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Pictures from the week

We’re home! I didn’t take much pictures until Thursday, and I missed both Wednesday morning and Wednesday night. Wednesday morning Gennie and I went to a ladies Bible study with Grandma. She didn’t tell us until we were on our way that we were meeting in an antique shop, owned by one of the ladies. I wish so badly I had brought the camera! And then Wednesday night there was a surprise party for Grandma and Grandpa, because yesterday was their 49th anniversary. ^_^

Thursday the family came and Billy was there to take the camera. These are actually just a few pictures, believe it or not. There was a lot more.

Grandpa’s fields

Grandma’s living room

Where I spent early mornings

Tiger and Gennie, ready for a walk

The bunkhouse in the morning

Our shadows

A curious calf….cute!

Tiger, wanting attention

Tiger getting attention

 The the family arrived. Ruthie, sadly, had to go to school, so she wasn’t able to come.

The living room from on high

Gennie and Mother

Then we drove to a lake and swam. It was a lot of fun and I took pictures.


Gracie in the sand

Jonny chasing Gennie

Jimmy’s finished work

Gracie in the sand still

Jonny still chasing Gennie

The sky above the lake

You’re never too old….

My Grandma is beautiful!

I took a (dark) picture of myself by pressing the shutter with a stick. haha. I was a bit bored.

I took another picture of myself, or my shadow

And another

And then my feet….

I experimented with different ways to take my own picture. Can you find what’s wrong with this picture?

My leg after a rope attacked it

The cowboy!

And then Billy took the camera



Billy and Gennie were experimenting with the macro lense

Then! They took the macro lense off the camera and experimented

Gennie took the camera then


I was handed the macro lense

Billy and Eddie took the camera off by themselves

A mushroom

A mushroom



by Eddie Jackson


We had fun posing on a log. At first it was Billy and Eddie and, haha, people kept being sent back there to call them back, and they simply disappeared


Gennie came and took the camera

Jonny was sent back to call them….

Jonny doesn’t have the relaxed look down. It’s either smiling or scowling

I came right about here, when Gennie was taking these pictures.

I love it!

They were following my hand motions. haha

I love this photo!

Applause for doing this on a log, I only had to on land

Jonny cracks me up sometimes, not nearly as much as he cracks himself up, but he does sometimes

Gennie and I were put on the log

Sorry for my randomness

Jonny, kicking back

So pretty

Balancing on a stick, there’s nothing to it!

See, piece of cake

Hold on! Not when the wind is blowing!

We da coolest sista’s


The next day it was raining on and off. We decided to walk down to the river so Eddie and Billy could practice using slow shutter speeds. Billy, Eddie, Gennie, Jimmy, and I.

The lovely river

It started raining while we were down there. It was a bunch of fun! And Jimmy made me laugh so hard

Gennie and Jimmy!

Billy and I. I’m short!

I should hope that’s enough pictures. The trip was very fun and lovely.

signing off!

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