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The Day after Thanksgiving

Yesterday I twisted my ankle and throughout the day it got progressively worse. Every time I sat down, and then got up, it hurt more and I was afraid that after a whole night of laying down I would be miserable. I was really stressed out while I couldn’t get around, and I’m still not sure why I was stressed out or why I started crying, but it hurt and I was stuck.

But this morning, thank God, it feels a bunch better. Dad had me putting ice on it and propping it up last night, so that probably has a lot to do with it. I’m reminded how it truly takes the bad to appreciate the good. I feel soooooo thankful that I can limp around again and move my toes with minimal pain. I almost feel more thankful than yesterday, when we were all supposed to be thinking about what we were thankful for….I admit, I was greatly distracted from the purpose of the Holiday. And the pie was really good….

I just thought I’d give my praise. God is good, and God is gentle, even when we need to remember his grace and goodness. He used an ankle and a bit of pain to remind me to be thankful, and I’m thankful he used it.


Electric Bubbles

One thought on “The Day after Thanksgiving

  1. Sorry you sprained you ankle. That really hurts.
    I hope it continues healing well!
    …but at least your pie was really good! Haha:)
    Love ya!

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