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November 3rd

Yep, November 3rd. I’ve got 8,984 words right now. My pattern so far is to get 2000 words in the morning and in the afternoon bump it up to 3333 or over. So that’s what I’ll do this afternoon.

I got up at 5:30 today because the rest of the family was getting up bright and early to get ready for a 5k run that most of them did. M-hmm. Would you believe that my bros got 2nd 3rd and 4th. Eddie, Billy, and Jonny, Eddie being only 12 seconds behind the first man who was a marathon runner. My sister Ruthie also was the second woman to finish. And I didn’t run. If you are curious about their times,  Eddie finished in 19 minutes 12 seconds. Billy was half a minute behind him, and Jonny a couple minutes after Billy. 😉 You’ll have to ask Ruthie what her time was if you want to know, ’cause I don’t.

My story is rather lame. That’s okay, I suppose. Like I said before, everything that started off important when thinking about it, isn’t really important anymore….if that makes sense. And even though nothing has really happened, I still feel like the story is going to end before I get all my words. Not a good thing, and it always happens to me. So, um, I’m really bad at my setting, and especially bad in this story, so I guess I should spend more time describing things that I really don’t know how to describe because I haven’t thought about it yet. She’s walking down the street, sure, but I don’t know what on earth the street looks like….Not a good thing. So I guess I should stop being lazy. I could never be a screen writer.

So whatever you might be writing, I’m sure it’s better than whatever I’m writing. But that’s okay! I’m not going to stop writing because my story is bad. Plus, the worse it is, the more I can convince myself to revise and rewrite.

Anywho, guess I’ll go write and bump up my word average to 3333 again, except that tomorrow I won’t be writing, so that will be hard to recover.



-Electric Bubbles

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