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NaNoWriMo Disease Essay

Yah, me sister, Ruthie, told me to write an essay about anything I wanted as long as I didn’t need to do research. So what do I know most about? NaNoWriMo! Sorry for the cheesiness, but this is the essay. ^_^ Yet to be graded, but I don’t expect anything high….

It has been recorded, “Sadly, my insanity level surpassed my sanity level by the millions already.” Though this is one man’s quote, it has been agreed to by thousands of wrimos. On October 2011, I learned about National Novel Writing Month, commonly shortened to NaNoWriMo. It was my thought then that NaNoWriMo was an event, a group of writers, a time set aside for writing a novel at a ridiculous pace where one joked about being insane, but it turned out to be so much more. NaNoWriMo is a disease, indeed, and those taken under rarely recover.
Symptoms of NaNoWriMo are commonly seen, but rarely recognized until the disease has run rampant. The symptoms include: moping until November, sore eyes, sore wrists, attachment to imaginary friends, attachment to online wrimos (those with NaNoWriMo), fingers typing “nanowrimo.org” when one isn’t sure what to do on the computer, sharing depression with characters, writing 20 page letters about nothing by their NaNoWriMo novel, daydreaming every five minutes, looking up every NaNoWriMo tip book at the library, giddiness at the thought of November, and finally, if the disease has become rampant, dizziness from staring at the computer too long. Any unordinary behavior linked with laptops or stories should be closely watched and reported on the combining of any two of the above symptoms. One wrimo claimed, “I once reenacted a whole swordfight…in the shower.” Any such actions or claims should be immediately taken to a doctor. Sadly, the above wrimo was not warned, nor restricted, and still suffers from NaNoWriMo.
Also, remember that NaNoWriMo is very contagious among like minded people, and those diagnosed with NaNoWriMo should have their communication closely monitored. One girl, who disguised herself as ELBUB55CLGRL22LELUVSFUN4 had the disease run freely through her body with little resistance and now her friend, DUCKGIRL, with whom she corresponds frequently, has now caught the disease herself without any warning. In a letter going back to ELBUB55 she said, “Wow, Ellie, thank you so so so so so much for talking me into that!” She also filled 94% percent of a letter with NaNoWriMo content soon after June 30th as well as confessed, “I love all my characters.”
The witnesses of NaNoWriMo are faced with a bitter choice. They may stand their ground against NaNoWriMo and suffer ever after, or cheer for the wrimos, and inevitably be caught in their sway. Liyah, who supported three wrimos, one of whom was (un)fortunately saved by a busy schedule, has now agreed to give it a try, and is almost to the point of no return.
I hope this essay has given you insight on this illness and enough information to guard you, but I will also inform you that if you never once catch NaNoWriMo in your life you are missing out on a bunch of fun.



-Electric Bubbles

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Disease Essay

  1. hahaha….! After that gruesome essay…I”m terrified of NaNoWriMo!!!!!! *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* I already face enough instances in where I go insane…hahaha!

  2. I loved doing it, and can’t wait till Nov!!!
    Thankfully I did not suffer from the disease as badly…but really writing a novel in a month is insane. I can relate to the sword fight in the shower! lol

    • Haha, I can relate too. That is a real quote, btw. I need to find the author again….
      I miss it a bunch! I have all these great story ideas that I want to use, but I know without NaNoWriMo I’ll never finish and I’ll just waste a great story plot. 77 more days….

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