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Clichés to avoid

Clichés let your reader know that you aren’t very creative, and you will settle with less than cool. Who wants to read an un-creative book? You don’t have to memorize this list, and you don’t have to avoid these phrases at the cost of your life, but you would do well to stay away from them most of the time. I got this list from Resources for Writers and What if? Exercises for Fiction Writers.

All work no play
An emotional roller coaster
A number of….
As everybody knows
At a loss for words
At this point in time
Better late than never
Better than ever
Break the ice
Cold, cruel world
Cry your eyes out
Drop in the bucket
Easier said than done
Free as a bird
For some curious reason
Green with envy
Had a hard time of it
He lived in the moment
Hustle and bustle
In the nick of time
In this day and age
It came as no surprise
It dawned on me
It goes without saying
It was beyond him
Last but not least
Little did I know
Living hand to mouth
Make ends meet
Needless to say
One in a million
On top of the world
Out of this world
Sad but true
Saw the light
She didn’t know where she was
Short but sweet
Sigh of relief
Singing the blues
Taking a big chance
Things were getting out of hand
Time and time again
Too close for comfort
Too little, too late
Took a turn for the worse
To no avail
Tried and true
Under the weather
Well in advance
Where he is coming from
Without thinking
Word to the wise
Work like a dog


-Electric Bubbles

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