Bob Jennings Journal

Health:  I have continued abdominal swelling, much weakness, always chilly, but slight recovery of metabolic energy – not using the walker now, not using much oxygen.  The hospice has been a fine service.

Article:  Dear friends, I submitted the following article to the local newspaper.  Someone reported they said it was the 2nd most-read.  That could be taken either way, that is, a lot of folks would like to see me gone, or else are concerned about my leaving!  I pray it is concern for their souls.

Pastor bids a final farewell
Terri and I moved to Sedalia with one
child in 1983 to pastor a new church
which has met at Highway M Chapel
since 1987. Alas, pancreatic cancer
showed up two years ago. Apart from
divine intervention, I’m near the end of
the road. Permit a farewell to my dear

In the almost 30 years we…

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