randomly stuck it in Aberdeen, so I’ll have to ask mutantbee about that place. But you should still expound on that. And I just found a name for that guy. I’m naming him Skidd. I like the name Skidd. It sounds right.
          Have you ever read George MacDonald? I wish I could write George MacDonald novels. He’s my very favorite author. He was C.S.Lewis’ favorite too, if you didn’t know. And Michael Phillips, I really like his Scottish novels too.

          • Interesting…
            Well, at this point you’re more qualified to help you than I am. I don’t really see how I could expound on any of that in a way that wouldn’t be totally ridiculous, and you seem to know where you want the story to go anyway.

            Never heard of those authors, though they do sound familiar.

            • Never heard….oh my, where did you get your education anyway? George MacDonald is only the best author ever, save perhaps Paul the Apostle. Haha. He wrote quite awhile ago in Scotland, so Michael Phillips revises his books so they are intelligible, and he does a really good job too. You oughta read The Fisherman’s Lady. It’s one of my favorite novels he has written. You know, he’s actually more famous for his fantasy. the Back of the North Wind? The Light Princess? The Princess and the Goblin? But I like his novels–obviously. I read all the George MacDonald I can. I like the Fisherman’s Lady. Michael Phillips and his wife have written some really cool stories about Stonewycke in Scotland.If you look it up you’ll find him. I really like those and I’m still reading them.
              Yeah, I guess I will have to help myself. I would like more subplots though. Haley is so good at those.

              • My parents and myself, that’s where.
                Now that’s a big compliment… perhaps I should check him out. I’ve never heard of any of those book titles. From what you’ve told me (like those book titles), he sounds kind of like Howard Pyle. Mr. Pyle was a favorite author of mine when I was younger.

                Yeah, she is good at that kind of thing… especially if it involves killing important characters! JK

                • Yep. There’s a few things every homeschooler needs to know. George MacDonald, Wingfeather Saga, and Keith Green are among them.
                  Never read Howard Pyle. Does he have blind piper’s who wake up at 5 every morning to play the town awake? And that blind piper has the most awesome accent even on paper! And his son, Malcom, is my favorite character of all time anywhere. I usually don’t like near perfect characters, really, but Malcom is awesome, and Samwise Gamgee is really close nearby too.
                  Yeah, she likes that. She killed a lot of people in her nanowrimo novel. And I’m not kidding, her and the other Haley were all like, “No, you MUST kill him! We will not allow you to do otherwise! He has to go!” Not like I had any choice. And they wanted me to blame it on the little girl, but I didn’t, because it was near the end of the story.

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