November 5th

I have 14,356 words. I would like to have at least 16,000 by the end of the day.

This morning I had a half hour long word war with my pen pal who is doing NaNoWriMo with me. It was the most words in half an hour either of us had gotten, so we’re doing it again this afternoon.

My story has been running more smoothly, and for that I am glad, but I am still afraid it might cut off early. Too early. So if it does cut off too early, I’ve got to make up an additional plot to carry it on.

Anyway, today my dad’s computer started burning. Not sure how or how much damage was done, but you could pray for that. And besides that the day just hasn’t been going very smoothly in the Jackson house. That has partly to do with new chores rotations. =\

So yep. That’s all! Happy Writing!



-Electric Bubbles

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  1. The same friend you’re doing those word wars with (Haley, right?) got me to participate in NaNoWriMo, and I found your blog through her. You can see me on her list of Writing buddies.

    I have the same problem with my story, in that it might end too early. I feel like it’s reaching the climax, but I’m barely over halfway to my needed 50,000! This is my first time writing and I’ve never taken a single writing course/class/curriculum, so I’m not sure what do to other than keep writing and hoping for the best.

    • Yeap. She’s told me about your on-going word war too. And yep, that’s me. I’ve reached the final climax of my novel, still with 30k. So, I’m planning on just going back and retelling the climax from another guy’s POV. And because it is the climax, I beat her in our word war today with 1695 in half an hour. That has to be some sort of record….
      Good luck with your novel!

      (It’s true Jonny! 1695!)

  2. You know this is quite amusing reading what other people say about me. *ahem* lol.

    And yes, I concur with Jonny; he does seem to cause long comment threads. I don’t help with it much either. πŸ˜›

  3. Well one after another! I wouldn’t want to write them at the same time. I would get so confused!
    But I’ve already got some of the story plot for my sequel to my current novel. πŸ™‚

    • That sounds like an awesome idea. If you wanted to, you could probably just write one story that’s 100,000 words long and then split it into two separate novels.

      But that sounds like a lot of fun, I will totally try that next year if I can.

      • Wow, you guys are ambitious. Maybe I should start another novel now since mine is pretty much over. haha. That’s an idea! Hmm. I’ll have to think about that. It is exactly half way through the month. haha. Wow, I just might.

        • If you did 2,000 words in the morning and 2,000 at night, you could totally do two in a month. Hey, you don’t mind if I “buddy” you on the NaNoWriMo website, do you?

          BTW, I’m on to you Haley… I can tell you purposely aren’t updating your full word count so that I don’t push myself hard to try to surpass it.

          • I’m going through the list of my story ideas wondering which I should pick up. I’m also reading what I’ve wrote so far.
            I would be honored to have you friend me and will return the favor when I get on the other computer that will go on nanowrimo. But I like to watch people’s stats, so if you’re on my buddy list I’m going to keep an eye on ’em.
            Haha. Haley, you wouldn’t do such a thing! Why, I’ll bet you’re going to post your whole count at the end when he has no chance of overtaking you!

            • Awesome. Personally, I’m having trouble with what’s going to happen next in my story… my “police chase in space” idea looks like it won’t work out…
              The honor is mine! As for my stats, feel free to read ’em and weep– er, uh, I mean… look at them often. Yeah, that’s it.

              It’s totally the kind of thing she would do. Lucky for me that I caught on when I did, because now I’m doing the same thing! >:) JK.

          • *flutters eyelashes* I don’t have any more written. You guys are funny! Speculating that I’m holding back on my word count? LOL!

            And Ellie, I might just go ahead and start my sequel. I’m almost finished with my first novel so I don’t see any reason why not. YAY! This prolongs our word war mornings! πŸ˜›

            • Well a surprise should up in my story. Julietta’s father confessed some things to Mario on his death bed; Mario just told them to Julie and thus it provided enough story plot for the next book. I don’t who will be my antagonist will be though…hmm…this will be interesting.

              Oh, so you did go with my suggestion of killing the grandfather? I’m so murderous some times.
              Me? Help you pick out your next story? I’m honored to help you! πŸ™‚

              • Ugh! I keep clicking out of the box as I write. This is like the third time I’ve tried to write this comment. So! Yes, i killed him! He’s dead. And the next scene is really sweet. ^_^
                And then, I think I figured out what story I’m going to write. I narrowed it down to two ideas and decided I need more time on the one. So I’m going to do a rewriting of the fairytale, The Wounded Lion. It’s kind of, um, un-ordinary. About a enchanted prince, who’s a lion during the day. The girl helps him out. eh, kindy weird to explain. So yeah. The other ones were about a dog, and then a true story from a guy at our church, see his great-great grandparents were in the Peshtigo fire that was HUGE and they have a really cool story. Too cool too write in half a month. Actually, I don’t have the Wounded Lion much planned out at all. I don’t know! Maybe i ought to write the Peshtigo fire one, since I’m so intrigued by it. Tell me!

            • @Haley:
              I’ll pretend I was joking about you holding back your word-count. It did seem plausible though, since it appears that you’ve been writing less words per morning lately and we did talk back on my blog about not updating our word counts so that we wouldn’t push ourselves too hard. But yeah, I was just joking… right? Oh, and I really was joking about doing it myself.

              @Bubbles (would you prefer I called you something else?):
              They’re still be at least one space-ship chasing another, it just probably won’t be in space. I dunno, though.

              What exactly is your novel about, BTW?

              • Ew! I like space-ships. On the nanowrimo forums I have a spaceship called Oblivion…. haha. That was while playing Calvinball….
                You can call me Ellie!
                My novel! It’s *sigh* who knows! It’s about a girl, Airyn Tilly, and her mother and cousin die and she feels like she’s not as good as them and all she can see is grieving people and she feels like she has to take their place. Then she feels unwanted, unnoticed, hense the title, Can You See Me? And yeah. She’s an interesting little girl. Much different than meself, but nice. So yeah. And there’s a people group who has been oppressing their town and is getting more and more oppressive. Through a series of events she finds that they have plans to become more oppressive, their masters really. And she can’t stand the thought of that….

                • Hmm.. you know when you said that she reminded you of one of your friends….I don’t think it’s me because I’m deffanentally not like that! btw, how do you spell the word i spelled wrong??
                  I like your old gravitars better I totally don’t like a dog with big teeth with his tougue sticking out… sigh…..

                • @Grace, who did she reminded her of one of her friends? I’m curious about this. πŸ™‚

                  It’s spelled definitely. I hate trying to spell that word! I get confused sometimes.
                  Yeah, she’s having a hay day with mine!

            • Ew? What is the Oblivion like? It sounds like an awesome ship (I love Calvin and Hobbes, BTW). My space ships all have cool/odd names, like Moment Of Truth, Terra’s Hope, and Warlord’s Revenge.
              Ellie it is, then! πŸ™‚

              Wow, that sounds complicated… and somewhat depressing. Mine is about an evil mercenary warlord who gets captured and put in jail and then tricks a bunch of criminal organizations into trying to break him out of prison, only to stab them in the back and have his own men come in and break him out after the other factions have done all the work. It’s also about the warlord’s most trusted lieutenant getting converted to Christianity and leaving his life as a mercenary behind. Aaaand It’s also about a Christian teenager who gets swept along into the action.

            • @Ellie, Hmmmm which one do you like best? I would go with that one.

              @Jonny, I hoped you wouldn’t notice that, but it’s obvious that you have. I have been writing less. It’s because I have a piano engagement in two days and I’m not ready for it. After that I’ll try to write a whole lot more! But I can honestly say that I have no more words stashed away to add to my pile. I wish I did. 😦
              Annnd it’s totally OK if you weren’t kidding. I think it’s funny!

              • I like the one about the Peshtigo fire. I’m going with it. Maybe. And it probably won’t be finished at the end of the month, but that’s okay. I might go look for another story idea. I’m not sure.

            • Oh, yeah, forgot about that. Survival mode time? Speaking of which, I didn’t end up having to activate mine. I sure hope this piano engagement goes well for you!
              *Sigh of relief* Well, I was half-kidding, half-serious. I had a suspicion, but it was a slight one. I let my sense of humor do the rest.

            • Ooh, I’ve never played Calvinball before. Looks fun, I will have to see who finds those gloves before I join, though. πŸ˜‰

              Okay. I’ll have to see for myself if I ever end up somehow reading it. Haley MADE you kill the Grandfather? I’ll have to make sure to keep my characters away from her…

                • Evidence suggests otherwise. JK.
                  I’m keeping them all. I’ve already killed off one important character, and I’ve maimed another for life (broke both his legs, lol). And let’s not forget all the hundreds of background characters who have kicked the bucket…

                • Haha! Well since I’m not writing the story I did not kill it!

                  This is the comment I meant to put the owww to. LOL!
                  Ouch! That’s gruesome! Lol!

            • Ellie dearest I did not MAKE you kill him. I merely suggested you do so. You asked me for help and that was really all I could think of off the top of my head….I tried to give you a different suggestion…perhaps something could blow up. Or another war breaks out. Lol! I don’t know!

              • Are you kidding! Renee was like, “Nope, sorry, you have to kill someone!” and who else could I kill? Oh wait, I suppose Biff, but that wouldn’t be happy. Never mind, the grandfather is already dead.

            • See! So it wasn’t all me! Renee suggested and insisted mostly that you should kill the grandfather. I didn’t make you do it.

              So now that he’s dead…how does that affect your story plot? Does your MC feel terrible about it? Does she blame her self? Does she finally get attention, but it’s the wrong attention?
              Yeah, I’m asking bizarre questions. πŸ˜›

              • Um, no. That’s why it didn’t get me too many words. He just died. But I like it! Because now it’s just her and her father. It was just them once upon a time, but they were both very unhappy, and this time they both want to do it right and they love each other very much. So yeah.

            • Well that stinks that it didn’t get you too many more words.
              So what are you going to do now? I mean how is the end of the story all going to play out?

              I have two and a half chapters left to write and then I can begin my next novel!!! I’m excited!! πŸ™‚

              • It’s practically done, but I haven’t quite wrote THE END. (that gets me 2 more words) I think I’ll probably do that on the last day again.
                Until then, I need another story to write! Help me!

              • Those three are probably the only ones I want to write. Except for maybe one about a girl who goes on a ship as a boy. She gets shot in the leg by pirates and gets it amputated. But i’ve already kind of started that one, so it wouldn’t be fromt he beginning
                And then there’s The Wounded Lion and the one about the Peshtigo fire.

        • Awesome. Ima start planning now…

          I actually have a good idea for a series (I think). It would involve lots of theology and philosophy, but still be an action-packed sci-fi action adventure with lots of war.

            • Weell it’s about how Julietta goes in search for her biological parents cause in the previous book she finds out that her and her twin sisters are adopted, but from two different parents. So while looking for her parents she fins out that her uncle is possesser of a rich estate and he doesn’t have anyone to inherit it so when she finds him he decides to have her be the heir, but a jealous cousin seeks to kill her and ends up taking her twin sisters hostage….and something like that. I don’t know, I might add something else in there as well.

              Oh, and I thought I’d let you know that your brother is at my house so you will end up getting the demo DVD whenever he leaves. Haha! Hey, real quick, Stephen said your b-day is *Some unknown date that no one else knows*, is that right?

            • Whoa, sounds cool. Inheriting rich estates happens a lot in historical fiction, it would seem.

              Cool, I will look forward to seeing it.
              Ehh… I hate giving out this kinda stuff online… but yes, it is. Why do you ask?

            • I agree. It does sound cliche. I’ll prolly find something else. It was the spur of the moment story plot literally.

              Oh, I’m sorry. Is there any way we could like delete it? Lol.
              Well the reason I asked was because that’s my birthday too. πŸ™‚

              • haha. That’s fun! Am I left out? Naw, I was born July 4th. You can’t go wrong with that.
                And I’m the 4th child in the family of 4 girls and 4 boys. 4 years older than the century. 4×4 at the present. It actually goes on for a long time, and I found out yesterday that the digits in my Social Security Number added up equal 44. ^_^

            • It’s OK. I know it’s cliche and I don’t want a cliche novel.

              I KNOW I could not believe it when Stephen said that! I was like ‘that’s hilarious!’

            • @Haley: okay, just stop making me feel badly about it… JK

              So now, if you told me ‘happy birthday!’ I could say ‘You too!’ WITHOUT feeling like an idiot! πŸ˜€ I actually have done that before, BTW…
              Just out of curiosity, how did the subject of my birthday come up when you guys were talking with Stephen?

              Hey, that’s pretty cool! What is your social security number? Just kidding, don’t answer that. BTW, I’ve entered the game of Calvinball.

            • @Ellie, haha! You’re so cute! And that’s so cool!

              @Jonny, sorry… I will!

              haha! Really? That’s funny.
              Um, I think one of the little kids asked when all of y’all’s birthday’s were and Stephen said yours was the same day as mine and we were all excited about that.
              Now, we just have to figure out who was born first… πŸ˜›

            • You’re probably older than me, Haley. I was facing the wrong way when I was born, so I came out at 8:03 PM. What time were you born?

              Ug, I’m kinda stuck in my book right now. I can’t decide what happens next, and I’m not feeling very inspired. So yeah, I haven’t written anything yet today. 😦

            • Haha! I am actually. By twelve hours. I was born at 8:40 something in the morning.
              Your poor mother! LOL!

              Now that just stinks. You must get writing! We have 15 days left to finish our second novels as well.

              I have been greatly inspired this morning. I have about 2 and 1/3 of a chapter left to write. There is another gun battle in the village, but this time Julietta is using a gun! And it is a bit gory…

            • I was gonna have the main character get shot, and then the second main character get almost killed by the villain… but I don’t know how to lead up to it from where I am. Do they go in space? Do they stay in Dacrilox’s atmosphere? Do they go to a totally different planet? Time to consider my options…

            • Oh well. But now I get to tease you about being really old. JK
              Not only was I facing backwards, but I had also taken a bathroom break before coming out. Too much information?

              I am guilty of the infamous double-post…

            • @Ellie
              I actually already have the main character wearing a bullet-proof strength-increasing exoskeletal anti-riot suit, so he might fit the bill for a hero. But I was planning on him getting shot with an anti-material rifle and then maybe falling really far…

                • I’ve already destroyed about 50 spaceships in my book already. Several in a battle over a black hole, several (including a pirate mothership) in a battle for an orbital station, and loads in a battle over a prison.

                • Well, I took a power-nap, and I am now refreshed, inspired, and ready to write. Daniel and Jason are back in action, chasing the mercenary tactician Drake Kalradius down the hallways and corridors of the Warlord’s Fist, a Barracuda-class space-warship.
                  Meanwhile, the Terran fleet comes up from behind, disgorging squadron after squadron of assault gunships.

                • Yay! That would be so cool! It’s so easy to play, so easy to carry around, and so beautiful! I actually got another friend of mine to add a tin whistle to her story….maybe I should start working on Haley

                • Ahahaa. But he’s the coolest guy so far! You just kill everyone cool, and you’ll be left with all the lame characters. Like seriously, the tin whistle must still be playing at the end.

                • Hobos aren’t cool! They’re sad! Especially when they play sad songs on a tin whistle!
                  Maybe the reason he gets killed is because one of the mercenaries hates his music…
                  Nah, the end will be much more epic than that. You just can’t beat court hearings when it comes to good endings. JK

                • Nah, he’ll die before then… if he makes it into the story at all. Besides, the last scene is gonna be in a totally different location from the Hobo.

                • He might not even show up in te story anymore… I got hit by a ton of awesome ideas and inspiration today, so now I totally know what’s REALLY gonna happen in the story. The main character got shot and passed out, and I was able to do a scene where he’s dreaming. It came out really well, IMO. Now he’s getting patched up by a friend as a horde of mercenaries close in…

                • Oh I love violin! I miss my violin soooo bad! It broke like years ago, but I still miss it. I loved it. Yes, that will suffice…..even if he is the antagonist. But the hobo with the tin whistle was better. Maybe I need a hobo with a tin whistle! Whoa! I’m totally doing it.

                • I’ll make some prison guards blow normal whistles as well. The hobo, if he makes an appearance at all, is doomed to die.

                  I don’t know… but you weren’t as much “giving” them as you were forcing them. JK

                • Haha! But you wouldn’t even take them. And prison guards blowing whistles! What kind of compromise is that? *sigh* Boys wouldn’t know good concepts if they walked up and slapped them in the face.

                • Meh, I just don’t need the characters in my action-packed sci-fi adventure to be playing silly instruments. I’ll save the music for when it gets made into a movie (JK). Seriously, how does a space-hobo playing a tin whistle add to the story? And how would he make a good last scene?
                  Oh-ho? Making this a gender thing, eh? *tsk tsk* *shakes head*

                • I feel like I should change that comment….but I won’t.
                  The tin whistle is not a silly instrument! In my opinion, it makes one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. You can put so much emotion in it!
                  A space-hobo, okay that would be weird, but as a last scene, it could totally concrete what your novel is saying. Either the world is the same as it was, and the hobo still plays–or the world is all totally different, and that’s why the hobo is playing different music–or the world is evil and will never be good and the hobo plays accordingly–or the world always had a bit of good in it and the hobo plays accordingly–or everything has a purpose, even the hobo playing music–or nothing has a purpose and the hobo just plays music for nothing. See, he can do so much for you.
                  And too much action is tiring. You need a refresher, some humor, some peace, some tin whistle music…. That sounds like the line of a poem.
                  And you seriously do “JK” all the time!

                • You make some good, poetic points. Tell you what: Just for you, I’ll try as hard as I can to fit in the tin whistle, as well as some other instruments. I may or may not use a space-hobo to do it, though.
                  What I can’t do, is have a space-hobo playing a tin whistle for the last scene. I already have something else planned… and it ties directly to the title of my novel. That’s why I chose the title I did (Justice Upheld). I can’t really change the ending at this point.
                  Also, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want me trying to tell you how to write your story while decrying your gender. Just a thought.
                  Oh, and by the way: there are plenty of breaks in the action. And, oh my word, plenty of humor. I have at least one running gag going the length of the book, in fact. I also have about a chapter’s worth of scenes taking place in a chapel. It’s not non-stop action and adventure. And even if it were, this is just a rough draft of my “first-and-worst” novel, so it can afford not to be perfect.

                • Yay! I suppose I’ll settle for that. Besides, the hobo playing tin whistle is already stuck in my novel, even if I haven’t actually introduced him yet. I’ve been going so slow. Maybe i should choose a different story.

                • Yay! It worked! Now she thinks I actually meant it and she’ll leave me alone about hobos and whistles! JK. πŸ˜›

                  Well, have fun with your new book. But now that I know there’s a whistle-playing hobo in it, I don’t want to put one in mine.

                • Oh blegh! That’s what you think! I’m so going to read your novel when you’re done, so don’t you dream of leaving out a tin whistle now. Actually, I’m not sure how I would accomplish that. Bribe you with cookies? That just might work….
                  I’m so not into this writing any more. Surprising! If you knew me better. So yeah. I need a new story. I think I’m going to change stories again.

                • Haha! Cookies? They’d better be good, and you’d better have a lot of ’em. Ah, what the heck, I’ll let you read it for free if I can ever get it to you somehow. Or at least, the excerpt(s) including the whistle. Which may or may not be fake…

                  I’m getting a little sick of writing myself. I find that it helps to take a break from it all on Sunday.

                • NO NO NO!!!! You can’t get tired of writing!!! Come on! We have another novel to write before the month is over! Don’t quit! Don’t quit! You are NOT allowed to quit! Come on! I have about 4,500 words left to write. Come on! Catch up the two of you! πŸ™‚

                • Sorry Jonny.

                  @Ellie, what about… Raymond, William, Arnold, Wilbur, Braden, Jesse, David, Paul, Simon, Gideon, Joel, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Clyde, Jacob, Timothy, Jared, Logan, Chris, Blake, Garrett, Daniel, Zachariah, Xaviar, Hunter, Stephen, Jim, Titus, Heusten, Darrell, Dave, Jesse, James, Victor, Micah, Obadiah (lol) Reagan, Bill, Winfred, Elijah, Evin, August, Clarence, Eli, Jeremiah,

                • Hahahaha. Oh my word! Where did you get that list? Well turns out, the blank was fixed to Blake. So that’s what it is right now. But I’ll consider all of your suggestions. Hey, you put Blake in there anyway. Man, a name like Obadiah, how can you refuse?

                • Haha! I was thinking of them as I wrote them. I know there is a whole bunch of them.

                  Awesome choice!

                  I’m glad I don’t have that kind of a name. haha! Couldn’t pay me to have it. πŸ˜›

                • Just BTW, my MC’s last name is Blake, and was so since before I even started writing the book. Just thought I’d share that…

                  Oh, and BTW again… an opportunity has yet to present itself for the tin whistle. The bad guys have just blasted up out of the impound lots, and not a hobo in sight.

                • Haha. Oh, well, I’m planning on changing it anyway, since I know a Blake, and that’s awkward. I do like the name Blake though. And you’re probably just avoiding hobos on purpose. Go to the space ship slums for once.

                • It is too your fault! you’re the author. You have complete control, eh heh, that is, in theory. I’m still going to blame you when the hobo doesn’t show up. And since I switched stories, well, he isn’t going to be in mine.

                • Haha!
                  Actually no, they are not on the computer as much as me, and if Billy wants to comments, well he gets my name and picture since he has the same email address….so yeah.

                • Ahaha! That’s so funny. My nine year old sister wouldn’t know how. I should go look at them, but that would mean going to the other computer, and I’m too lazy. What did he say?

                • Okay, man, you’ll have to tell me later. I can’t be on this computer any more. My head is hurting and I’ve already been really dizzy today. =/ Stinky, but real. So, I’ll seeya (or rather see your comments) later!

          • I was telling my sister Emily about it last night….and she’s like, “I don’t think I want to read your books. They are sad!” Then she asks, “Does Mario die?” I said, “No, I like Mario too much. He gets to live.” Then she replies with, “well it just seemed as if you were killing off all the good guys, so I was just wondering”
            I’m going, “Nope! Mario is my hero!” ahaha! πŸ™‚

        • I know it! haha. I’ve been laughing about everything. We were at Home Depot waiting for out paint to mix and looking at the paint guns, just spray on paint. I suddenly started busting out laughing and was like, “You could keep one of those by your bed for if robbers break in! AHAHAHA!” haha. I thought it was more hilarious than they did.

                • M-hmm. Same here! I think it has an effect on my writing as well, and that’s a good thing. Reading the Bible first thing is somehow just more special than at other times. It’s lovely!

                • Yup! I wholeheartedly agree!!
                  It has been getting woven in my novel writing. Which is what I want because my book is called In Christ Alone.
                  Yes, it is waaay more special! πŸ™‚

                • I used to read science fiction/Sherlock Holmes/the Iliad in the morning before reading my Bible. Nobody’s head is quite clear when they’ve just woken up, and reading something unimportant helped clear the fog, wake me up, and get my brain working again. So when I got to my Bible-reading, I was fully awake and able to focus my full attention on scripture without risking missing anything important. I have recently tried reading my Bible first thing when I get up, and I’ve realized that I have more trouble paying attention to what I’m reading and that I get less out of it. Sometimes I’m not even able to remember what I read. I’m not it’s necessary, but I think it’s okay to do something to wake you up and get your brain functioning properly before going to the Lord.

                  Just a random rambling rant.

                • Yeap! Our Pastor gets up first thing every morning, gets coffee and reads and prays. His wife tried forever to do the same thing and she just couldn’t do it. Now she does it right before bed and gets everything out of it that she can.
                  I used to kind of say I wasn’t awake enough, but it was more of an excuse than anything. I do it first thing and if I wasn’t paying attention, I’ll read it over again. (Isn’t it weird how the words are running through your head and you just don’t register them?)

                • I find that I’m way too easily offended if I don’t read my Bible first thing in the morning. So I have to and plus, I have a burning desire to read my Bible not just in the morning, but all the time! I love it! πŸ™‚

                  (This has got to be the most sensible thing all three of us have talked about)

                • I know it! haha. Let’s keep it up. I find it makes me happier and easier to forgive. Yes, less easily offended. Like i said in the blog post, I read Romans 8 and it’s still been with me.

                • You know, I love being serious just as much as I like being silly. I just need to find a medium setting…

                  Nowadays, the only thing I do before I go to my Bible-reading and prayer-time is take a shower. It wakes me up, and I feel all clean. Then I launch in. What are you guys reading and praying about in your times?

                • I pray for all my family, penpals and sponsor children first. Then our church, missionaries, for me and my attitude, and also try to spend time just meditating on God. I honesly love to pray for people. Can I pray for you?
                  And Haley, if you never knew, I always pray before we chat. I always wish I could hug you through the screen.
                  And I’m reading through Romans, obviously. As a family we are going through Philippians.

                • Hey that’s a good idea! Shower! Lol!

                  Well me…I am finishing up the Old Testament and then I’m gonna go on to read the New Testament again. I’ve been praying for wisdom and patience and a few other personal things
                  And my family is memorizing Matthew 5
                  How about you?

                • Awww. I never knew that Ellie. I wish we could meet in person someday! I love you too! πŸ™‚

                  Sorry Jonny if this is getting awkward for you. Haha!

                • Haha. I always forget I’ve never met you in person. We might have to wait until we’re both married, but the union will be one to remember. Everyone might have to cover their ears. Including you. Poor Haley, she’ll be CRUSHED!

                • I’m going through 2 Corinthians. First I thank God for a bunch of different stuff, then I pray for a Catholic friend of mine (I’m his accountability partner for an addiction he’s trying to break), then I pray for anything my Florida Church has requested prayer for, then I pray for any injured friends I have (such as McKenzie), then I pray for all of the young men in my life that I could think of as well as myself (that God would help us to resist temptation, that we would be diligent, that we would be bold and fear God and not Man, etc…), then I pray for myself, repenting of and asking forgiveness for all of the recent sins I can think of having committed, then I pray for my day. And if I remember, I pray for our leaders.

                • I was too! Let’s pick it back up. I’ve been making more of an effort to remember verses and themes by reference, so I don’t only know what it says, but where it says it. It would be a lot more helpful, because even though I know a lot of the Bible, I don’t know where a lot of it is.
                  I really enjoy listening to sermons too. Do you? I use I love it! Not only John Piper, he’s great, but all the conference messages and stuffs. So cool.

                • I have that same thing! I can tell you what a verse says, but I can’t find it or tell you where it is.
                  John Piper is awesome! I love their stuff! We listen to a lot of their sermons, actually. We also listen to sermons by John MacArthur as well as our old Florida pastor, Christopher Brenyo. We use sermon audio a lot, I even have their app.

                • John MacArther! And Paul Washer! And Voddie Baucham, Wayne Gruedom, Frances Chan, Doug Wilson, Tin Keller, Louie Giglio! (I probably spelled a lot of those wrong.) I could go on and on. I love those guys.
                  I use sermon audio, really just for our own church’s sermons. You can look up Rockport Baptist Church. πŸ˜‰ And if you go far back enough, you’ll come to a series of messages by a bunch of different people from our Grace Camp Meeting in April. They are so good! Oh, I ought to give you a couple links.

                • The links were to Bob Jennings greatest sermon and his journal. For years he had pancreatic cancer and has finally gone to be with the Lord, but oh, he was such a brother! He came to our church two or three times and preached and it was amazing. he has such a funny voice, but he’s so passionate. The sermon is really good.
                  What church are you going to now?

                • Aww, my grandpa died of Pancreatic cancer. I’ll be sure to check those out!

                  Currently, my family is meeting with 2-3 other families for Church; sometimes in an apartment, sometimes in one of our homes. But we consider ourselves a part of CRBC back in FL, which started in a rental mobile home.

                • Yeah, Bob Jennings, well, when he was first diagnosed, he was given five months I believe. we immediately started praying and he came to our Grace Camp Meeting the next year to preach! It was like 9 months later than he had been diagnosed. Then we started praying again and he got to come the next year! Many times he was given two days and carried on two weeks. When he finally did die, it was a bit to take in, because he had fought for so long! In the sermon he is talking to the congregation, and at one point he starts talking to his wife, Terri. I cried! It was so sweet. And so sad– but so sweet. And there was more than that, believe me. he was talking about how we can never say all that we want to say, so we need to use the time we have to say what we need to say. It was really good.

                • That’s really sad and really awesome at the same time. I will definitely have to listen to what he says. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

                • I’m happy to!
                  It’s kind of funny, you’re reformed baptist, like John Piper, John MacArther, Voddie Baucham, a Calvinist….a home-schooler….doing NaNoWriMo….what else?
                  haha, the other day I learned how to say in sign language, “I’m Reformed Baptist, not Presbyterian. And I’m really random, sorry.” Signing is funny. I just wish I had someone to sign TO.

                • Yep! I am.
                  I use I think…..if not just google signing savvy. It’s has an online dictionary, just browse by letter and you’ll get videos for each sign. Really nice! What else can I say? “My favorite number is four.” “I like chocolate and coffee.” “I LOVE chocolate and coffee.” “You are very weird.” “I am very awkward.” “The score is 12 to Q.”

                • Okay, well that’s cool!
                  I’ll look it up. The first thing I’ll learn to say is “Be that as it may…” for Haley and her sibs. Haha! You know how to say all of that? That’s hilarious.

                • Um, you’d have to use a like of strict signed English to say that. You’d do better to come up with a sign that means that.
                  I can probably say more random things.
                  “My cat is cute.” “My brother is funny.” “My picture is gross.” “National Novel Writing Month is like having a party.” Um, what else? “I babysat a deaf boy named Luckas, two times now. I learned a bit of sign language before that, but he inspired me to go on.” Actually, I don’t know “inspired” Maybe, “That is why i kept learning.”

                • Awww, ok. We actually do have a gesture that coincides with the saying.
                  Wow, that’s pretty cool. I really should learn some sign language.

                • It is cool! Gennie was learning with me for a long time but I passed her up. As a result, I know like NO Spanish as I’ve focused on Sign language. So, this coming trip should be an adventure.

                • It’s kind of a half-serious half-joking thing that I may or may not end up doing. Some friends and I have been joking about moving to New Zealand for a while now. Maori is their second official language (the other being English).

                  And no problem! I feel like I don’t have enough to pray about.

                • Oh, I love New Zealand. That is, I really like the landscapes and stuff that I see in movies. Like LOTR. And I like their accent!
                  Wow, I do have a lot to pray about. But that’s a good thing.
                  Have you heard of Compassion International?

                • I love it too, and LOTR is one of the many reasons why. πŸ™‚
                  I’ve been hunting around for more things to pray for recently (any requests?), because my daily prayer time only lasts about 35 minutes (and I want it to be longer).
                  Compassion International? Sounds familiar…

                • Okay, well Compassion International is an organization through which you can sponsor children. We recently got a new Compassion child in Haiti. His name is Jeff and he’s 6. I always pray for him. It only takes 25$ a month to sponsor a child. Look it up if you’re interested. They receive schooling, Bible education, food, clothing, etc. And you can write them and they will write you twice a year at least. The picture of Jeff is irresistible, I can’t help but pray for him.
                  You can always pray for my mom’s side of the family. They are all lost, and my grandpa has a lot of health problems. It’s rather discouraging talking to him, because he thinks this life is all. And he’s content that this life is all….and he kind of thinks all us kids are silly cause we’re still living with our parents, don’t have boyfriends, work for our dad, and aren’t partying while we can. =/ So yeah.
                  Can I pray for you?

                • Oh yeah! I knew they sounded familiar. I know a bunch of people who have sponsored children in other countries through that.
                  Okay, thanks! I’ll be sure to pray for all of that.
                  As for me, my family on my dad’s side is pretty much the same way, so you can pray for that. Aaaand I gotta go, more later!

                • Thanks! I can think of plenty more you can pray about for me/my family, but it’s not all stuff I’m comfortable with just anybody seeing, so maybe I’ll stick ’em in a private prayer request over at the “prayer requests” page of your blog.

                  And there you go pointing out similarities again… Keep that up, and I’ll have to start listing our differences! JK πŸ˜›
                  I’m not really a C&H fanatic, BTW… I’ve read all of the books, and I really like ’em, but I’m not a fanatic. Maybe a fan.

                • I would love for you to do that.
                  Haha, I’m sure we have a lot of differences…. For example, that tin whistle playing hobo…. And I didn’t mean a fanatic literally. πŸ˜› But it is my favorite comic

                • ‘ll do it wen I get the chance… my prayer list on my computer somehow got deleted. 😑
                  And then there’s gender, hair color, age, location, I like sci-fi, you play instruments, you use wordpress and I use blogger, etc…
                  Well, of course not literally. I used to be a fanatic, but I’m not anymore (though it is one of my favorite comics).

                • Ook, that’s not nice. I’ve had that happen before.
                  Oh yeah sure. There’s all that. About wordpress, that’s because I share an email with my brother, he already had a blogger account and I didn’t want to be called “Billy Jackson” However, I’ve grown to like wordpress more. (And now he can’t comment on any wordpress blog or my electric bubbles picture comes up with his email address :P)

                • Yes, there is all of that. Wait, so he never logs out of his Blogger and you never log out of your wordpress? I would use wordpress myself, but I don’t like having to pay to be able to customize my own blog. So basically, I’m stuck with Blogger.

                • You can only have one blogger or wordpress account with one email address. So it doesn’t matter if we are logged out, logged in or what. That’s why I can’t follow any blogger blogs, cause Billy will actually follow them.

                • That’s right! I forgot you two share an email address. I can understand that though, I didn’t get my own email address until I was 16.

                • haha, I’m 16. I kind of like sharing one with Billy….I don’t have to tell guys that I won’t give out my email….and if they email me, haha, Billy’s there! I might get one for my girl friends though, I don’t know. Maybe later.

                • I used my mom’s email for the longest time. It was a little weird sometimes. And even when I did get my own email, it took a while before I was allowed to email girls for any reason whatsoever.

  4. I have to admit. My story is a bittersweet one. I’m wrapping it up and I”m finding all sorts of details. *cries* IT’s all so sad. Just about the only happy thing is the villain dies and she gets married! HAHA!

          • I think I’m starting to get that, too.

            I’d love to keep chatting with you two… but I gotta go meet the new neighbors. I hear they have a child my age, not sure if a guy or a girl tho…

              • What should I have said? “They have an offspring” or “Scion” or “Descendant?” Child fit best.

                Obviously I’m back now, but now it’s dinnertime…

                • OK, I have currently paused my timer. We are going for thirty minutes. So…yeah!
                  Let it begin!!!

                  (did you figure out if it was a guy or a girl? lol)

                • They weren’t there… just the mom was there. I do know they have a gy though, not sure what age.

                  I won’t be officially warring with you guys, go ahead without me. I work better when I’m not under pressure (or afraid of getting beat by girls).

                • @Ellie, I surprise myself and got 1566. I totally beat you this time! haha!

                  @Jonny, OH, I see.
                  Well suit yourself. I work better under pressure and a time limit. As you can see. πŸ™‚

                • Actually, my excuse is that my family was annoying the living daylights out of me. A million people were nagging me to do a million different things, and all inspiration was driven from my brain. Needless to say, I’ve almost lost my temper. I’m still typing, though.

                • Yeah, I had to stall dinner too. But remember, we’re going to tease you either way, so keep your cool. πŸ˜› And if you pause, the timer stops for you.
                  I’m up for another word war! My peoples have been kid napped and are arriving at a high tech garage. Fun fun fun! I might have to cut off short, but I totally wanna keep writing. The slave driving worked. haha

                • Sounds like you guys are having fun! I’ve got my inspiration (and good attitude) back, and the writing is coming along nice. My two main characters are using a hijacked assault tank to hold out in the cargo bay of an enemy spaceship.

                • Okay, seeya later then. The night is still young for me, and I’ve got a lot of typing ahead of me… I’ve worked in several StarWars references so far. XD

                • Jonny, We all lose our tempers at some time or another. You’re not the only one. πŸ˜›

                  YES! The night is still young! (You’re talking like Josh, Jonny, lol)

                  I’m glad that your inspirations are coming back. Slave driving. *shakes head* y’all are mean!

                • I have no excuse, I should have got my work done first.

                  Ah yes, Samuel has told me abut how late you guys stay up with Josh. He’s one awesome guy. πŸ™‚

                  Hey, I never said anything about you being a slave driver… though I may have thought it. That was all Ellie.

                • Oh uh-huh, shove it all on me, I was just the spokegirl for us both. Haley is a slave driver–why who got you started on this, Haley? And who has the record at word warring? And who has won two NaNoWriMos here? Why, no one but me! But you still are nagging me to finish. Darling, you have nothing to fear. But the MINUTE YOU START SLACKING YOU’RE SOOOOOO GOING TO GET IT!

                • Haha. I know how that goes.

                  Ah, I see. He told you the truth about us night owls. Yeah. We’ve stayed up insanely late….like four was our latest with him. I’ve stayed up later than that though. πŸ˜›

                  Haha! You had to have been thinking it. πŸ˜› I hoped it worked. I’m so close, and I mean sooooo close to being done with my last chapter!!!! *jumps up and down*

                • Wow, you guys are crazy. I cant’ stay up late. And you had better not stay up late this month, Haley! Don’t you like get up at 4:30? You couldn’t stay up until 4 then. I gotta get in bed by 9:30 to get up at 5.

                • The latest I’ve stayed up this entire month was 1:30 and I ended up getting up at 5;30…I think.
                  I don’t think I want to do that again. haha!
                  And i won’t be slacking! You can be sure of that Ellie girl! πŸ˜›

                • Stayed up until 3:15 AM last night… which is a record for me. I just HAD to finish my novel. I rewarded myself by sleeping in until 8:00…

                • Haha! You are so lucky! I didn’t want to stay up! I wanted to get up earlier like 4 am earlier. I write better in the morning. I have pulled an all-nighter like literally. I stayed up until like 12PM the next day and then I took a nap. πŸ˜›

                  That’s awesome!

                • It took some serious chocolate and willpower to keep writing and not flop into bed. Wow, I’ve never pulled an all-nighter before. That sounds like fun!

                • I can just imagine!!! Are you not sick of chocolate yet? LOL! I might be like, “I don’t want anymore chocolate for the remainder of this month!”
                  Yeah, it wasn’t easy, course I was all along so that didn’t help either, but I got like two chapters written.

                • I’m not sick of chocolate yet, no. πŸ™‚ I was somewhat deprived of chocolate for the months leading up to this, so I’ve been making up for lost time.
                  All along or all alone? I’m not sure I comprehend that last part.

  5. I HAVE FINISHED MY NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y’all celebrate with me, mkay? *passes out cake* Jonny, I know you are probably not in the mood for it, but eat it anyway! You can have it with this delicious ice cream I provided. πŸ˜›

    I’ve already begun my second one. I want to scream with exultation and insanity, and joy, and pronounce to the whole world that I have written a novel!!!! πŸ˜›

    • I passed the finish line last night as well, but I had no internet access so I couldn’t upload.
      YEEHAW! *double high-fives everybody*

      I’m in the mood for almost anything… pass that cake!

      Though I’ve reached 50,000 words, I still have some ways to go before my nevel is actually finished.

      Eheh, I don’t have an idea for another novel yet. I mean, I do, but I want to wait until I have more experience under my belt. Plus my poor body wants a break from all of the chocolate that’s being passing through it lately.

      • WOOOHHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go JONNY!!!!!!!!!!!! *returns double high-five*

        *jawdrop* Really? Here, it’s dark chocolate. Actually we had Heath bar icecream last night…. MMMM!!

        Yeah, me too!

        Really? Have you checked out the demo CD for the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum?
        Hahaah. Yeah. πŸ™‚

        • Go us! *awkwardly has no idea what else to say*

          Dark chocolate? Yum! My second favorite. No fair! Have you ever heard of Chocolate Trinity?

          I still haven’t added my swordfight scene…

          Er… I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I should.

          • That’s quite all right! After writing your brains out…I don’t blame you! LOL!
            No! It sounds divine though!

            I ended up using guns instead of swords.

            Don’t worry about it. That’s OK. I won’t pick on you for it. πŸ˜›

            • It IS divine. I’ve only had it 2-4 times though. It’s an ice-cream flavor.

              Really? You know the used both back then. I have an awesome idea for a swordfight, but I just need to lead up to it.

              Okey dokey. I’ll try to have it done by Saturday.

                • I’m kinda in the middle of debate research, plus I also have no idea what happens next in my story. I will figure that out today, though. So, nope. Sorry.

                • I have to research social security, specifically whether or not Title II of the Social Security Act should be reformed. Fun! (NOT!)

                • My opinion? My opinion so far is that it’s way too complicated. Plus I’m still kinda forming my opinion as I read more and more about it.

                • Oh okay. Rats. Well, you’ll have to tell me what I need to know before I turn eighteen. Actually I was telling Gennie who to vote for…. I’m not totally disassociated, but a bit more than I would be if I could actually VOTE.

                • Why should I do all of the work?
                  Haha. I don’t even know who Gennie is, but that’s still funny. I KNOW, I wish I could have voted.

                • That’s my sister. She babysat Luckas too, in fact, she took care of him more, because he’s so roudy and LOUD. I took care of the girls. πŸ™‚ But yeah. She’s been to Mexico and Texas many times.
                  You wouldn’t really believe how loud he is. I totally wasn’t expecting it. The sign for “deaf” is tapping next to your ear and then your mouth, because people used to think that “deaf” also meant “dumb” but the truth is, deaf people just don’t like to use their voice, that is usually, unless they’ve been trained–or unless their homeschooled and are around people who don’t sign. He will growl and grunt and roar and charge around the yarn roaring an invisible beasts….he’s a happy kid, which is really cool. But then, he doesn’t actually use his voice box….now that I think, he just makes throaty noises and stuff that he can here. Anyway, it’s been really cool!

                • I know. I’m a HUGE music person, like you wouldn’t believe! I wish I had every instrument in the world to play. And I love all music, every style…. almost. But he’s been deaf from birth. And he still has a sense of rhythm, I was surprised to note. I realized because he was nodding his head up and down. haha.

                • Cool. I listen to lots of music and can sing or whistle a little, but I never learned an instrument (I wish I had!). Personally, I only really like classical, but I can stand and sometimes enjoy most other music types.
                  Well, your sense of rhythm has nothing to do with your hearing. There’s one human being on he planet who was diagnosed with some disorder where he couldn’t sense rhythm, but he could hear just fine. A lot of animals can sense rhythm as well, which I think is really cool (there are lots of videos out there of parrots or cockatoos dancing!).

                • It’s not too late to learn an instrument. In fact, to console myself when I see a new instrument I say, “You will get it later when you can afford it. It’s never too late to learn, harp, dulcimer, hang drum….etc” Who knows if I”ll actually learn them though. 😦 I have a strong weakness for instruments…. They are so expensive! BUT! Tin whistle, you can buy one for like 15$ on Amazon. It’s better than 1500$ So yeah. That’s why I have one.
                  Man, I might have to send you some youtube videos! But there would be too many. I love classical too, but also praise songs, audium interlude, Christian rap, Scottish folk songs(!!!!) contra dance music, contemporary Christian (note it’s toward the bottom, though I wasn’t going in order. It’s really the older songs I like in this genre, Michael Card, Keith Green, Rich Mullens, etc) sound tracks, and musicals. I’m sure i missed a bunch of music, but anyway…. And I’ll bet you don’t listen to as much music as I do…..

                • Yeah, I know it’s not too late. I think I’m gonna try my hand at piano, but my ultimate goal is the bagpipes. πŸ˜€
                  Wow, that’s a lot. You probably do listen to more music than me. Christian rap? Ever heard of Lecrae? Yeah, soundtracks are most likely my favorite. There’s a Star Wars music medley that I’ve been paying on my computer almost nonstop for the last several days and I just LOVE it. My favorite composer is prolly John Williams. :3

                • Lecrae! And Shai Linne! And Flame! And Trip Lee! And Tadashi (I think that’s how you spell them all….) Yeah, I have! I do believe that Lecrae is my favorite though. I love his song, Don’t Wanna Waste My Life. That one?
                  Hey, bagpipes are awesome! I am one to run short of breath and grow dizzy very quickly, but otherwise, i would try it. Except you have to buy the instrument. Grrrr. I’m huge on anything Scottish….and growing more loving toward it every day. I learned a new Scottish song a few days ago. I’ve been singing it and playing in on tin whistle non-stop. It’s called Wild Mountain Thyme. ^_^
                  I just play piano because I’ve had one since I was three. Okay, no, I do really enjoy piano, but there’s a bazillion instruments I might have chosen first.

                • I think Lecrae’s song “Truth” is my favorite. But yes, Don’t Wanna Waste My Life is good too. I’ve only just recently been introduced to Christian rap (like, in October), so I haven’t heard of any of those other artists.
                  Yeah, I have no idea where I’d get some ‘pipes… But if you give a mouse some bagpipes, he’ll want a kilt to go with it. I mean…
                  I’m always mixing up Scottish with Irish and sometimes Welsh. I’m just dumb that way…
                  My family has owned broken pianos for as long as I can remember. But, for some reason, none of use were ever taught how to use ’em.

                • Bwahaha, I could write those books for a living! Don’t get me started, I love em.

                  We had a piano for a long time that had a broken petal. I think it actually helped me. I can play fairly well without one, but I can still use one fine. Right now the piano we have is my favorite piano to play on. Ever! ^_^

                • I know! Me too!

                  That song is my friend’s favorite, and one of mine too.
                  This is what I’m listening to:

                  It’s a medley, so it does jump around a lot. I especially love all of the music between 2:40 and about 12:00.

                  We always had broken keys…
                  Why is it your favorite?

                • It’s pretty much awesome regardless of whether or not you’ve seen SW… but there is one really weird part. Let’s just say you’ll know it when you hear it.

                  You should. They don’t call you a winner unless you’ve validated after the 25th, for some reason.

                • Haha, well sorry, I got on the other computer to validate my novel, so I’m not listening to it anymore. It’s like half an hour, I don’t have that time. I’ve already felt dizzy. So later maybe.
                  I’ll doing it. Gotta shuffle my novel first. Fun fun fun! It’s one of my favorite parts or writing.

                • Awww, okay. It’s like the best music ever (except at about 18 minutes in…)

                  I don’t have the time either, so I usually leave it playing while I do other stuff. I played through it like twice just while cleaning my room the other day.

                  I’ll go check your NaNo page and see when you win!

                • Yay! As long as you don’t go to my profile, you can’t see that I only have 50055 words. I look as good as kctajada or however that’s spelled. Did you see my latest post there? I should have turned the balls into worms, it would have gone with C&H more. Birds, I don’t know how you’re going to do that.

                • Ah, so you only have about 20 more words than me.
                  Eh, I think I’m done with Calvinball. I got killed, resurrected, and then frozen.

                • Well, I DID say JK. I find that reading/writing, regardless of whether or not it’s on a screen or on paper, has the same effect on my eyes/head if I do it for too long.

                  Speaking of reading… did you read the Redwall books when you were younger?

                • I didn’t, but several of my sibs have read/are reading them. When I was younger I really was interested only in novels. I really was not very good about my reading, and I was addicted to it too. Like I said before, I was pretty bad.
                  And reading on paper is a lot nicer on my eyes and head.

                • Yeah, I was a total novel addict when I was younger. I read all but the very last book in the entire Redwall series… My average time for reading a Redwall book was 3 days, but I read one in as little time as a night and a morning.

                  Well, gotta go. Duty calls. I have to go peel carrots… at 9:30 in the morning, no less.

                • Okay, have fun peeling carrots!
                  I read every single Janette Oke and a bunch of others. Alex Rider, Lost Years of Merlin, The Great Tree of Avalon….it was my escape from the world. I still like those books, but man, I couldn’t tear myself from them before.

                • Done already. But now I should do some more schoolwork…

                  I ravenously gobbled up G.A. Henty’s works of Historical Fiction. I also loved Howard Pile’s books… I’m glad that God has given me the same desire for Scripture that I used to have for fiction action. Otherwise, that would be pretty bad… Loving fiction more than the Bible…

    • Well, look at that. I got 50k. ^_^ 280 words more than Jonny….and -4000 words more than Haley. M-hmm. So, guess that’s that! I’m so glad y’all did it with me. It’s been a blast. In June you must do it again!

        • Haha! Yes, too bad you’ve heard about em already. I used to have that section memorized. I’m famous for memorizing useless and random things.
          So, you should introduce another topic unless you want me to come up with another.

            • Um, well, my pastor is Calvinist, but I don’t know if you can just simplify it in a little acronym. I’m not really sure. I know what I believe, just not sure if those points are the best way to say it. But I suppose I would say generally five points.

                • I do! I believe in election and sovereign grace that go with it. However, I do believe we are still responsible not only to seek God, but to seek to evangelize. God not only elects the people, but the means of salvation. Like I said, it’s not easy to sum up in one point.

                • Okay, good. Me too! And yes, God commands us to spread the gospel to all nations.

                  I can never seem to find anyone who wants to discuss Calvinism online. You’re probably the only Calvinist I’ve found online, come to think of it. I just really love to talk about Calvinism!

                • I don’t really understand how someone couldn’t believe in limited atonement. “Jacob I loved, Esau I hated.” Romans 10, let’s see, no chapter 9:14-18 How can one argue with it? Romans 9 really seals limited atonement more than anything. Well that and then the fact that I am saved. Really, me? I was awful.

                • I know, same here! What’s weird is that four-pointers can somehow believe in Unconditional Election and Total Depravity and yet somehow reject Limited Atonement. I mean, if you believe in the other two, you kinda have to believe in the third. It just follows logically.

                  I, too, was awful. I’m so glad election is unconditional, otherwise I’d be going to Hell…

                • Indeed! Makes you wonder, does the phrase “Limited Atonement” need to be written in the Bible for you? But really, in our culture, you can hardly wonder about it. That one could be allowed and another not, it’s unfair! Not really.

                • Yeah, I know. And election actually IS literally mentioned in the Bible several times, but people still reject the idea. I mean, it’s RIGHT THERE! You know?
                  Haha, yeah, if you want fairness, then everyone’s going to Hell!

                • Yep! It is. It actually did take a long time for me to wrap my mind around, though I grew up with it. When I was unsaved I thought about it and finally was resolved when someone said, ‘If the people in hell were beckoned out to a relationship with God in heaven, they would utterly refuse.”
                  But it makes so much sense now, now that I’ve seen God work. Really, has God not the right to make vessels for both honorable and dishonorable use? He hardened Pharoh’s heart, were you offended by it?
                  When I was first saved I particularly avoided this subject, just because of all my friends and family who were unsaved. But as I grow, I’ve found, remarkably, that I can let go and give them to the Lord. Soli Deo Gloria! In whichever way he chooses. That can be hard, but it’s good.

                • My family’s walk was weird. We started in a Baptist Church, then went to a Presbyterian one, and then almost stopped going to Church altogether before God finally led us to a family-integrated Reformed Baptist Church. I’m so glad He did. It took me about 7 years to fully come to the realization that I was a Calvinist, and now that I understand all of this stuff I just can’t help but share it. It’s sad how other denominations trash us so much, when they hardly take the time to figure out what we believe.

                  So where are you in your Bible right now? I said earlier that I was in 2 Corinthians, but I’ve been ravenously gobbling up scripture lately and I’ve burned through all the way to Philippians already.

                • A truly awesome portion of the Bible. I believe I may have burned through them a little too fast… I’ll do a better job when I do a “Read the Bible through in a year” thing for 2013.

                  Cool. I guess you could say I’ve been in the same church for seven years now. Even though I moved, several families from the same church moved before and after us. So, you could say we’re still in the same church, since the people are what make up the church. Plus we’ve taken the same name and doctrines of the other church with us.

                  How long does your prayer time usually last?

                • I know it is an awesome portion of the Bible. You may have! It’s hard not to. Read it again? I’d be delighted!
                  I started Exodus today, going with Ephesians. I haven’t been reading the Old Testament lately. I plan on reading the Bible in a year as well, except I might read a little more and a little less. I might go through Paul’s letters more than once and skip a few of the OT books. i’m not sure. But I like to always be in Paul’s letters and the gospels.
                  We have a few families from our old church as well, but that church was a multi-thousand attendant church, so they didn’t exactly bring the whole church. We’re Rockportians. πŸ˜‰
                  My prayer time? Actually like 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the day (right before I got on here) then I try to make at least one other 15-20 minute period to sit down and pray again, but I push myself to pray throughout the day. “Pray without ceasing.”
                  We got a letter from our little compassion child! Jeff. ^_^ It was really funny, actually. There’s a list to fill out, favorite song, favorite activity (carrying water) favorite color, etc. And there’s a white square for him to draw us a picture. He like scribbled some random disoriented letters. It was cute. I’m gonna try and write him a letter today online. I tried yesterday but didn’t have time.

                • Cool. Besides the Gospels, Paul’s letters are my favorite. Next after that would be all of the war accounts in the OT historical books, such as Israel’s Campaign under Joshua. It’s just awesome to read about how God helped them in battle and stuff. He would throw down deadly hailstones, send in destroyer angels, give single men the ability to kill thousands of enemies, and even knock over walls onto entire platoons of pagan troops. Really interesting stuff.

                  Our church was pretty small, we had around a few hundred people. I have no idea what a Rockportion is…

                  Awesome! My prayer time is very similar (10-30 minutes in the morning, and then again at night). Recently I’ve been praying just randomly at different breaks in the day, so that I’m in constant contact with God. It’s really been helping me grow spiritually. Yes, pray without ceasing!

                  Aww! That’s awesome! What are you gonna write to him? I should try to get our family to sponsor somebody…

                • Yes I know! i kept reading Exodus without meaning to. I do really like it, even if it is so quick to tell the stories. I wish it would dwell on them–but I just have to pause myself to dwell on them.
                  We go to Rockport Baptist Church and call ourselves Rockportians. Well, only to ourselves to we call ourselves that. haha. Anyway, I’ve come to like the term. I love my church. ^_^ And there’s about 200 people attending, though less of them are members. So yeah.
                  I was just going to write about how I’m praying for him and look forward to knowing him until he graduates. And our favorite sport is soccer as well. The picture of him is enchanting.
                  You ought to, it really is a blessing. My parents’ first sponsor child they had before Billy (my oldest brother) was born. He graduated and they didn’t hear of him until he found them on Facebook. We’re still in contact with him. We have another boy who is about to graduate as well. So yep. It’s cool.

                • Can’t talk…

                  I’m writing my Testimony out for the first time, and I’m really emotional right now. If you can pray for me, that would be great.

                • Okay, wow. I just wrote out my Testimony. I’ll post it on both of my blogs, but I’m going to show it to my family first. They don’t even know the full story of my salvation yet. I feel so awesome right now! I must share my salvation with the whole world!

                  Have you written out yours? If you haven’t, then you absolutely MUST. You will not regret it.

                • Whoa, that is a cool Testimony! I had a false conversion (one of four) that was kinda similar (I’m not saying yours was false, though). Like I said, I had about four false conversions where I thought I was saved but really wasn’t. I’m saved for real now, of course. I’ll talk about it all in my Testimony… which You can read as soon as I upload it… which may be today, maybe not. I think I want my mom and dad to see it first.

                • Wow, four, that’s a lot. I thought I was saved when I was a little girl, no specific time, I was just at a church where they told us we were Christians. I thought I was loving the Lord with all my heart! It was after we switched churches I was convinced that I wasn’t saved.

                • I don’t know what my problem was, but every time I said “the prayer,” nothing would happen. My heart wouldn’t change, and my life wouldn’t change. I think part of it was that I wouldn’t admit that I was a helpless sinner, which I was. Like I say in my Testimony:
                  “I knew my stuff, or at least thought so. I could talk the talk like the best of them, but I wasn’t walking the walk. I didn’t have a personal relationship with Christ.”

                • I know it! Before I grew rebellious I prayed many times, and each time I felt more disappointed because it hadn’t “worked”
                  I too knew my stuff, and I’m so glad I did, cause it all makes sense, and it all works now. I can use and connect and apply everything I learned from before. It’s a glorious thing.

                • It does. Especially in the manner of telling people about it. Like I said, it wasn’t really inviting Jesus into my heart. I don’t trust that term much, but if I didn’t know better, I would probably use it.

                • Mhm. I believe God purposely waited until I had gotten my ‘basic training’ before He ‘drafted’ me into His ‘army’. I really love spiritual metaphors/analogies/allegories.

                  Yeah, I wouldn’t use that term. We don’t invite Jesus, He Invites us, and it’s an invitation we can’t refuse.
                  Kinda like my example above. We don’t enlist or submit an application to be in God’s military. Instead, we are drafted or press-ganged.

                • Perhaps….but then I would have learned a lot more if I was actually interested and wanting to learn. However, God’s timing is perfect. I do like it, a war-time lifestyle is also implied in it. That’s great.

                • True. I’m just glad that I’m saved now!

                  Have you heard the one where prayer is compared to artillery/air strikes? That’s one of my favorites.

                • Well, it’s kinda something like this:
                  When you pray to God for an unbeliever, it’s similar to calling in an artillery strike. The enemy has set up base in the unbeliever’s heart. The artillery comes down, and weakens the bases defenses so that ground troops (us) can go in and liberate the base (the unbeliever).

                  At least, I think that’s how it goes. I haven’t read it in a while, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the interwebs.

                • Hmm, i’m not sure. Like it would take so many prayers….but then prayer is definitely effective. I’ll just have to think about that one. Also, remember Paul saying, “Do not pray for forgiveness of an unforgivable sin.” I forget–but it’s somewhere in Romans….I think.
                  Of course, no comparison to Spiritual things is ever fully accurate. Okay, I just decided that I liked the comparison. haha.

                • Yeah, I’m not sure about the validity of the comparison either, though I do like it. I think I like the one better where Prayer is compared to breathing. God is like oxygen: we can’t live without Him. You have to breath (pray to Him) constantly. If you hold your breath too long, you could pass out (fall into sin? I dunno). You can breath other stuff besides oxygen (other religions and other “gods”), but they won’t sustain you, and more often than not, they’re harmful.

                • Ooh, i do like that one. Someone compared it to holding your breath. That was fun. He had us stand up and see how long we could hold our breath, then breathe in, then breathe out. You have to breathe in and breathe out as well. Compared to resisting blessings, taking them all in, and giving them all out. haha. Then he had us stand and said to sit down when we could not long breathe in and breathe out. Our friend Christian immediately sat down, acting like he was gagging or something. haha.

                • Yep, I think it’s a good one. A lot better than the artillery example, if you ask me. Haha, that sounds like fun. So I take it your church isn’t family integrated?

                • That wasn’t at our church, that was at a Homeschool Retreat in WI. it is a lot of fun and we have some really good friends up there. To answer your question, we don’t call ourselves family integrated, we don’t do everything in one room the whole morning, and we do have a nursery for those who chose to use it until the kid turns 3, we have many who choose not to use it though. However, we don’t believe in children’s church, don’t believe in separate activities for children without parents….strongly support family worship every day…. and yeah. I actually think of ourselves as family integrated, but we aren’t technically–we just got a lot of big families and awesome parents, that’s all.

                • Yeep! I love our Rockport families. Especially these young couples who are having baby after baby after baby after…. In a few years, the world had better watch out! Haha.
                  So, you’re church is family integrated, right? I heard you say that somewhere. We visited our friends’ church in Wisconsin and it was family integrated. I really liked it! That place was so awesome. But I still can’t imaging going anywhere but Rockport.

                • Oh I found that out yesterday too. Sad, but okay.
                  haha, oh we have our share of crying babies during service. =) I actually like it somehow. During one sermon where our pastor was graphically talking about how dead we really were, what it means to be dead and without hope, a little baby started screaming. haha! The pastor was like, “Exactly!” haha.

                • And you didn’t tell me?! You monster! JK.

                  Haha, yeah, I like it too actually. Not sure why exactly, but I do. Maybe it’s just the feeling that you’re one huge family all sitting right there, listening to God’s word.
                  My pastor is really good at describing that kind of thing. You know that example where you’re bobbing in the ocean and God throws you a life preserver? My pastor was like “No, that’s not how it goes. Instead, you’ve already drowned. You’re already dead. You are on the bottom of the sea floor, you’re a skeleton being picked clean by crabs and shrimp, you’re fish food! Then God makes you alive and brings you up out of the ocean with a new body…” he’s awesome.

                • Yeah. I did like that. I liked also how they asked questions for all the little kids to answer. It was just a cool church. They had five men who took turns preaching. They had a fellowship meal every other Sunday. Played volleyball. Had a men’s break out session at every fellowship meal as well to discuss certain things–yeah, I just heard about that. And there was two violins, a piano and a cello! All played by teens. And they were all so nice. I just loved it. I’ve been at Rockport so long I may not be certain, but I hope we are like that.
                  Ooh! my pastor has used that too! And instead of dangling above a fire on a spider’s web, we’ve already fallen in! ^_^ Oh wow. Our God is so good! We are going through Ephesians now and took so long looking at how dead we really were–But God! Wow. Our pastor said that people have rebuked him for making our state so dire. They said, “But, Scott, people will start getting the impression that they can’t do anything and they are hopeless.” haha! Isn’t that what the text says! That’s EXACTLY what we are trying to tell them! They can’t do a thing. But God! Oh wow. I’m so happy right now.

                • Yeah, it’s awesome when the pastor/speaker addresses the children. I thought that was so awesome when I was younger, and the Pastor was actually talking to me! Awesome feeling. I didn’t realize that I used awesome three times in a row until read over that again…

                  Yeah! “But God!” I love that phrase! I also like how in Romans 8 it says “Moreover whom HE predestined, these HE also called; whom HE called, these HE also justified; and whom HE justified, these HE also glorified.” It’s all God!
                  I feel awesome too right now. :3 (you can tell because I used a kitty face, which is rare for me).

                • Oh oh oh! I know it! ^o^ ^(|).(|)^ haha.
                  Ooh, I love talking about this stuff. I love Romans 8. I was reading that with my friend Danielle and we were talking about that, it’s all God! “But God!” It’s one of those phrases that draws out several “amen”s every time it is said. ^_^ *deep breath* Wow. Awesome! haha.

                • I know, right? It seems so obvious in scripture that’s it’s all God’s doing. So much so, that I burn inwardly with indignation every time I here someone talk about how THEY “chose” God, giving the Glory to themselves whether they mean it or not.
                  I love talking about this stuff too, that’s why I made my new blog! God is so awesome. πŸ™‚

                • Yeah, we just like to think of ourselves as free, but all these things people say….inviting Jesus into your heart, deciding to be friends with him, giving your love to God and he blessed you for it, turning over your life–all of those can be used rightly, but often give the wrong picture. Really now, you gave your love to God? Goshes woshes, you didn’t love God! You only love him now because he first loved you! ^_^ I love that verse. It’s amazing, and anytime we sing it….have you heard the song, All I Have is Christ? It’s–one of my very favorites. I’ve it memorized, and it blesses me so much. it says–“I had no hope that you would own a rebel to your will, and if you had not loved me first, I would refuse you still.” Indeed, how dire it really is to try and save yourself.

  6. Jonny! It worked! Like, drinking water like a goon, every time I pass the kitchen getting another drink, making four cups of tea a day, (plus my coffee), I’ve been feeling so much better. It’s really nice! Thanks so much. (I don’t really know if goon’s drink a lot of water or not, that’s just what came to mind. Water! water, water, water….”

    • That’s awesome, I’m glad it worked! You’re welcome.
      I don’t know much about goons either, so your guess is as good as mine when it comes to how much water they drink, haha!

      • Okay, well I say goons have an irresistible urge to drink water. They can’t pass a sink by without getting a glass, and they can’t go an hour without going back to the kitchen. And they like to have a coffee or tea by them at all times. There, I’ve been drinking water like a goon. Haha!

        • I did not know that. Wow, since when were you an expert on goons? When you control the definitions, you can control a conversation, haha. I always keep a water bottle next to me on my desk, and I’m always glugging water from it. *takes a glug* Like that. Haha!

          Woohoo! I think I may have started a debate over Total Depravity and Free will with a non-Calvinist, and I’ve pointed him in the direction of my new blog forums. Hopefully this yields some edifying discussion…

          • Haha. Gosh, I’ve always been an expert, I just figured it out. Actually I’ve used goons a lot since people don’t really know about them and you can always change your definition and description of them, like a gnome or fairy, except so much cooler. Haha. Okay, maybe I should get one. That was a brilliant demonstration. I think I understand. No, wait, do it one more time.

            • You’re funny! So, since you’re an expert, could you tell me what a goon actually is?

              I’m glad you liked it! *takes another glug* did you catch it that time?

              • *bows* I’m glad you find me amusing.
                Yeah, a goon is a little green guy. He has long arms, a hump, a big nose, funny ears….and drinks a lot of water. And stands for any explanation or comparison you need. The first time I saw a picture of a goon was in a “Little Bunny Foo-foo” book. “Hare today, goon tomorrow.” It cracked me up.
                Okay, I think I understand! As long as I glug just like that I should be fine.

                • You sounded just like Haley there. Speaking of Haley, what happened to her? Maybe now that she’s done with her novel, she’s gone back to living a normal life off of the computer… Unlike me, screen addict that I am. Oh well. I miss her comments.

                  Oh, so that’s what a goon is! Thank you for enlightening me. I always associated goons with hoodlums and thugs, but I guess they’re different. Little Bunny Foo-Foo? Wasn’t he the guy charged with assault and battery against some poor field mouse?

                  Works for me!

                • I don’t know! Haley! She hasn’t been on in the mornings either, so yeah, maybe she has returned to normal and left us in our crazy state. I too have something with computers. Even typing, I used to type on keyboards that weren’t hooked up, before we got a computer. I would type out (and I was like 9) little stories I came up with, or letters to an imaginary person, imagining they were receiving them and writing back. And then we got a computer–I seriously have had some trouble with myself. That’s why I’m not getting a FB.
                  Yeah, Little Bunny Foo-foo, the fairy told him, “if you don’t stop I’m going to turn you into a GOON!” haha. Okay, well, there’s those kinds of goons too, but those aren’t my kind of goon.

                • Haley’s back to normal? That’s too bad… for us. JK

                  My family has always had at least two computers in the house, since my dad’s an IT guy. Right now we have like, 5 laptops and 3 desktops. Sheesh, I realize that’s a lot now that I count ’em… that’s kinda crazy. But when you factor in that three of them are for my dad’s job, one laptop runs XP, and one desktop has no internet connection and runs 98, then it doesn’t seem so bad.

                  It all makes sense now… Foo-Foo… the fairy… the goons… How did I never see it before? If this information falls into the wrong hands…

                • I know. She’s no fun anymore. JK! haha. I love you Haley, wherever you are.
                  My dad is a photographer….he has two computers, two laptops (one of which I am currently on) my bro has a laptop, and the kids share a computer in the living room. But used to be just my dad had one. (BTW, I know XP is WIndows, but it looks like a smiley face haha.)
                  haha. What kind of wrong hands? Is it dangerous?
                  Glad to have cleared it all for you.

                • Well, her absence on the internet makes it more of a treat to meet her in person, I guess.

                  Cool. Haha, yeah. A squinting smiley sticking his tongue out. XP

                  So you don’t see it yet either? It’s there, you just need to put the pieces together, like a puzzle… Whoever holds this information holds the keys to the whole world! We can’t let Haley get a hold of this… JK

                • Yeah, meet her in person. >=( You lucky guy, I’ve actually never met her in person. *sob*
                  What? I just see Foo-foo, goons, drinking water. Maybe Haley will tease you to death, but what else?

                • I know, i’m sure I will. But until then, I’m missing out.
                  Are you teasing? I don’t see anything. Perhaps I’ve not clever enough–or I’m homeschooled. Was it something you said or something I said?

                • Hey, I’ll bet that since you’ve blown up 50 odd mice in 50 odd spaceships the fairy is going to turn you into a goon….or maybe if you get your enemies to bop field mice on the head….okay, I’m seriously clueless as to what you’re trying to tell me….haha.

                • Well, if you mix ‘goon’ with ‘water,’ you can make the word ‘wagon.’ Calvin’s wagon is one of the most sought-after objects on planet earth, and holds unknown powers of unassisted flight. If we scramble all of the other letters from the words ‘fairy,’ ‘Foo-Foo,’ ‘bunny,’ ‘field mouse,’ and so on… we can find the points of latitude and longitude at which Calvin’s wagon is located! We just need to do it correctly…

                  So yeah, basically, I was teasing.

                • haha. That’s funny. It was pretty funny, what you came up with. And you just up and decided to make me search my comments and yours. Maybe there was a spelling error….haha. Ahhhh, I’ll find something else to do back to you. (And ME is my genderless, ageless, all-places, all styles character who could stand for anyone. I’ve wrote several story ideas and plots with ME. ME is fun. Hold on.
         Yeah. I also have a list of random things that could happen to ME at any given moment.)

                • Oh, hahaha! I can’t believe I took the time to read that, but… I laughed out loud at the squirrel “shoveling sunflower seeds like a vacuum cleaner” part. Bwahaha! I can’t stop laughing…. ARRG!

                • Oh that’s great. I’m thrilled, because I couldn’t either….even though I wrote it. haha. I know. It’s sooooo dumb! I can’t believe you took the time either. Why can’t I write novels with that class?

                • My favorite part might be “You can never truly get rid of ME….you have most certainly tried!” haha. True, I’m sure….
                  The list of random things that could happen to ME is much more sane and helpful. A few things,
                  ME sees a cart tip over and rushes to help
                  ME falls off a horse
                  ME eats a PB&J sandwich
                  ME receives a letter from a secret admirer
                  ME inherits a violin
                  ME watches a car crash
                  I call them my WCHs. I like having them, and I’ve acquired a pretty good list by now.

                • WCH… “What Could Happen,” I presume? That is a very random list…

                  I can’t really think of anything else to say in reply. That was just so random! πŸ˜€