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The latest talk, don’t eat the armadillo!

May I quote an article from the local newspaper?

“Dead armadillos on the side of the road are a little more concerning than the average animal carcass, county health officials say. Handle dead armadillos with care, they say. But most importantly, don’t eat one.”
Bwahahaha! People must be dumb. We’ve been laughing at that one quite a bit.

And then there’s a 5k run in October.  Dad, Billy, Eddie, Jonny, and Ruthie are planning on running. (I had decided to run, but then I decided not to run.) Also, the new way to run, if you haven’t heard, is barefoot. It prevents heal striking and strengthens different muscles and so on. I went barefoot running with them last week. It was kinda nice.

Also I finished a drawing of a little friend, (well, sometimes she’s my friend) Deborah. ^_^ It turned into one of my greatest portraits so far.

Aside from that, Scottish music has kicked back up, at least for me it has. Gennie and I requested to learn Scottish history, which led to Scottish music, which has led to breaking out the tin whistle once more. Scotland has my favorite accent ever.

Besides that, I was appointed blogger at jacksonkidsphotography.blogpost.com

Among other things, I finished illustrating the drawing lesson that Grandpa gave to Gennie and I.

As well, I have been using writing exercises from a writing book that I enjoy. If you would kindly note all the transitional words in this post, you will understand what it has been doing to me.


-Electric Bubbles

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