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NaNoWriMo sickness update

I’ve been doing well! I thought I’d let y’all know. Thanks to the people praying! I haven’t had any severe dizzy spells, but I have had a few slight ones, and all of them from looking at the computer early in the morning or late at night. I can’t tell when I’ve wrote too long until later, so I pretty much have to avoid writing in the morning and night all together, when my eyes are tired. It stinks, especially when I’m aching to type, but I’ve already been on the computer for 30 minutes, and 30 minutes is about the max. And it’s actually not a lot of fun to type with the computer screen turned off. So, I guess it’s time to sharpen up my long hand writing.

In the works is an essay for school; the topic sentence, *ahem* “NaNoWriMo is a disease and those taken under rarely recover.” Thank you, thank you. I know it’s lovely. Ruthie wanted me to write about something I can give first and second examples on, and this was the best of my options. Can you testify to this disease? If so, may I use you as an example? Not that I don’t have enough, just that I’d be cool to see how many are suffering from it. It’s actually not that surprising, when you hear stories about it, but what is surprising is that so much people don’t have it.

And since that essay is on the computer, I should get off this to save my eyes for that. 😉



-Electric Bubbles

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