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Mr. Morton + DeviantArt

Ah! Memories! This is one of my very favorite School House Rock songs, and I listened to it again the other day for the first time in years. Heart music!

So I apologize for not posting often, not posting anything worthwhile, and all posts painfully lacking in artistry and class, but there hasn’t really been much to blog about, and I’ve been lagging in writing for a number of reasons.

However my friend Triss helped me get an account at deviantart.com. It’s a place to post your own art and look at others’ AMAZING artwork! Stuff that blows your mind!

This link is to my own gallery where you can see what I’ve put up so far. (You’ve already seen the best.)

But even more important! This link is to my favorited pictures. Awesomeness!

(Warning, if you are not logged on, I believe there is not the filter to get rid of “mature” art, or nasty stuff; you must be logged on to have it. So I wouldn’t advise browsing at leisure.)

Anywho, I hope to be back with some cool posts sometime soon, but soon is relative, so who knows when that will be.


-Electric Bubbles

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